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K-Fashion Face-Off: Who Wore It Better? – March 2020

K-Fashion Face-Off: Who Wore It Better? – March 2020

With many countries across the world is implementing lockdown, fashionistas have all the time in the world to plan their SS2020 wardrobe and enjoy online shopping. If you need some inspirations, definitely DON’T miss out on today’s article! That’s enough talking, let’s head straight into this month’s K-star outfit clashes.

Korean celebrities wearing the same outfits - March 2020

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IU vs Seulgi (RED VELVET)

Marine Cape


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  1. Marine Cape

For all the layered-look lovers out there, spring cannot come sooner. With its versatility and super cozy feature, capes are the MUST have items this season. From classic to edgy looking, from casual knit to elegant wool blend, from single colored to multicolored patterns, there is a style that suits everyone’s needs. IU and Seulgi both fell for Gucci’s Marine cape with the brand’s signature checks.

IU’s look is clean and youthful with a clear focus on the lovely cape.

We all love a bold and daring plaid-on-plaid look when it is done well. However, we can’t help but feel that Seulgi’s layered plaid-on-plaid look is missing some anchor item which made her look a bit visually exploded.

Our point goes to IU.

Kai (EXO) vs Ong Seong-Wu vs IU

Camel Jacket With Sartorial Labels


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Fine Wool Turtleneck


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  1. Camel Jacket With Sartorial Labels
  2. Fine Wool Turtleneck

This is a hard one for us. We love a good retro look, but we also love a smart modern twist.

Both Kai from EXO and Ong Seong-Wu went for a vintage style with Gucci’s antique pink turtleneck and camel jacket, especially the retro green trousers and the antique pink sweater combo from Seong-Wu looks like a picture from the 80s.

On the other hand, IU styled the turtleneck and the oversized jacket with some sporty casual items and created a trendy boyfriend look.

Two of OUR favorite looks are IU‘s and Ong Seong-Wu‘s.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) vs Jimin (BTS)

Teddy College In Wool


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  1. Teddy College In Wool

Here we have the perfect examples of the stylish bomber jacket look – the female version presented by Blackpink‘s Lisa and the male version presented by BTSJimin.

We have to say, both celebrities went with a similar approach. They both styled this chic brown bomber jacket from Celine with a black turtleneck and black pants.

We love Jimin’s light hair color which sits well against his look. And big applause to Lisa’s choice of the cropped turtleneck which is sexy and cute with a laidback vibe.

Sooyoung Vs Hyomin

Belted Drill Jumpsuit


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  1. Belted Drill Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit fans, you are all in luck. Not every day you can find the perfect sexy jumpsuit look with a power twist like this belted drill jumpsuit from Bottega Veneta. Inspired by traditional trench coats, this cool yet chill jumpsuit is designed for women who are confident and daring.

For us, the winner is Sooyoung, non-debatable! Her look is sexy, chic and you know she means business. The stylish lace-up sandals casually tied over long trousers look super elegant and full-on luxe.

Lee Dong-Wook vs Park Min-Young

Drussell Striped Mohair-blend Sweater


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  1. Drussell Striped Mohair-blend Sweater

Another gender-neutral item perfect for the spring season. Both Park Min-young and Lee Dong-Wook favored this dreamy striped mohair-blend sweater from Isabel Marant Etoile.

How can you go wrong with such a versatile item right? Style it with jeans, a skirt, shorts, you name it, for a loveable and huggable look.

Well done both!

PO (BLOCK B) Vs Jeon So-Mi

Icon American Flag Knit Sweater in Cream


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  1. Icon American Flag Knit Sweater in Cream

Both South Korean singer Jeon So-mi and rapper PO from BLOCK B posted their version of this icon American flag knit sweater from Polo Ralph Lauren.

It is the perfect item for creating a simple yet modern stylish look. Either layer it with a button shirt like PO or just wear it as it is with a pair of jeans like So-mi are both good fashion practice.

For us, it is a tie. What do you think?

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