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BTS Jungkook Wowed Us With His Bold Fashion Picks In Charlie Puth’s ‘Left And Right’ Music Video

BTS‘s Jungkook featured and starred in Charlie Puth‘s latest song ‘Left And Right’. The trendy track is a welcome mix of Jungkook‘s sweet vocals and wonderful visuals.

Here are some of the bold outfit styles seen on Jungkook in the song’s music video.

BTS Jungkook’s Fashion in Charlie Puth’s ‘Left And Right’ MV

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Look #1

Jungkook pulled off a hot pink look in an organic-cotton denim jacket from Jacquemus and cargo pants from Our Legacy. He added a pop of green with the help of a rubber triangle belt and rubber lace-up boots from Bottega Veneta.

BTS Jungkook Left and Right MV Kpop Fashion - Look 1-1
BTS Jungkook Left and Right MV Kpop Fashion - Look 1-1

Organic-cotton Denim Jacket


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Trekking Cargo Trousers


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Like Grape Necklace


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Rubber Lace-Up Boots


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Green Rubber Triangle Belt


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  1. Organic-cotton Denim Jacket
  2. Trekking Cargo Trousers
  3. Like Grape Necklace
  4. Rubber Lace-Up Boots
  5. Green Rubber Triangle Belt

Look #2

Jungkook sported a casual look in a La Maille Marino contrasting-trim sweater, also from Jacquemus.

BTS Jungkook Left and Right MV Kpop Fashion - Look 1-1

Embroidered Patch Detail MA-1


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Contrasting-trim Sweater


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  1. Embroidered Patch Detail MA-1
  2. Contrasting-trim Sweater

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