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‘Work Later, Drink Now’ Female Cast Dresses To Impress At The Show’s Press Conference

‘Work Later, Drink Now’ Press Conference on October 15, 2021

Great news! The comedy-drama ‘Work Later, Drink Now’, which tells the story of three women who like to drink at the end of every day, is set to release on October 23!

It seems so fun to watch already, but until we get to see it, let’s focus on the mind-blowing outfits worn by the trio —  Lee Sun-Bin, Jung Eun-Ji, and Han Sun-Hwa — at the show’s press conference! 

‘Work Later, Drink Now’ Cast’s Outfits at the Show’s Press Conference on October 15, 2021

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Lee Sun-Bin

Lee Sun-Bin attended the event looking like a beauty in the classiest and most elegant color combination: black and white! For this ensemble, she paired a white pearl-detail shirt dress from Simone Rocha with a black flared poplin skirt from Alaia.

Pearl-detail Shirt Dress


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Flared Poplin Skirt


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Jung Eun-Ji

On the other hand, Jung Eun-Ji opted for a more toned-down (yet stunning) look. Her outfit consisted of a cropped blazer and a matching pair of wide pintuck pants from minasong.

Jung Eun-ji's Outfit at ‘Work Later, Drink Now’ Press Conference on October 15, 2021

Crop Single Blazer


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Wide Pin Tuck Pants


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Han Sun-Hwa

Black is truly a foolproof, elegant color to wear to formal events. That’s why the beauty Han Sun-Hwa donned a super stylish, black padlock-detail wool blazer by Givenchy

Han Sun-hwa's Outfit at ‘Work Later, Drink Now’ Press Conference on October 15, 2021

Padlock-detail Wool Blazer


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