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Won Jin-Ah’s Fashion As Yoon Song-Ah In K-Drama ‘She Would Never Know’ Episodes 5-8

She Would Never Know Fashion - Won Jin-Ah - Episodes 5-8

Today is all about the petite cutie from ‘She Would Never Know’, Won Jin-Ah! When you think about it, the actress is just ideal. She’s got the talent, the looks, and of course, the impressive sense of style!

We’ve brought you all of her flawless looks in episodes 5-8, so without further ado let’s have a look!

Won Jin-Ah's Fashion in Korean Drama She Would Never Know Episodes 5-8

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Won Jin-Ah’s Fashion in Episodes 5-8 of K-drama ‘She Would Never Know’

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Look #1

If you’re dying to look as cute and chic as Jin-Ah did in episode 5, finish off your look with a small mailbox bag from Longchamp and slim circle earrings from SUNDAY DISCO CLUB.

Slim Circle Earring


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Look #2

We’re all about her stunning beauty in this black long scarf tie blouse by NUVO.10.

Long Scarf Tie Blouse


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Look #3

During this business meeting, Jin-Ah definitely looked the part with this classy khaki jacket from Havano and the Betty bag from LOUIE OOIE.

No.5 Jacket


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Betty Bag


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Look #4

Her sense of style never stops WOWing us! Check out Jin-Ah’s fashionable ensemble featuring a wool vest from THE IZZAT COLLECTION and a magazine bag from MUTEMUSE.

She Would Never Know Kdrama Fashion - Won Jin-Ah - Episode 7-2

Wool Vest


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Magazine Bag-Alabaster


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Look #5

Here’s another impressive outfit nailed by Jin-Ah. To put this one together, she went for a no-collar puff sleeve jacket by FABRICOLOGY, a Mont bag by AVAM, and a chain necklace and bow earrings, both by SUNDAY DISCO CLUB.

No-Collar Puff Sleeve Jacket


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Bow Earring


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2Chain Neckalce


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Mont Bag


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Look #6

How Jin-Ah’s outfit turned out so cute is all thanks to her jacket by SHINE ON YOU and mini Nana bag by KOIMOOI

Lambswool Shawl Jacket


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Mini Nana Bag


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Look #7

Want to add a stylish touch to your outfit? Look no further! Try out Jin-Ah’s FLOUI croc dahlia bag from BBYB.

Floui Croc Dahlia


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