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Seo Ye-Ji’s Fashion As Ko Moon-Young In K-Drama ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’ Episodes 13-14

Seo Ye-Ji’s best fashion moments in episodes 13 and 14 of ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’.

It's Okay To Not Be Okay Fashion - Seo Ye-Ji - Episodes 13-14

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay‘ is heading to its finale with a huge reveal this week that came as a shock to all the viewers. Are you still suffering from all the emotions that the last 2 episodes give? Let’s relive episodes 13 and 14 of the show through Seo Ye-Ji‘s best fashion moments this week.

Seo Ye-Ji's Fashion in Korean Drama It's Okay To Not Be Okay Episodes 13-14

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Seo Ye-Ji’s Fashion In Episodes 13-14 of K-drama ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’

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Look #1

Ye-Ji looks extra feminine in the Figons embroidered dress from Iro which she styled with a pair of earrings from Didier Dubot.

Figons Embroidered Dress


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Dual DD Silver Earrings


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  1. Figons Embroidered Dress
  2. Dual DD Silver Earrings

Look #2

For another white ensemble, she wore the matching lace top and skirt by Miu Miu. The Divas’ Dream ring and earrings from Bvlgari give her outfit a luxurious touch.

Cropped Ruffled Lace Top


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Macramé Rose Skirt


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Divas' Dream Drop Earrings


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Divas Dream Ring


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  1. Cropped Ruffled Lace Top
  2. Macramé Rose Skirt
  3. Divas' Dream Drop Earrings
  4. Divas Dream Ring

Look #3

Ye-Ji rocked an edgy yet glamorous look featuring the lace-panel blazer, the ruffle skirt, and the square belt, all from Alexander McQueen. She styled her outfit with Givenchy‘s pointed-toe pumps, Louis Vuitton‘s Locky BB bag, and Tasaki‘s jewelry.

It's Okay To Not Be Okay Kdrama Fashion - Seo Ye-ji - Ep 13-3

Lace-panel Blazer


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Lace-trim Ruffled Skirt


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Pointed Toe M-Pumps


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Locky BB


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Square Belt


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  1. Lace-panel Blazer
  2. Lace-trim Ruffled Skirt
  3. Pointed Toe M-Pumps
  4. Locky BB
  5. Square Belt

Spirea Pendant
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Spirea Earrings
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  1. Spirea Pendant
  2. Spirea Earrings

Look #4

At the end of episode 13, Ye-Ji was spotted wearing the long prairie dress by Celine accessorized with Piaget‘s Sunlight earrings.

Prairie Dress In Printed Vicose


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Sunlight Earrings


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  1. Prairie Dress In Printed Vicose
  2. Sunlight Earrings

Look #5

Ye-Ji is ready to go to war in this magenta-pink dress by Alexander McQueen styled with the double buckle belt from the same brand and Aquazzura‘s Rendezvous sandals. She finished off her look with the jewelry from Bvlgari’s Serpenti line.

It's Okay To Not Be Okay Kdrama Fashion - Seo Ye-ji - Ep 14-1

Tulle And Ribbed-knit Dress


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Rendezvous Sandals


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Double-buckle Waist Belt


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  1. Tulle And Ribbed-knit Dress
  2. Rendezvous Sandals
  3. Double-buckle Waist Belt

Serpenti Viper Single Earring


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Serpenti Seduttori Earrings


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Serpenti Necklace


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Serpenti Ring


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