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AESPA’s Unequivocally Dreamy Outfits In Flamboyant Music Video For ‘Dreams Come True’

AESPA Dreams Come True MV Fashion

As part of SM Entertainment’s ‘Remastering Project’, girl group AESPA released a digital single titled ‘Dreams Come True’ on December 20, which is the remake of S.E.S’s 1998 song of the same name. Adding their own special touch while singing us off to dreamland, AESPA manages to not only look dreamy but also fiercely stunning in the otherworldly music video.

Here’s a look at the amazing fashion of each of the members.

A Fashion Breakdown On AESPA's Dreams Come True MV

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AESPA’s ‘ Dreams Come True’ MV Fashion

Karina’s Look

In a Death-Match dress from Skoot paired with a crescent-moon moire cap from Marine Serre, Karina embodies the street-punk aesthetic perfectly.

AESPA Dreams Come True MV Kpop Fashion - Karina - Look 1

Death-Match Dress


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Crescent-moon Moire Cap


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  1. Death-Match Dress
  2. Crescent-moon Moire Cap

Giselle’s Look #1

Owning the edgy, fierce vibe for the first look, Giselle nails the green Angel Baby Set also from Skoot and Jordan’s Air Jordan 1 High OG twist sneakers with absolute ease.

AESPA Dreams Come True MV Kpop Fashion - Giselle - Look 1

Angel Baby Set


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Dunk High Retro Sneakers


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  1. Angel Baby Set
  2. Dunk High Retro Sneakers

Giselle’s Look #2

You cannot miss Miu Miu’s striking chunky-sole boots in her second look as they totally elevate the entire outfit!

Chunky-sole Boots


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  1. Chunky-sole Boots

Ningning’s Look #1

Ningning looks extremely stylish in these cool white jogger pants from L.e.e.y that fit her frame perfectly.

AESPA Dreams Come True MV Kpop Fashion - Ningning - Look 1

Jogger Pants


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  1. Jogger Pants

Ningning’s Look #2

This eye-catching purple check skirt from Ku0 does wonders for her funky outfit!

Purple Check Skirt


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  1. Purple Check Skirt

Winter’s Look #1

Winter looks striking in a Sunday Skool top (and a paralysis suit top) from Skoot. Pair the fit with these Air Jordan 1 High OG twist sneakers to hit the street-fashion brief.

AESPA Dreams Come True MV Kpop Fashion - Winter - Look 1

Sunday Skool Top


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Paralysis Suit Top


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Air Jordan 1 High OG Twist


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  1. Sunday Skool Top
  2. Paralysis Suit Top
  3. Air Jordan 1 High OG Twist

Winter’s Look #2

For this look here, pairing the satin cream Wrinkle Bustier Sleeveless from Not Your Rose with the overnight sensation mesh top from Dolls Kill x Bratz makes for an interesting albeit absolutely welcome combination.

Wrinkle Bustier Sleeveless


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Overnight Sensation Mesh Top


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  1. Wrinkle Bustier Sleeveless
  2. Overnight Sensation Mesh Top

Whose outfits do you like best?

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  1. Where i can find Winter’s jeans? I believe Sunye from Mamadol also wears the same jeans in WOOAH HIP. My gf really really wants them. They seem to be jeans shorts and the rest is one piece trouser addition. Is it completely custom? Please let me find them;p