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Kim So-Yeon’s Fashion As Cheon Seo-Jin In K-Drama ‘Penthouse 3’ Episodes 9-11

Penthouse 3 Fashion - Kim So-Yeon - Episodes 9-11

In the world of K-drama, Kim So-Yeon from ‘Penthouse 3’ always stands out, not just because of her unique personality and outstanding acting, but also her jaw-dropping fashion choices. 

When it comes to her style, So-Yeon always has something new to bring to the table, so let’s see what this gorgeous lady serves up in episodes 9 to 11 of the show!

Kim So-Yeon's Fashion in Korean Drama Penthouse 3 Episodes 9-11

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Kim So-Yeon’s Fashion in K-drama ‘Penthouse 3’ Episodes 9-11

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Look #1

So-Yeon in black is iconic as always! In this look, she topped her black dress from avouavou with a velvet buckle belt from Roger Vivier. Oh, and she added a nice touch with the stunning white quilted bag from Michael Kors

Boat Neckline H Line Dress
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Broche Vivier Buckle Belt


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Soho Quilted Bag


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  1. Boat Neckline H Line Dress
  2. Broche Vivier Buckle Belt
  3. Soho Quilted Bag

Look #2

She can slay in pink, too! So-Yeon looked absolutely divine in her glossy belted shirt dress from The Izzat Collection.

Penthouse 3 Kdrama Fashion - Kim So-Yeon - Episode 9-2

Glossy Belted Shirt Dress


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  1. Glossy Belted Shirt Dress

Look #3

This is probably the most amazing all-red look you’ll ever see. The secret to So-Yeon’s ravishing beauty in this look is a tulip-sleeve midi sheath dress from Fendi combined with a chain-link leather belt from Ports 1961.

Tulip-sleeve Midi Sheath Dress


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Chain-link Leather Belt


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  1. Tulip-sleeve Midi Sheath Dress
  2. Chain-link Leather Belt

Look #4

This queen just doesn’t stop slaying! She opted for three Balmain pieces to look this stunning: a logo-jacquard roll-neck top worn with a matching skirt, and a BBuzz 23 tote bag.

Logo-jacquard Roll-neck Top


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Monogram Jacquard Skirt


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BBuzz 23 Tote Bag


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  1. Logo-jacquard Roll-neck Top
  2. Monogram Jacquard Skirt
  3. BBuzz 23 Tote Bag

Look #5

We’re so into how stylish she looked in this scene when she donned a belted two-tone leather-trimmed trench coat by AKRIS!

Belted Two-Tone Trench Coat


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  1. Belted Two-Tone Trench Coat

Look #6

So-Yeon in blue never gets old! To complete her already perfect outfit, she held a white Madeline crystal-buckle crossbody bag from Jimmy Choo.

Madeline Crystal-buckle Bag


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  1. Madeline Crystal-buckle Bag

Look #7

If there’s an animal print that screams So-Yeon, it’s zebra. She killed it in episode 10 in her zebra-print crop top from SELF-PORTRAIT.

Penthouse 3 Kdrama Fashion - Kim So-Yeon - Episode 10-4

Zebra-print Crop Top


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  1. Zebra-print Crop Top

Look #8

She looked super delicate and graceful in her pink petal dress by FAYEWOO.

Petal Onepiece


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  1. Petal Onepiece

Look #9

She’s back in red, and we can’t get enough! This time, she rocked a red Venia corduroy midi dress from ISABEL MARANT.

Venia Corduroy Midi Dress


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  1. Venia Corduroy Midi Dress

 Look #10

Nothing new here, just So-Yeon looking absolutely fabulous! For this one, she paired a beautiful floral-print ruched dress from GANNI  with a woven-detail crossbody bag from Salvatore Ferragamo

Ffloral-print Ruched Dress


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Woven-detail Cross Body Bag


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  1. Ffloral-print Ruched Dress
  2. Woven-detail Cross Body Bag

 Look #11

B-logo Blazer-style Minidress


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Mini 1945 Monogram Jacquard Bag


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  1. B-logo Blazer-style Minidress
  2. Mini 1945 Monogram Jacquard Bag

 Look #12

Collar Puff Mermaid Dress


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Soho Quilted Crossbody Bag


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  1. Collar Puff Mermaid Dress
  2. Soho Quilted Crossbody Bag

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