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NCT DREAM’s Vibrant Outfits In Their Energetic Music Video For ‘Beatbox’ Is Quite The Vibe

NCT DREAM Beatbox MV Fashion

NCT DREAM returned to the spotlight with their 2nd repackage album, ‘Beatbox’. Not only is the title track a catchy bop but the choreography is as trendy as it can be. Also, the members oozed youthful energy in the vibrant music video of the song.

So don’t miss out on the fresh outfits from the video that we have captured for you.

A Fashion Breakdown On NCT DREAM's Beatbox MV

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NCT DREAM’s ‘Beatbox’ MV Fashion

Mark’s Look #1

In the very first look, we see Mark strutting in Vans‘ style 73 DX sneakers.

NCT DREAM Beatbox MV Kpop Fashion - Mark - Look 1-2

Style 73 DX Sneakers


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Mark’s Look #2

Mark’s sporty outfit here is made up of court deck shorts from Rhude, a long sleeve sports shirt from Pleasures, and logo embroidered socks from Stussy.

Long Sleeve Sports Shirt


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Court Deck Shorts


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Logo Embroidered Socks


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  2. Court Deck Shorts
  3. Logo Embroidered Socks

Mark’s Look #3

Mark wore a rhinestone-embellished T-shirt from Heron Preston.

Rhinestone-embellished T-shirt


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  1. Rhinestone-embellished T-shirt

Jaemin’s Look #1

Jaemin‘s bleached-effect cotton hoodie from Liberal Youth Ministry is totally in fashion.

NCT DREAM Beatbox MV Kpop Fashion - Jaemin - Look 1

Bleached-effect Cotton Hoodie


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  1. Bleached-effect Cotton Hoodie

Jaemin’s Look #2

In this scene, he was seen in a graphic-print T-shirt from MARKET.

Nationals Graphic-print T-shirts


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Jeno’s Look #1

Jeno rocked a casual look in a WTAPS academy logo-print jersey sweatshirt and army green shorts.

Academy Logo-Print Sweatshirt


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  1. Academy Logo-Print Sweatshirt

Jeno’s Look #2

Here, Jeno’s logo-print black t-shirt is from MSFTSrep.

Logo-print T-shirt


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Haechan’s Look #1

Haechan turned on his boyish charm in a split hem striped T-shirt from Levi’s and pressed-crease tailored trousers from Drôle De Monsieur. For footwear, he wore the Vans authentic sneakers in black.

NCT DREAM Beatbox MV Kpop Fashion - Haechan - Look 1

Split Hem Striped T-shirt


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Pressed-crease Tailored Trousers


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Authentic Sneakers In Black


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  2. Pressed-crease Tailored Trousers
  3. Authentic Sneakers In Black

Haechan’s Look #2

This cool Mitchell & Ness hockey jersey sported by Haechan is from Supreme x WTAPS.

Mitchell & Ness Hockey Jersey


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  1. Mitchell & Ness Hockey Jersey

Haechan’s Look #3

Haechan paired Heron Preston’s long-sleeve global-print T-shirt with relaxed fit patch jeans from Off-White which made up for an effortlessly stylish outfit.

Global-print Long-sleeve T-shirt


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Relaxed Fit Patch Jeans


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  2. Relaxed Fit Patch Jeans

Jisung’s Look

Jisung turned heads in a rush graphic overload T-shirt from NAMESAKE and a color-block fitted hat from New Era x Fear of God.

NCT DREAM Beatbox MV Kpop Fashion - Jisung - Look 1

Rush Graphic Overload T-shirt


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Colorblock 59fifty Fitted Hat


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  2. Colorblock 59fifty Fitted Hat

Chenle’s Look #1

Chenle wore an ‘eye’ graphic-print T-shirt from PACCBET to go with his yellow jacket.

Eye Graphic-print T-shirt


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  1. Eye Graphic-print T-shirt

Chenle’s Look #2

This trendy outfit of Chenle features another Peace and Power graphic t-shirt from MARKET.

Peace And Power Graphic T-shirt


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Renjun’s Look #1

As for Renjun, he wore a yellow classic hoody from Champion under a white jersey.

Classic Hoody


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Renjun’s Look #2

The final look from the music video has Renjun in a captivating black smiley plasma V2 T-shirt from Chinatown Market.

Smiley Plasma V2 T-shirt


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Whose outfits do you like best?

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