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Lim Ji-Yeon And Yoon Kye-Sang Appeared In Unique Fashion At The ’Spiritwalker’ Press Conference

’Spiritwalker’ Press Conference on November 4, 2021

After achieving success in 2020, the Korean movie ‘Spiritwalker’ is now set for a Hollywood remake. The story is as follows: a man wakes up in another person’s body every 12 hours holding no previous memories in the brain. Each time, he is forced to rediscover who he is for the first time. In his search for his identity, he comes across a woman who says she recognizes him.

However, we’ll have to wait till it’s November 24 to get to watch this action-packed movie. But don’t worry, you can spend this time enjoying the outstanding fashion showcased by Lim Ji-Yeon And Yoon Kye-Sang at the ’Spiritwalker’ press conference!

Lim Ji-Yeon And Yoon Kye-Sang’s Outfits at the ’Spiritwalker’ Press Conference on November 4, 2021

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Lim Ji-Yeon

Now that’s a 1010 outfit right there! The reason why Lim Ji-Yeon looked this stunning lies in her ribbed-knit asymmetric dress and Sponge 110mm ankle boots, both by Off-White.

Lim Ji-yeon's Outfit at ’Spiritwalker’ Press Conference on November 4, 2021

Ribbed-knit Asymmetric Dress


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Sponge 110mm Ankle Boots


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Yoon Kye-Sang

Yoon Kye-Sang boasted a perfect, toned-down formal outfit that consisted of Bottega Veneta’s herringbone blazer and their triangle pocket tailored trousers.

Herringbone Blazer


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Triangle Pocket Tailored Trousers


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  1. Herringbone Blazer
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