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NCT U Presents All-Inclusive Outfits In The Music Video For ‘Universe (Let’s Play Ball)’

NCT U Universe (Let's Play Ball) MV Fashion

NCT U has just come back with a music video for their smashing lead single ‘Universe (Let’s Play Ball)’ for NCT’s upcoming 3rd album titled ‘Universe’, which will be released on 14th December. As soon as the MV dropped, we were transfixed on the range of outfits shown along with the catchy tune. The boys were simply dazzling whether in athletic wear, comfy sweaters, or even in ultra-modern streetwear.

Here are some of the iconic looks embodied by the members in this spectacular music video.  

A Fashion Breakdown On NCT U's Universe (Let's Play Ball) MV

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NCT U’s ‘Universe (Let’s Play Ball)’ MV Fashion

Mark’s Look

Mark certainly looked ready to play ball in a red hoodie paired with an Off-White “plastic” printed vest.

NCT U Universe (Let's Play Ball) MV Kpop Fashion - Mark - Look 1

Plastic Printed Vest


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Jeno’s Look

This boyish look of Jeno’s can be achieved by teaming up the Rhacing logo-print sweatpants from Rhude with a scarlet PRBLMS logo baseball jacket. Of course, don’t forget to complete the look with the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG sneakers.

NCT U Universe (Let's Play Ball) MV Kpop Fashion - Jeno - Look 1

Logo Baseball Jacket


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Rhacing Logo Print Sweatpants


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Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Sneakers


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  2. Rhacing Logo Print Sweatpants
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Jaemin’s Look

Jaemin has another classic red and white street outfit in-store with a maroon Stadium Goods 5th-anniversary sweatshirt dressed over a short-sleeve baseball shirt from Off-White.

Happy Short Sleeve Shirt


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5th Anniversary Sweatshirt


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Doyoung’s Look #1

In case you missed it, Doyoung’s American script embroidered logo white t-shirt is from Carhartt WIP.

NCT U Universe (Let's Play Ball) MV Kpop Fashion - Doyoung - Look 1

Logo T-shirt


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Doyoung’s Look #2

Here is another cool look from Doyoung with a flair for off-duty style in this check-print short-sleeve shirt from AMIRI.

Check-print Short-sleeve Shirt


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Haechan’s Look #1

Haechan’s Rhude logo-print T-shirt, with contrasting raglan sleeves, is the perfect laid-back look for everyday wear.

Logo-print T-shirt


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Haechan’s Look #2

We can’t get enough of Haechan’s style as he amazes in the retro-cool billiards printed satin jacket from AMIRI.

Billiards Printed Satin Jacket


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Shotaro’s Look #1

Shotaro’s brand-pattern frayed-cuff baseball shirt from Fear of God is the definition of understated yet eye-catching street fashion. Needless to say, this look is completed with the help of Air Jordan 1 low sneakers.

Frayed-cuff Baseball Shirt


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Distressed Denim Shorts


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Air Jordan 1 Low Sneakers


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Shotaro’s Look #2

If you’re looking to expand your fall/winter wardrobe, this argyle plaid knit sweater from AMIRI that Shotaro has on is a must-have. 

Argyle Plaid Knit Sweater


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Xiaojun’s Look

Xiaojun looks effortlessly fashionable as he complements the modern-chic polo T-shirt from PRBLMS with ripped jeans.

Polo Shirt


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Yangyang’s Look

Now, Yangyang further impresses us as he shines among the fireworks in a logo-embossed high-shine jacket from Courrèges.

High-shine Jacket


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