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KEP1ER Goes Beyond Fans Expectations With Their Stunning Fashion In The ‘We Fresh’ Music Video

KEP1ER We Fresh MV Fashion

On October 13, KEP1ER exceeded our expectations with the drop of their astonishing music video, ‘We Fresh’. The newly-released MV featured angelic vocals, stunning visuals, cool choreography, and awe-inspiring fashion choices—we really couldn’t ask for more!

Today, we’re all about the stunning outfits these 9 beauties wore in the MV. So, prepare to be amazed, and let’s jump right into it!

A Fashion Breakdown On KEP1ER's We Fresh MV

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KEP1ER’s ‘We Fresh’ MV Fashion

Yujin’s Look #1

Yujin is the first on our list. She looked super adorable in her flower knit jumper from Marni and pleated skirt from margarin fingers!

Flower Knit Jumper


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Biscuit Pleats Skirt


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  1. Flower Knit Jumper
  2. Biscuit Pleats Skirt

Yujin’s Look #2

Her second look was absolutely gorgeous, which featured a white slim-fit shirt from Diesel, a vegan leather goth corset from Black Friday, and a pair of combat boots from Dolls Kill.



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Vegan Leather Goth Corset


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Combat Boots


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  1. C-Gisey-A
  2. Vegan Leather Goth Corset
  3. Combat Boots

Yujin’s Look #3

She nailed another gorgeous look by coupling a ribbed knit turtleneck jumper with a faux-leather mini skirt from Courrèges.

Ribbed Knit Turtleneck Jumper


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Faux-leather Mini Skirt


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  1. Ribbed Knit Turtleneck Jumper
  2. Faux-leather Mini Skirt

Mashiro’s Look #1

Mashiro’s cuteness skyrocketed when she wore this cute pink knit bolero from INSTANTFUNK!

Alpaca Knit Bolero


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  1. Alpaca Knit Bolero

Mashiro’s Look #2

She kept on looking cute by coupling a logo-trim cropped shirt from Prada with a utility skirt from Current Mood.

Logo-trim Cropped Shirt


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Utility Skirt


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  1. Logo-trim Cropped Shirt
  2. Utility Skirt

Mashiro’s Look #3

To look this stunning, Mashiro opted for two stylish pieces from Diesel: an eye-popping jacket and a logo-embossed cotton T-shirt.

Cropped Vinyl Jacket


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Logo-embossed Cotton T-shirt


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  1. Cropped Vinyl Jacket
  2. Logo-embossed Cotton T-shirt

Bahiyyih’s Look #1

As for Bahiyyih, she showcased a flawless look that starred a crystal-embellished blazer from ZADIG & VOLTAIRE.

Viva Crystal-Embellished Blazer


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  1. Viva Crystal-Embellished Blazer

Bahiyyih’s Look #2

Her second look was probably the coolest one in the MV, which consisted of a string bodysuit from Namilia and colorful buckle vinyl pants from Dolls Kill.

Riderz String Body


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Buckle Vinyl Pants


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  1. Riderz String Body
  2. Buckle Vinyl Pants

Hiraku’s Look #1

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this adorable look of Hiraku’s! To pull this one off, the cutie opted for a black vegan leather moto jacket from Glamorous, a pleated mini skirt from Tripp NYC, and a black chunky rabbit beanie from CHARLES JEFFREY LOVERBOY.

KEP1ER We Fresh MV Kpop Fashion - Hikaru - Look 1

Black Vegan Leather Moto Jacket


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Pleated Mini Skirt


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Black Chunky Rabbit Beanie


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  1. Black Vegan Leather Moto Jacket
  2. Pleated Mini Skirt
  3. Black Chunky Rabbit Beanie

Hiraku’s Look #2

From a cute look to a cool one, Hiraku went for an eye-popping waistcoat tank top from 16ARLINGTON, a top from Namilia, and high-waisted faux leather shorts from Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini.

KEP1ER We Fresh MV Kpop Fashion - Hikaru - Look 2

X-speed Top


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Green Jos Waistcoat Tank Top


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Faux Leather Shorts


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  1. X-speed Top
  2. Green Jos Waistcoat Tank Top
  3. Faux Leather Shorts

Xiaoting’s Look #1

If you had your eyes on Xiaoting’s cool, black skirt, you can easily get yours from Tripp NYC!

Super Rocker Mini Skirt


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  1. Super Rocker Mini Skirt

Xiaoting’s Look #2

This look of hers was absolutely one of our favorite ones in ‘We Fresh’, which consisted of a T-angie red top from Diesel, a crescent moon-print top from Marine Serre, a canvas belt from Widow, and a modified version of the cut-out mini dress from Courrèges.

Crescent Moon-print Top


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Cut-out Mini Dress


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Canvas Belt


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  1. Crescent Moon-print Top
  2. T-Angie
  3. Cut-out Mini Dress
  4. Canvas Belt

Youngeun’s Look #1

With the help of Current Mood’s pleated skirt and Vivienne Westwood’s brooch, Youngeun proved that flawless outfits do exist!

Lonely Antics Pleated Skirt


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Low Relief Brooch


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  1. Lonely Antics Pleated Skirt
  2. Low Relief Brooch

Youngeun’s Look #2

She looked cool and cute at the same time in her black, snake pattern belt skirt from CLUT STUDIO.

Snake Pattern Belt Skirt


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  1. Snake Pattern Belt Skirt

Chaehyun’s Look #1

Looking for an exquisite piece to make you stand out this season? Chaehyun’s buckled cropped jacket by Dion Lee is the way to go!

Buckled Cropped Jacket


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  1. Buckled Cropped Jacket

Chaehyun’s Look #2

She looked gorgeous when she appeared wearing a tactical bandana top by Namilia, a mesh top by Poster Grl, a leather grommet belt by Steve Madden, and a pleated mini skirt by Dolls Kill.

KEP1ER We Fresh MV Kpop Fashion - Chaehyun - Look 2

Mesh Top


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Tactical Bandana Top


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Pleated Mini Skirt


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Leather Grommet Belt


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  1. Mesh Top
  2. Tactical Bandana Top
  3. Pleated Mini Skirt
  4. Leather Grommet Belt

Yeseo’s Look #1

We absolutely liked all of the girls’ black skirts, and Yeseo’s pleated skirt by curetty is no exception!

Basic Color Pleats Skirt


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  1. Basic Color Pleats Skirt

Yeseo’s Look #2

She pulled off a super cute look featuring a turtleneck jumper from Versace Jeans Couture, a logo-buckle leather belt from Diesel, and a metallic leather mini skirt from Versace Jeans Couture.

Space Couture Turtleneck Jumper


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Metallic Leather Mini Skirt


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Logo-buckle Leather Belt


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  1. Space Couture Turtleneck Jumper
  2. Metallic Leather Mini Skirt
  3. Logo-buckle Leather Belt

Dayeon’s Look

We finish off the list with this jaw-dropping outfit of Dayeon starring an eye-popping D-Angiel cut-out dress from Diesel!

D-Angiel Cut-out Dress


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  1. D-Angiel Cut-out Dress

Whose outfits do you like best?

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