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IVE Rebranded The Girl Crush Aesthetic In Their Stylish Music Video For ‘Kitsch’

IVE Kitsch MV Fashion

There is no stopping IVE from putting forth one catchy tune after another. The girl group just released their first full album ‘I’VE IVE’ on April 10, 2023. In the days leading to it, they dropped the pre-release track ‘Kitsch’. The bubbly pop song was accompanied by a dark and intense music video, its tone complementing the lyrics.

IVE embodied their idea of ‘kitsch’ and the aesthetics are worth noting. So, don’t miss out on the fashion presented in the video. Check out the outfits below:

A Fashion Breakdown On IVE's Kitsch MV

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IVE’s ‘Kitsch’ MV Fashion

Wonyoung’s Look #1

Wonyoung opened the song in a black feather-trimmed tank dress from Miu Miu and dazzling pink platform heels from PARIS TEXAS. She added a silver chain choker with a black bow detail from SHUSHU/TONG to go with her dress.

IVE Kitsch MV Kpop Fashion - Wonyoung - Look 1

Feather-trimmed Tank Dress


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Bow Chain Choker


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Pink Dalilah Heels


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  1. Feather-trimmed Tank Dress
  2. Bow Chain Choker
  3. Pink Dalilah Heels

Wonyoung’s Look #2

In a unique combination that surprisingly works, she paired a red track top zip-up jacket from Jaded London with a plaid wool miniskirt from Miu Miu, complete with a leather heart pendant belt from Y/Project. Her glass hoop earrings from & Other Stories tie in beautifully with the outfit.

Atom Zip Up Jacket


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Plaid Wool Miniskirt


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Leather Heart Pendant Belt


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Sculptural Glass Hoop Earrings


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  1. Atom Zip Up Jacket
  2. Plaid Wool Miniskirt
  3. Leather Heart Pendant Belt
  4. Sculptural Glass Hoop Earrings

Liz’s Look #1

Liz‘s first outfit makes the most of the classic cardigan and skirt look. She wore a black feather cuff cardigan from INSTANTFUNK over a white knit crop top with gold-tone buttons from BALMAIN and a low-rise faux-leather pleats skirt, also in black, from Lesugiatelier.

Ostrich-feather Cuff Cardigan


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Knit Crop Top


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Faux-leather Pleats Skirt


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  1. Ostrich-feather Cuff Cardigan
  2. Knit Crop Top
  3. Faux-leather Pleats Skirt

Liz’s Look #2

She then changed into a bubblegum embossed hoodie from Telfar and pink lace-up trainers from TheOpen Product.

Embossed Hoodie


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Nim Trainers


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  1. Embossed Hoodie
  2. Nim Trainers

Liz’s Look #3

Liz put her own spin on the group outfit by wearing a black horn vest from COPERNI with a matching black cross-belted miniskirt from J KOO.

Black Horn Vest


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Black Cross Belted Miniskirt


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  1. Black Horn Vest
  2. Black Cross Belted Miniskirt

Gaeul’s Look #1

Gaeul looked both sporty and trendy in a red cropped hoodie from JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, a cute belted-waist mini skirt from 16Arlington, and pink suede mesh platform sneakers from TheOpen Product.  

Red Cropped Hoodie


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Belted-waist Mini Skirt


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Suede Mesh Platform Sneakers


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  1. Red Cropped Hoodie
  2. Belted-waist Mini Skirt
  3. Suede Mesh Platform Sneakers

Gaeul’s Look #2

She cut a regal figure in an off-white cropped shearling jacket from IOANNES styled with an emerald feather-trim top from Antonella Rizza, a black zip faux-leather miniskirt from MISBHV and a staggering pair of sleek red knee-high leather boots from PARIS TEXAS.

Cropped Shearling Jacket


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Bloom Feather-trim Top


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Black Zip Faux-Leather Miniskirt


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  1. Cropped Shearling Jacket
  2. Bloom Feather-trim Top
  3. Black Zip Faux-Leather Miniskirt
  4. Boots

Gaeul’s Look #3

Here, Gaeul wore a black tank top from MIAOU with a low-rise denim skirt from ERL for a confident look.

Black Tati Tank Top


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Low-rise Denim Skirt


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  1. Black Tati Tank Top
  2. Low-rise Denim Skirt

Rei’s Look #1

Rei was hard to miss with her pink hair, a white faux fur coat, and a canary yellow logo-patch T-shirt from Diesel.

Logo-patch T-shirt


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  1. Logo-patch T-shirt

Rei’s Look #2

Her playful outfit features a black cut-out short jacket from Itzavibe, a pink straight mini-skirt from Jacquemus, and coordinating pink sneakers from BAPE.

Cut Out Short Jacket


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Folded-hem Straight Mini-skirt


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Pink Road Sta 1 Sneakers


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  1. Cut Out Short Jacket
  2. Folded-hem Straight Mini-skirt
  3. Pink Road Sta 1 Sneakers

Leeseo’s Look

Leeseo went with a blue denim bib from R13 for her stylish outfit.

Blue Damon Overall Bib


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  1. Blue Damon Overall Bib

Yujin’s Look #1

Yujin turned heads in a layered top and a black biker leather miniskirt from KILÓ. She paired her GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI boots with fishnet stockings to give it an edge.

Biker Leather Skirt


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Black Morgana Boots


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  1. Biker Leather Skirt
  2. Black Morgana Boots

Yujin’s Look #2

For the final look, Yujin wore a high-waist red mini skirt from BAPY BY *A BATHING APE with twisted heels in pink and red from GRAPE.

High-waist Mini Skirt


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Pink & Red Twisted Heels


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  1. High-waist Mini Skirt
  2. Pink & Red Twisted Heels

Whose outfits do you like best?

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