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K-Fashion Face-Off: Who Wore It Better? – December 2019

K-Fashion Face-Off: Who Wore It Better? - December 2019

Some people describe fashion as “a temporary tattoo” that let them express themselves freely. It is a stronger form of expression than words and it is so much more than clothes. It has the power of lifting a person in his/her worst days and encourage a person to take on the world head-on.

To celebrities, fashion represents life, art, and commerce, as well as their identity in front of the audience. As fans, we don’t always agree with celebrities’ styles and we certainly enjoy comparing them in the same outfits. Let’s check out what we have prepared for you today!

Korean celebrities wearing the same outfits - December 2019

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Yeji (ITZY) vs Soyeon ((G)I-DLE) vs Seulgi (RED VELVET)

Reversible Dad Trucker Jacket


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Our winter wardrobe is not complete without a cool denim jacket and it seems like our beloved K-pop celebrities agree as well. Seulgi, Soyeon, and Yeji all wore this cozy reversible dad trucker jacket from Levi’s.

It is not easy to pull off a double denim look and I have to admit, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi nailed it with the cropped jumper, distressed jeans and a pair of cool ankle boots.

On the other hand, (G)I-DLE Soyeon’s look is very cute and we can definitely steal ITZY Yeji’s outfit for a day-to-day look.

For me the winner is Seulgi. 

Suho (EXO) Vs Vernon (SEVENTEEN)

Two Tone Varsity Jacket


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  1. Two Tone Varsity Jacket

Both EXO‘s Suho and SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon were spotted wearing Lacoste x GOLF le FLEUR Two-Tone Varsity Jacket.

While Suho’s look is a bit too “nerdy” for my taste, Vernon’s sporty approached look with color collisions is total eye candy. Not everyone can hold a color combination between pine green, salmon pink and red, but he did it effortlessly.

Point goes to Vernon.

Byungchan (VICTION) vs Chen (EXO) vs Leeteuk (SUPER JUNIOR)

Arrow Logo Hoodie


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This is a good example of how much styling trouble a hoodie can save you from.

Chen (EXO) layered his OFF-WHITE arrows logo hoodie in black with a white tee, a pair of baggy pants and chunky sneakers, while Byungchan (VICTION) created a “boy next door” clean look by styling his hoodie with a pair of jeans and black sneakers.

SUPER JUNIOR‘s Leeteuk favored the white version of this hoodie and elevated his look by wearing a pair of red sneakers and a constructed handbag.

It is safe to say that we can take away some valuable notes from all three looks and they all nailed their outfits. 

Lee Ha-nee vs Jung Chae-yeon (DIA)

Ribbed Two-tone Wool-blend Sweater


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  1. Ribbed Two-tone Wool-blend Sweater

Both South Korean actress Lee Ha-nee and singer Jung Chae-yeon (DIA) were caught wearing this lovely ribbed two-tone wool-blend sweater from CHLOÉ.

While both girls’ looks are delightful, I feel Lee Ha-nee’s styling is more to my taste. She rocked the look with her cured hairstyle and the cool ankle boots combined with that “je ne se quoi” vibe.

Chae-yeon’s look is cute and sweet, but a bit too sweet to truly master that confident boyish charm underlined in this piece. 

Zico (BLOCK B) vs Sehun (EXO)

Louis Vuitton Staples Edition Double Breasted Tailored Coat


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If you don’t know what color to get in winter, go for anything that has an earthy tone. Both EXO’s Sehun and BLOCK B‘s Zico favored the brown hoody and the double-breasted coat from Louis Vuitton. The flawless tailoring and silhouette of these two pieces can really upgrade any look instantly.

I love Sehun chose a pair of navy pants and white sneakers to create some distraction from the large area of brown in his outfit, and that also slimed down the volume which his hoody and coat created. It is a clear win for me, the point goes to Sehun.

Ryujin (ITZY) vs Yoona

Dad Denim Sherpa Trucker Jacket


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  1. Dad Denim Sherpa Trucker Jacket

Another denim jacket challenge was taken on by South Korean singer Yoona and ITZY’s Ryujin. Both K-pop singers were spotted wearing Levi’s dad denim sherpa trucker jacket.

Ryujin chose a double denim look with a black roll-up neck jumper while Yoona chose a more girlish approach by styling the jacket with a set of knitted pull-over and a long skirt.

Both looks are great and easy to accomplish as a day-to-day look in the cold seasons. Which look do you prefer?

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