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Hyeri’s Fashion As Baek Dong-Joo In K-Drama ‘May I Help You’ Episodes 9-12

May I Help You Fashion - Hyeri - Episodes 9-12

Talking to the dead is not the only interesting part that makes ‘May I Help You’ worth watching, but also the stunning and cute outfits featured by the pretty female lead Hyeri

That said, read on as we break down her inspiring looks showcased in episodes 9 to 12. Let’s dive right into it!

Hyeri's Fashion in Korean Drama May I Help You Episodes 9-12

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Hyeri’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘May I Help You’ Episodes 9-12

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Look #1

We all had our eyes on Hyeri’s super cute, navy Ganni Hotel T-shirt!

Navy 'Ganni Hotel' T-Shirt


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  1. Navy 'Ganni Hotel' T-Shirt

Look #2

She nailed a cute casual outfit that consisted of a stylish striped shirt from Saint James and white frayed denim shorts from RE RHEE.

May I Help You Kdrama Fashion - Hyeri - Episode 9-2

Minquiers R E


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Frayed Denim Shorts


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  1. Minquiers R E
  2. Frayed Denim Shorts

Look #3

Hyeri finished off her gorgeous ensemble with a fashionable mini baguette bag from OSTKAKA.

Kadel Mini Baguette Bag


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  1. Kadel Mini Baguette Bag

Look #4

She showed off her great fashion sense in episode 11 by wearing a pair of wool cashmere pintuck pants from RRACE and a small bucket bag from Bottega Veneta.

Wool Cashmere Pintuck Pants


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Cassette Small Bucket Bag


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  1. Wool Cashmere Pintuck Pants
  2. Cassette Small Bucket Bag

Look #5

Her cute and comfy jumper by SANDRO here should be on everyone’s winter clothing checklist, hands down! 

Double-s Logo Half-zip Jumper


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  1. Double-s Logo Half-zip Jumper

Look #6

Hyeri pulled off another cute casual look thanks to Joy Gryson’s small crossbody bag.

Margot Crossbody Small Bag


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  1. Margot Crossbody Small Bag

Look# 7

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how fashionable Hyeri looked when she wore these black denim pants from YOUR NAME HERE and held a tote bag from Bally.

Y22-15 Denim Black


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Crystalia.St/23 Tote Bag


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  1. Y22-15 Denim Black
  2. Crystalia.St/23 Tote Bag

Look #8

She looked irresistibly cute in this oversized anagram-cropped hoodie from Loewe.

May I Help You Kdrama Fashion - Hyeri - Episode 11-6
May I Help You Kdrama Fashion - Hyeri - Episode 11-6

Anagram Cropped Hoodie


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  1. Anagram Cropped Hoodie

Look #9

Aside from her supernatural ability to talk to the dead, her comfy pullover by INSILENCE is guaranteed to keep you warm in the dead of winter! 

Color Blended Round Pullover


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  1. Color Blended Round Pullover

Look #10

She looked stylish as always in this logo-intarsia jumper from Isabel Marant Étoile, which she paired with a  white bag from VUNQUE.

May I Help You Kdrama Fashion - Hyeri - Episode 12-2
May I Help You Kdrama Fashion - Hyeri - Episode 12-2

Marisans Logo-intarsia Jumper


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Boogie Hobo Piccolo Bag


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  1. Marisans Logo-intarsia Jumper
  2. Boogie Hobo Piccolo Bag

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