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The Best New K-Beauty Products To Purchase In January 2020


We’re all curious about what have you been filling your 2020 beauty arsenal with! As the new year enters, the K-Beauty scene is continuously flourishing with all these new awesome makeup and skincare products to try out.

For January 2020, here are some of our best picks!


Please note: This post contains affiliate links to products we trust and recommend. If you choose to purchase a helpful product using these links, we may receive a small commission for referring you – at no extra cost to you. These funds help us keep this blog up and running.

Keep Cool Ocean Deep Blue Oil

Available at Yesstyle, $27.46

This little blue bottle is not only Instagrammable but also very jampacked with nutrients you need for softer, more hydrated skin.

KEEP COOL - Ocean Deep Blue Oil

This deeply moisturizing oil features 8 premium plant-based ingredients that efficiently helps with skin repair. This also makes a great everyday facial oil for acne-prone skin for it also has soothing and antibacterial properties.

Bbia Glitter Eyeliner IV Awesome Series

Available at Yesstyle, $10.90

Glitter fever isn’t over! Let Bbia’s latest glitter eyeliner turn your look into something more sparkly and festive with this series of iridescent shimmers.

Bbia - Glitter Eyeliner IV Awesome Series

This set has three gorgeous shades that each feature unique sparkles. Its gel formula makes the glitter liner easy to apply without leaving clumps and fallouts.

Bbia - Glitter Eyeliner IV Awesome Series - Swatches

Bbia Lip Oil

Available at Yesstyle, $12.90

Ever felt like lip balms aren’t just enough to treat dry and chapped lips? Then try Bbia’s lip oils for that extra boost of moisture! It comes in 3 variants – Fresh, Jojoba and Rosehip, which are all purely natural ingredients. This delivers soothing and cooling effects while fully hydrating your lips. It also provides a nice glossy finish for that trendy, dewy look!

Bbia - Lip Oil

Bbia Last Velvet Lip Tint VII Red Scandal Series

Available at Yesstyle, $10.90

Bring the bad girl in you with these intensely high-pigment red velvet lip tints!

Bbia - Last Velvet Lip Tint VII Red Scandal Series

What’s special about Bbia’s Last Velvet VII Scandal Series is that it features 3 different ‘perfect red’ shades that surely complements every skin tone. It also has a formulation that allows the lip tint to strongly adhere to the lips for a solid color payoff and long-lasting effect.

Bbia - Last Velvet Lip Tint VII Red Scandal Series - Swatches

Romand The Universe Glitter Shadow 

Available at Yesstyle, $6.32

If you loved Romand’s famous eyeshadow palettes, it’s time for you to also get their latest The Universe Glitter eyeshadows!

romand - The Universe Glitter Shadow

Available in 4 lustrous shades, these eyeshadows feature a buttery smooth formula that instantly delivers sparkle on your lids.

romand - The Universe Glitter Shadow

Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Serum

Available at Yesstyle, $29.90

Definitely one of the best hydrating serums to get you through this scathing cold winter! This serum offers a unique, moisture finish in which it visibly creates a dewy, moisture film upon application. This will protect and hydrate your skin all throughout the day thanks to its premium vegetable mucin ingredient.

THANK YOU FARMER - True Water Deep Serum

Pony Effect Eye Stain Slim Liner

Available at Yesstyle, $10.90

Create natural and precise lines for your eyes with Pony Effect’s Eye Stain Slim Liner!

MEMEBOX - PONY EFFECT Eye Stain Slim Liner
MEMEBOX - PONY EFFECT Eye Stain Slim Liner

It features a 1.5mm tip to give you the freedom to draw thin lines perfect for a subtle, natural look. It has a gel texture which makes it easier to apply and blend.

MEMEBOX - PONY EFFECT Eye Stain Slim Liner - Swatches

Fancy any of these K-Beauty products? Let us know in the comments if you have more recommendations for this month!

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