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Hwang In-Yeop’s Fashion As Han Seo-Joon In K-Drama ‘True Beauty’ Episodes 13-16

True Beauty Fashion - Hwang In-Yeop - Episodes 13-16

You know what’s sadder than the end of ‘True Beauty’? The end of our all-time favorite bad boy’s fashion picks! Throughout the smash hit series, Hwang In-Yeop stood out with every outfit he appeared in, and we couldn’t just stand and watch, right? 

We decided to bring you In-Yeop’s every look in episodes 13-16. And as usual, this handsome baddie is about to leave us with our jaws on the floor!

Hwang In-Yeop's Fashion in Korean Drama True Beauty Episodes 13-16

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Hwang In-Yeop’s Fashion in Episodes 13-16 of K-drama ‘True Beauty’

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Look #1

We’re all about  In-Yeop’s charm in this flight jacket by Alpha Industries.

MA-1 Flight Jacket


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Look #2

This slit cable sweater from BLUR1.0 was the perfect, warm base for In-Yeop’s outfit.

Slit Cable Sweater


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  1. Slit Cable Sweater

Look #3

All jackets look priceless on In-Yeop, but when it’s a black jacket, he absolutely kills it! He looked like a stud in this black reversible bomber jacket from INSTANTFUNK.

Reversible Bomber Jacket


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  1. Reversible Bomber Jacket

Look #4

To get this cool look of  In-Yeop’s, layer up a turtleneck sweater from DUNST with a blue reversible bomber jacket from INSTANTFUNK.

Reversible Bomber Jacket


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Turtleneck Wool Sweater


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  1. Reversible Bomber Jacket
  2. Turtleneck Wool Sweater

Look #5

In-Yeop perfected the baddie look using a black bomber jacket from ALPHA INDUSTRIES, an unbalanced overfit sweater from ATTENTIONROW, and an ear cuff from Rita Monica.

Injector III Men Jacket


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Royal Cable Unbalance Sweater


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Organic Ear cuff D


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  2. Royal Cable Unbalance Sweater
  3. Organic Ear cuff D

Look #6

We can all agree that  In-Yeop looked dashingly handsome in this scene. The best part is that you can copy his look just by slipping into this navy sweatshirt from OUTSTANDING.

V.S.C Sweat


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  1. V.S.C Sweat

Look #7

 In-Yeop’s drop shoulder jacket by AGINGCCC made him look 10 times cooler! 

Drop Shoulder Fit


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  1. Drop Shoulder Fit

Look #8

We can’t decide what to stare at, In-Yeop or his eye-popping NY track top from NERDY. How about both!

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Hwang In-Yeop - Episode 15-1

NY Track Top


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  1. NY Track Top

Look #9

In-Yeop was caught looking extra fancy as ever in a black minimal double-breasted coat from MOONSUN and a leather weaving blouson from Berluti beneath. 

Minimal Double Breasted Coat


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Leather Weaving Blouson


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  2. Leather Weaving Blouson

Look #10

It seems to us that In-Yeop will always be a black fanatic, but who cares? He looked brilliant in this black coat by SANDRO.

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Hwang In-Yeop - Episode 16-1

Morrissey Single-breasted Coat


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  1. Morrissey Single-breasted Coat

Look #11

This young man was all dressed up in the finale with a chic houndstooth jacket from Sandro. 

Camille Houndstooth Jacket


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  1. Camille Houndstooth Jacket

Look #12

Another one of his never-ending black choices is this padded jumper from LIBERTENG.

Soft Heat Padding Jumper


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Look #13

Haters out of the way! All we want to see is this bad boy rocking a pair of Gentle Monster’s Tomy sunglasses! 

Tomy 01(BR)


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  1. Tomy 01(BR)

Look #14

It was all about looking classy for In-Yeop when he had this cashmere long coat from Liberclassy on.



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  1. 2020 FW LGW21588 CASHMERE

Look #15

In-Yeop killed it on the stage in a super stylish damaged sweater by ANDERSSON BELL.

Damaged Crewneck Sweater


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  1. Damaged Crewneck Sweater

Look #16

But it gets even better! He left us absolutely speechless in the finale when he donned this phenomenal jacket from Noir Larmes

Velours Of Desire #2


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  1. Velours Of Desire #2

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