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Park Yoo-Na’s Fashion As Kang Soo-Jin In K-Drama ‘True Beauty’

True Beauty Fashion - Park Yoo-Na

From the moment she appeared in her first scene, Park Yoo-Na already showed great acting in True Beauty. She played the role of Kang Soo-Jin who was described to possess both beauty and brains. Like the rest of the cast, she was usually seen in casual and prep-inspired looks in the series. 

Check out Yoo-Na’s best looks from True Beauty below!

Park Yoo-Na's Fashion in Korean Drama True Beauty

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Park Yoo-Na’s Fashion in K-drama ‘True Beauty’

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Look #1

She can be seen looking cozy with this wool flower knit top from Viabon de Via.

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Park Yoo-Na - Episode 5-1

Flower V-neck Knit


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  1. Flower V-neck Knit

Look #2

She rocked yet another comfy piece with this argyle pullover from Los Angeles Project (LAP).

Argyle Vest Pullover


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  1. Argyle Vest Pullover

Look #3

For a nautical-inspited outfit, Yoo-Na wore this sailor collar pullover from Rolarola.

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Park Yoo-Na - Episode 6-2

Sailor Collar Pullover Knit


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  1. Sailor Collar Pullover Knit

Look #4

Yoo-Na showcased color and texture in her outfit that includes this high-neck knit sweater from LATT and her Chicard Mou cross-body bag from Couronne.

High Neck Knit Sweater


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Chicard Mou Cross 26


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  1. High Neck Knit Sweater
  2. Chicard Mou Cross 26

Look #5

For this casual attire, Yoo-Na wore this triple butterfly embroidery hoodie from Letter from Moon on top of the Temptation velour sweatshirts and heavy corduroy pants both from Diagonal.

Embroidery Hood Zip Up


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Temptation Velours Sweatshirt


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Heavy Corduroy Pants


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  1. Embroidery Hood Zip Up
  2. Temptation Velours Sweatshirt
  3. Heavy Corduroy Pants

Look #6

For this scene, she carried a mini Nana bag from Koimooi.

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Park Yoo-Na - Episode 10-1

Mini Nana Bag


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  1. Mini Nana Bag

Look #7

This double-breasted long blazer from Freaks is the main point of her structured look.

Double-breasted Long Blazer


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  1. Double-breasted Long Blazer

Look #8

She also rocked this matching gingham check jacket and mini skirt from Lookast. She also carried Joy Gryson‘s Mago satchel bag to complete her look.

Gingham Check Wool Jacket


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Check Pattern Mini Skirt


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Mago Satchel Bag


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  1. Gingham Check Wool Jacket
  2. Check Pattern Mini Skirt
  3. Mago Satchel Bag

Look #9

Spot this three-button jacket from Tetu on Yoo-Na in this scene.

Three Button Jacket Khaki


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  1. Three Button Jacket Khaki

Look #10

Yoo-Na also carried this cute Megan bag from Marhen.J.

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Park Yoo-Na - Episode 11-2

Megan Bag


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  1. Megan Bag

Look #11

Take cues from Yoo-Na on how to wear this argyle cardigan from Grove.

Wool Tailored Jacket


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20FW Argyle CD


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Summer Passport Backpack


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  1. Wool Tailored Jacket
  2. 20FW Argyle CD
  3. Summer Passport Backpack

Look #12

She styled this corduroy blazer from Andersson Bell with a pair of Milky Way earrings from Rita Monica.

Corduroy Brooch Smith Blazer


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Milky Way Earrings


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  1. Corduroy Brooch Smith Blazer
  2. Milky Way Earrings

Look #13

This cool outfit features a velvet big-collar coat by Johnny Hates Jazz.

Velvet Big Collar Coat


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  1. Velvet Big Collar Coat

Look #14

Yoo-Na nailed her great outfit with a pair of Dr. Martens 2976 Chelsea boots.

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Park Yoo-Na - Episode 16-1

Black 2976 Chelsea Boots


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  1. Black 2976 Chelsea Boots

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