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BTS Brought Back Nostalgia With Understatedly Elegant Fashion In The ‘Yet To Come’ Music Video

As always, the members managed to showcase their charm in simple yet undeniably stylish outfits.

BTS Yet To Come MV Fashion

BTS just came back with their first anthology album ‘Proof’ and proved why they are at the top of the game. Not only is the album’s lead single, ‘Yet To Come’, a tribute to their roots but the music video is also reminiscent of the group’s past era.

Check out the track to see the members showcase their charm in simple yet undeniable fashion.

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BTS’s ‘Yet To Come’ MV Fashion

Jungkook’s Look

Jungkook opened the music video in a trendsetting grey cotton bomber jacket from NOMA T.D.

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Suga’s Look

In this frame, Suga‘s grey-black logo bomber jacket from WOOYOUNGMI and boots from Bottega Veneta amplified his chic outfit.

BTS Yet To Come MV Kpop Fashion - Suga

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RM’s Look

RM showed off his dapper style in a cotton denim jacket from Junya Watanabe and matching denim pants.

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J-Hope’s Look

As for J-Hope, he wore a green gardening club baseball cap from Romantic Crown to complement his boyish outfit comprising of a green sweatshirt and navy shorts.

Gardening Club Baseball Cap


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Jimin’s Look

Jimin’s unique jacket from ifxy takes his outfit to a whole new level.

BTS Yet To Come MV Kpop Fashion - Jimin

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