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Park Min-Young's Fashion As Choi Sang-Eun In K-Drama 'Love In Contract' Episodes 15-16

Love In Contract Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episodes 15-16

On November 10, ‘Love In Contract’ aired its very last episode with neat endings reserved for all the characters. The trio of Park Min-Young, Go Kyung-Po, and Kim Jae-Young offered a fresh perspective on the usual love triangle trope. The show had a bit of everything in terms of romance, comedy, drama and of course, fashion.

From Min-Young’s portrayal of the glamorous Choi Sang-Eun, here are some of the drama’s final outfits as seen in the last two episodes.

Park Min-Young's Fashion in Korean Drama Love In Contract Episodes 15-16

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Park Min-Young’s Fashion In The K-Drama ‘Love In contract’ Episodes 15-16

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Look #1

In episode 15, Min-Young coordinated a fun outdoor outfit from a pick of an ivory turtleneck knit top by LVIR, a smocked off-the-shoulder cardigan by Alexander Wang, and slim high-rise jeans by RE/DONE. To top it off, she opted for square long boots from TDN, along with minimalist rose gold jewelry from Tiffany & Co in the form of a lock bangle and bar earrings.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 15-1
Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 15-1

Off-the-shoulder Cardigan


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Tencel Turtle Neck Top


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Slim High-rise Jeans


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Maas Long Boots


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Bar Earrings


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  1. Off-the-shoulder Cardigan
  2. Tencel Turtle Neck Top
  3. Slim High-rise Jeans
  4. Maas Long Boots
  5. Bar Earrings
  6. Bangle

Look #2

She looked very at home in a cute little embellished-button collared cardigan from Self-Portrait. Its avocado green hue and lace collar stand out as the best.

Embellished-button Collared Cardigan


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  1. Embellished-button Collared Cardigan

Look #3

Here, she wore an Alice + Olivia cropped denim jacket with faux fur over a Versace checked tweed miniskirt, complete with gold Verite earrings from ENGBROX, for a chic look.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 15-3

Tobias Cropped Denim Jacket


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Tweed Miniskirt


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Verite Earring


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  1. Tobias Cropped Denim Jacket
  2. Tweed Miniskirt
  3. Verite Earring

Look #4

Min-Young paired a light blue faux-fur trim jumper from Maje with a navy blue button-front tailored blazer from SANDRO. With the added touch of gentler circle earrings from ille lan, the final look is a show-stopping one.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 15-4

Button-front Tailored Blazer


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Faux-fur Trim Jumper


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Gentler Circle Earrings


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  1. Button-front Tailored Blazer
  2. Faux-fur Trim Jumper
  3. Gentler Circle Earrings

Look #5

Next up, we see her in a pear shade plissé mini dress from Jonathan Simkhai with a necklace from J.ESTINA.

Cadence Plissé Minidress


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Basic Perlina Necklace


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  1. Cadence Plissé Minidress
  2. Basic Perlina Necklace

Look #6

This beautifully delicate bubblegum pink outfit consisting of a cropped butterfly-detail jacket and a floral-appliqué mini skirt is from Blumarine.

Cropped Butterfly-detail Jacket


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Floral-appliqué Mini Skirt


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  1. Cropped Butterfly-detail Jacket
  2. Floral-appliqué Mini Skirt

Look #7

Min-Young went out dressed to the nines in a cream asymmetric single-breasted jacket from YCH contrasted against a burgundy turtleneck and knee-high boots. She also had on the signature T1 Hoop Earrings from Tiffany & Co.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 15-7
Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 15-7

Assymetric Siingle-breasted Jacket


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T1 Hoop Earrings


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  1. Assymetric Siingle-breasted Jacket
  2. T1 Hoop Earrings

Look #8

This lava red cardigan seen on Min-Young at the beginning of the final episode is from ALLSAINTS.

Ork Cardigan


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  1. Ork Cardigan

Look #9

Next up, she wore a cream-toned ribbed-knit sweater from STELLA MCCARTNEY.

Ribbed-knit Sweater


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  1. Ribbed-knit Sweater

Look #10

It’s the same shot but a different look because this time, she is in a peach silk lounge shirt from LOW CLASSIC.

Silk Lounge Shirt


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  1. Silk Lounge Shirt

Look #11

There is little doubt that Min-Young wears feather-trim detailed outfits like no other. This pink silk shirt dress from Gilda & Pearl is a good case in point.

Camille Shirt Dress


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  1. Camille Shirt Dress

Look #12

In this scene, she was dressed in a crystal embellished check-pattern jacket and mini skirt, both from Alice + Olivia, to achieve a classically pretty look.

Kidman Crystal Embellishment Jacket


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Rubi Check-pattern Mini Skirt


Buy from here
  1. Kidman Crystal Embellishment Jacket
  2. Rubi Check-pattern Mini Skirt

Look #13

The harmony of colors in this outfit is off the charts with GANNI‘s blue ribbed knit ruffle-trimmed cardigan paired with Bottega Veneta‘s emerald frayed hem knit skirt. It is indeed a one-of-a-kind look.

Ruffle-trimmed Cardigan


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Frayed Hem Knit Skirt


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  1. Ruffle-trimmed Cardigan
  2. Frayed Hem Knit Skirt

Look #14

Likewise, Min-Young exuded charm in a blue wool jacket from BA&SH. We also see that she has taken Maison Margiela‘s micro leather tote to her side.

Wool Blend Long Sleeve Jacket


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5AC Micro Leather Tote


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  1. Wool Blend Long Sleeve Jacket
  2. 5AC Micro Leather Tote

Look #15

The ever-dazzling Min-Young channeled her literal princess in a tulle embroidered pleated wedding dress from Rami Al Ali. Not to mention, the Monroe tiara from Jennifer Behr is the royal touch that heightens its appeal.

Monroe Tiara


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Wedding Dress


Buy from here
  1. Monroe Tiara
  2. Wedding Dress

Look #16

Her gray Fendi outfit here is composed of a houndstooth print bustier and shorts worn over a micro pinstripe shirt.



Buy from here


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Houndstooth Print Shorts


Buy from here
  1. Top
  2. Shirt
  3. Houndstooth Print Shorts

Look #17

Showcasing another tweed look from Alice + Olivia that we can’t forget, she chose an off-white and raspberry pink cropped jacket and a slim mini dress.

Kidman Cropped Tweed Jacket


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Coley Crew Neck Slim Dress


Buy from here
  1. Kidman Cropped Tweed Jacket
  2. Coley Crew Neck Slim Dress

Look #18

Min-Young styled a dark blue knit sweater with ruffle sleeve detail from CHLOÉ with denim pants to create a sultry yet casual look. She also wore these gorgeous vine drop earrings from Tiffany & Co., which turned out to be the perfect accessory to complement the look. 



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Vine Drop Earrings


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  1. Sweater
  2. Vine Drop Earrings

Look #19

Here, she wore a yellow flare dress and a camel double-tailored coat, both from AvouAvou, and carried a leather shoulder bag from Roger Vivier.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 16-12

Double Tailored Coat


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V Neckline Flare Dress


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Viv Choc Shoulder Bag


Buy from here
  1. Double Tailored Coat
  2. V Neckline Flare Dress
  3. Viv Choc Shoulder Bag

Look #20

Min-Young’s all-white outfit features an antique cream boucle wool blazer from MARRON EDITION and an additional touch of rose gold and diamond earrings from Bulgari.

Boucle Wool Blazer


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B.Zero1 Earrings


Buy from here
  1. Boucle Wool Blazer
  2. B.Zero1 Earrings

Look #21

In the last but far from the least look, Min-Young wore a laid-back frill billow mini dress by Zimmermann and tan hybrid sandals from Alexander McQueen.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 16-14

Jude Frill Billow Mini Dress


Buy from here
Tan Hybrid Sandals


Buy from here
  1. Jude Frill Billow Mini Dress
  2. Tan Hybrid Sandals

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