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AESPA Made Their Way To France For The Cannes Festival In Cute Personalized Airport Outfits

AESPA's Outfits at Incheon Airport on May 22, 2023

AESPA is set to make history as the first K-pop group to attend the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. As the girls departed for France, they served impeccable style at the Incheon Airport, each more different than the rest.

Check out their airport picks in detail below.

AESPA’s Outfits at Incheon Airport on May 22, 2023

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Karina went with an all-black minimalist cybergoth look. She achieved it by combining a cargo-pocket pencil mini dress from Blumarine with a sleeve bolero top set from YUSE and leather platform boots from TheOpen Product. Her small brushed leather Prada Supernova handbag is the perfect addition.

AESPA Karina's Outfit at Incheon Airport on May 22, 2023

Sleeve Bolero Top Set


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Cargo-pocket Pencil Minidress


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Small Supernova Handbag


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Leather Platform Boots


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  1. Sleeve Bolero Top Set
  2. Cargo-pocket Pencil Minidress
  3. Small Supernova Handbag
  4. Leather Platform Boots


Winter‘s more relaxed and easygoing outfit pairs a black crochet-knit sleeveless crop top from Gucci with stone-washed jeans and black platform high-top canvas sneakers from R13.

AESPA Winter's Outfit at Incheon Airport on May 22, 2023

Crochet-knit Sleeveless Crop Top


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Black Courtney Platform Sneakers


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  1. Crochet-knit Sleeveless Crop Top
  2. Black Courtney Platform Sneakers


For a cute summer outfit, Ningning wore a black flared skirt from PAIN OR PLEASURE with a gray shirred gingham cotton-poplin top and chunky platform-sole shoes, both from Miu Miu. She also got her pocket logo-embossed shoulder bag from the same brand.

AESPA Ningning's Outfit at Incheon Airport on May 22, 2023

Shirred Gingham Top


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Ballon Skirt


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Logo-embossed Shoulder Bag


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Chunky Platform-sole Shoes


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  1. Shirred Gingham Top
  2. Ballon Skirt
  3. Logo-embossed Shoulder Bag
  4. Chunky Platform-sole Shoes


Giselle‘s experimental fashion choices never fail to amaze us. This time, she styled a pretty long sleeve top with a high-waisted skirt from Ottolinger and comfy marshmallow wedge sandals from GIVENCHY. She accessorized her mini Le Cagole duffle bag from BALENCIAGA with a sweet teddy bear keychain from VAQUERA.

AESPA Giselle's Outfit at Incheon Airport on May 22, 2023

High-waisted Skirt


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Mini Le Cagole Duffle Bag


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Marshmallow Wedge Sandals


Buy from here
Teddy Bear Key Chain


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  1. High-waisted Skirt
  2. Mini Le Cagole Duffle Bag
  3. Marshmallow Wedge Sandals
  4. Teddy Bear Key Chain

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