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Kim So-Yeon’s Fashion As Cheon Seo-Jin In K-Drama ‘Penthouse’ Episodes 17-21

Penthouse Fashion - Kim So-Yeon - Episodes 17-21

We’re saying goodbye to the first season of the hit drama, ‘Penthouse’, and without a doubt, everything in this series was worth watching. I mean, who could ever miss this journey into the interesting lives of the extraordinarily rich? 

Now let’s put their lives aside because we’re about to bring you something a lot more interesting than their experiences: the luxurious fashion worn by our affluent lady, Kim So-Yeon, in episodes 17-21. So keep scrolling, and try not to envy her too much!

Kim So-Yeon's Fashion in Korean Drama Penthouse Episodes 17-21

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Kim So-Yeon’s Fashion in Episodes 17-21 of K-drama ‘Penthouse’

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Look #1

We start off with So-Yeon’s signature style: black on black. She looked too classy to handle in a pleated jacket and a matching wrap skirt from avouavou. With this lovely combination, she carried a black B-Buzz 23 tote bag from Balmain. And she didn’t hold back when it came to her accessories; just look at this mode bold chain necklace from Tatiana, and this beautiful pair of Lexy open ring earrings from KATENKELLY.

Crepe Pleats Jacket
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Crepe Wrap Skirt
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Mode Bold Chain Necklace


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B-Buzz 23 Tote Bag


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Diamond Cutting Crystal Earrings


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  2. Crepe Wrap Skirt
  3. Mode Bold Chain Necklace
  4. B-Buzz 23 Tote Bag
  5. Diamond Cutting Crystal Earrings

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Look #2

So-Yeon took black to the next level with her leather coat and Peekaboo ISEEU East-West brown leather bag, both from Fendi.

Single Breasted Leather Coat


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Peekaboo Iseeu East-west


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  1. Single Breasted Leather Coat
  2. Peekaboo Iseeu East-west

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Look #3

We can NEVER get bored with her black sets. This time, she flawlessly paired avouavou’s black crop jacket with their tulle skirt. 

Shawl Collar Crop Jacket
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Black Wool Tulle Skirt
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  1. Shawl Collar Crop Jacket
  2. Black Wool Tulle Skirt

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Look #4

So-Yeon’s beauty is at its peak in this outfit, which starred a gorgeous Miriam off-shoulder blouse by Rejina Pyo and a Leve bag by DEMAKER. And to glam up, she opted for a pair of silver chunky earrings by hyeres-lor

Penthouse Kdrama Fashion - Kim So-Yeon - Episode 20-1

Miriam Off-shoulder Blouse


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Leve Bag


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Champaign Silver Chunky Earring


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  1. Miriam Off-shoulder Blouse
  2. Leve Bag
  3. Champaign Silver Chunky Earring

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Look #5

She gave life to her already lively look with bright yellow Heriter silver emblem earrings from hyeres-lor and a killer Viva-bow shoulder bag from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Viva-bow Shoulder Bag


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Heriter Silver Emblem Earrings


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  2. Heriter Silver Emblem Earrings

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Look #6

She’s back in black! So-Yeon mixed avouavou’s black silk scarf mermaid dress with hyeres-lor’s Noailles link silver earrings, and the result is just… Ou la la!

Silk Scalf Mermaid Dress
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Noailles Link Silver Earrings


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