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KEP1ER Debuts With Stellar Fashion In Dynamic Space Adventure Music Video For ‘Wa Da Da’

KEP1ER Wa Da Da MV Fashion

Composed of the Top9 from Mnet’s survival show ‘Girls Planet 999’, KEP1ER has officially made an explosive debut with their mini album ‘First Impact’ on January 3, 2022. Helming the mini-album is the title track ‘Wa Da Da’, which has created a storm over the internet with its energy, the intergalactic setting, and the amazing fashion of the members as they showcase their abilities for the first time as a group.

So, buckle up as we take you on a fashion journey exploring the cool outfits the members sported throughout the music video!

A Fashion Breakdown On KEP1ER's Wa Da Da MV

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KEP1ER’s ‘Wa Da Da’ MV Fashion

Chaehyun’s Look #1

If you were awed by Chaehyun’s stylish look, this long-sleeve bustier corset from Rokh must’ve definitely caught your eye!

Long-sleeve Bustier Corset


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  1. Long-sleeve Bustier Corset

Chaehyun’s Look #2

In a picture of elegance and style, the cropped crystal-embellished jacket from AREA suits her perfectly.

Crystal-embellished Jacket


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  1. Crystal-embellished Jacket

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Chaehyun’s Look #3

Chaehyun looks incredibly charming in a fluorescent pink knitted sleeveless top from Vivienne Westwood, paired with lace-up multi-pocket shorts from Dion Lee.

Orb-embroidered Knitted Top


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Lace-up Multi-pocket Shorts


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  1. Orb-embroidered Knitted Top
  2. Lace-up Multi-pocket Shorts

Bahiyyih’s Look #1

For her first look, Bahiyyih looks vibrant and pretty in a pink turtleneck top from Jacquemus.

Cutout Turtleneck Top


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  1. Cutout Turtleneck Top

Bahiyyih’s Look #2

Next, she sports a striking off-shoulder dress from Alexander Wang in a look that definitely stands out.

Falling Off-shoulder Dress


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  1. Falling Off-shoulder Dress

Bahiyyih’s Look #3

Here she looks fierce and cool in this Def Leppard print tank top from Junya Watanabe paired with a unique tartan-paneled cargo skirt from Monse, while the Lamoda combat boots and Dolls Kill punch studded gloves perfectly accentuate her look.

Def Leppard Print Tank Top


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Tartan-panelled Cargo Skirt


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Spring Rain Combat Boots


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Icy Punch Studded Gloves


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  1. Def Leppard Print Tank Top
  2. Tartan-panelled Cargo Skirt
  3. Spring Rain Combat Boots
  4. Icy Punch Studded Gloves

Dayeon’s Look #1

Dayeon oozes charm and style in a chain reaction top from Best Kawaii, and the rose bow headband from Dolls Kill compliments her outfit wonderfully.

Chain Reaction Top


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Rose Bow Headband


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  1. Chain Reaction Top
  2. Rose Bow Headband

Dayeon’s Look #2

Her next incredible ensemble consists of a white lace Carrera crop T-shirt from Barragàn, a pink ribbed lace-up mini skirt from Herve Leger, gloves from Quasi Purity, and unique motocross boots from Namilia.

Lace Carrera Crop T-Shirt


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Ribbed Lace-Up Mini Skirt


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Printed Top With Gloves


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Motocross Boot


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  1. Lace Carrera Crop T-Shirt
  2. Ribbed Lace-Up Mini Skirt
  3. Printed Top With Gloves
  4. Motocross Boot

Hikaru’s Look

Hikaru looks absolutely endearing as she rocks a letter graphic crop tank top from Emmiol and combat boots from Dolls Kill.

Letter Graphic Crop Tank Top


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Combat Boots


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  1. Letter Graphic Crop Tank Top
  2. Combat Boots

Mashiro’s Look #1

Mashiro serves a gracefully cute look in this pink satin shell corset from Nodress.

Pink Satin Shell Corset


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  1. Pink Satin Shell Corset

Mashiro’s Look #2

Nailing street fashion in her next look, she looks very stylish in a T-shirt from R13 worn over a sheer checked bodysuit from MM6 Maison Margiela.

Cash City Rockers T-shirt


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Sheer Checked Bodysuit


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  1. Cash City Rockers T-shirt
  2. Sheer Checked Bodysuit

Xiaoting’s Look #1

The mesh detail crop top from Balmain paired with a white shoulder cover crop top from Quasi Purity makes Xiaoting look absolutely badass.

Shoulder Cover Crop Top


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Mesh Detail Crop Top


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  1. Shoulder Cover Crop Top
  2. Mesh Detail Crop Top

Xiaoting’s Look #2

Here she looks classy and charismatic in a velvet stretch corset from Danielle Guizio paired with a mini skirt from Rock ‘N Doll, and you can’t overlook the trendy ankle boots from Azalea Wang.

Velvet Stretch Corset


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Gothic Punk Pleated Mini Skirt


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Sookie Ankle Boots


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  1. Velvet Stretch Corset
  2. Gothic Punk Pleated Mini Skirt
  3. Sookie Ankle Boots

Yeseo’s Look #1

Yeseo looks elegant for her first look in a jewel turtleneck top from Dries Van Noten and button-placket denim shorts from Isabel Marant, while the Jadon platform boots from Dr. Martens expertly round up her look.

Heyser Jewel Turtleneck


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Button-placket Denim Shorts


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Jadon Platform Boots


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  1. Heyser Jewel Turtleneck
  2. Button-placket Denim Shorts
  3. Jadon Platform Boots

Yeseo’s Look #2

This outfit consisting of Maje’s plaid-check top worn over a tartan plaid dress makes her look radiant and stylish at the same time.

Tartan Plaid Dress


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Plaid-check Top


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  1. Tartan Plaid Dress
  2. Plaid-check Top

Youngeun’s Look #1

Youngeun looks picture-perfect in this embroidered crop top from Quasi Purity.

Embroidered Crop Top


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  1. Embroidered Crop Top

Youngeun Look #2

She serves up yet another flawless and exquisite look in a pink and purple cut-out T-shirt from Barragàn and an asymmetric dyed denim mini skirt with a striking design from Marques’Almeida.

Xochi Ruffle Cut Out T-Shirt


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Asymmetric Dyed Denim Skirt


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  1. Xochi Ruffle Cut Out T-Shirt
  2. Asymmetric Dyed Denim Skirt

Yujin’s Look #1

This showstopping short dress from David Koma is the highlight of Yujin’s first great look.

Short Dresses


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  1. Short Dresses

Yujin’s Look #2

Concluding our fashion journey is Yujin in an alluring white shoulder strap mini dress from Quasi Purity and colorful elite combat boots from Betsey Johnson.

White Shoulder Strap Mini Dress


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Elite Combat Boot


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  1. White Shoulder Strap Mini Dress
  2. Elite Combat Boot

Whose outfits do you like best?

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