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Shin Se-Kyung’s Fashion As Oh Mi-Joo In K-Drama ‘Run On’ Episodes 9-12

Run On Fashion - Shin Se-Kyung - Episodes 9-12

Shin Se-Kyung keeps viewers on their toes with superb acting in her recent Korean drama, Run On. Her role as Oh Mi-Joo may have been introduced as a translator but her outfits combine a mix of casual, cozy, and corporate-ready. 

You can take cues for your next outfit from Se-Kyung’s wardrobe in ‘Run On’ episodes 9 to 12.

Shin Se-Kyung's Fashion in Korean Drama Run On Episodes 9-12

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Shin Se-Kyung’s Fashion in Episodes 9-12 of K-drama ‘Run On’

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Look #1

This outfit features Isabel Marant Étoile‘s corduroy pointed-collar shirt with this cotton overall from And You. She also wore this pair of Tirr Lirr‘s slim hoop silver pink earrings.

Corduroy Pointed-collar Shirt


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Flexible Shoulder Strap Overall


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Slim Hoop Silver Pink Earrings


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  1. Corduroy Pointed-collar Shirt
  2. Flexible Shoulder Strap Overall
  3. Slim Hoop Silver Pink Earrings

Look #2

This casual fit includes Studio Tomboy‘s faux leather coat worn with Re Rhee‘s straight wide-leg trousers.

Fake Leather Coat


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Straight Wide Slacks Trousers


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  1. Fake Leather Coat
  2. Straight Wide Slacks Trousers

Look #3

Se-Kyung’s Clue De Clare mint hoodie and lace wrap skirt look great in this scene!

Silhouette Hoody


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Lace Wrap Skirt


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  1. Silhouette Hoody
  2. Lace Wrap Skirt

Look #4

This cozy fit showcases Mudidi‘s flower jacquard pullover and the ruched L tote bag from Proenza Schouler.

Run On Kdrama Fashion - Shin Se-Kyung - Episode 10-2

Flower Jacquard Pullover Knit


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Ruched L Tote Bag


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  1. Flower Jacquard Pullover Knit
  2. Ruched L Tote Bag

Look #5

For this denim look, she wore a pair of jeans from Vpplement and carried the flower eco bag from Mudidi.

Wide Cut Denim


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Flower Eco Bag 004 Navy


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  1. Wide Cut Denim
  2. Flower Eco Bag 004 Navy

Look #6

This comfortable get-up features Vpplement’s matching hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants. She also added this Ichon quilted jumper from And You.

Ichon Reversible Quilted Jumper


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Weekend Sweatshirt Hoodie


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Weekend Sweatpants


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  1. Ichon Reversible Quilted Jumper
  2. Weekend Sweatshirt Hoodie
  3. Weekend Sweatpants

Look #7

Spot Se-Kyung looking cool carrying this Billow bag from Hoze.

  1. Billow

Look #8

Se-Kyung looked great in this V neck cable knit sweater from Recto and the Ostra bag from Elbategev.

V Neck Cable Knit Sweater


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Ostra Bag


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  1. V Neck Cable Knit Sweater
  2. Ostra Bag

Look #9

This turtleneck attire feature’s a top from Fabricology and this color line muffler from Vpplement.

Double Turtleneck


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Color Line Muffler


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  1. Double Turtleneck
  2. Color Line Muffler

Look #10

To cop this look, get Leha‘s Harris tweed herringbone jacket topped with Fabricology’s flare shirring cardigan. She completed the outfit with a pair of Rache Cox‘ Dana boots and the Darryl shoulder bag from Chloé.

Harris Tweed Herringbone Jacket


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Flare Shirring Cardigan


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Thigh High Boots Dana


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Darryl Small Shoulder Bag


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  1. Harris Tweed Herringbone Jacket
  2. Flare Shirring Cardigan
  3. Thigh High Boots Dana
  4. Darryl Small Shoulder Bag

Look #11

This modern athleisure outfit showcases Ice Biscuit‘s cropless hooded shirt and matching logo-patch fleece pants.

Cropped Fleece Hoodie


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Fleece Belted Pants


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  1. Cropped Fleece Hoodie
  2. Fleece Belted Pants

Look #12

Se-Kyung styled this unbalance slit point dress from Fabricology with the Concha bag by Elbategev.

Check Wool Jacket


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Unbalance Slit Point Dress


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Concha Bag


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  1. Check Wool Jacket
  2. Unbalance Slit Point Dress
  3. Concha Bag

Look #13

She looked cozy in yet another comfy fit with Nohant’s color block hoodie.

Color Block Hoodie


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  1. Color Block Hoodie

Look #14

This modern casual look features SJYP‘s hooded shirt.

Back Twisted Hooded T-shirt


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  1. Back Twisted Hooded T-shirt

Look #15

Se-Kyung keeps her look warm with this 3.1 Phillip Lim sherpa bonded cropped jacket.

Run On Kdrama Fashion - Shin Se-Kyung - Episode 12-5

Sherpa Bonded Cropped Jacket


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  1. Sherpa Bonded Cropped Jacket

Look #16

Se-Kyung looks great in this matching Leha outfit. 

Run On Kdrama Fashion - Shin Se-Kyung - Episode 12-6

Sophie Cotton Hoodie Sweatshirts


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Sophie Drawstring Cotton Trackpants


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  1. Sophie Cotton Hoodie Sweatshirts
  2. Sophie Drawstring Cotton Trackpants

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  1. Hello, does anyone know the coat she was wearing in episode 9 during the scene where she and Seon Gyeom have a conversation on the pier? It is a long grey coat with a subtle check pattern. Shin Se Kyung is also wearing it in her Instagram post from 11 January 2021. I love it so much!