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5 New Korean Dramas In April 2021 To Add To Your Watch List

We all should definitely watch out for these K-dramas in April 2021.

New Korean Dramas In April 2021 To Add To Your Watch List

In just a snap, March is nearing its end. What Korean drama have you been watching lately? Some of them are about to wrap up in just a few more episodes and we’re sure you’re starting to feel some sort of separation anxiety because of that! But hey, here comes April, and the K-drama gods have heard us!

Here are 5 upcoming K-dramas we all should definitely watch out for this April 2021.


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Taxi Driver (Lee Je-Hoon)

  • Release Date: April 9, 2021
  • Runtime: Friday & Saturday, 22:00
  • Network: SBS
  • Cast: Lee Je-Hoon
Taxi Driver (Lee Je-Hoon)

Aren’t we so excited to see Lee Je-Hoon again in yet another K-drama? This time, he’ll go for something dark and thrilling with ‘Taxi Driver’ (also known as ‘Deluxe Taxi’).

In this drama, he plays Kim Do-Ki, a former UDT (underwater demolition team) official whose life immensely changed after his mother got murdered. He then became a taxi driver working for a special taxi company called ‘Rainbow Taxi Company’. This company offers a “revenge-call” service wherein the “taxi drivers” take revenge for their clients.

‘Taxi Driver’ will air on SBS every Friday and Saturday, taking the slot of Penthouse 2.


Law School (Kim Myung-Min, Kim Bum, Ryu Hye-Young)

  • Release Date: April 14, 2021
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday, 21:00
  • Network: JTBC
  • Cast: Kim Myung-Min, Kim Bum, Ryu Hye-Young
Law School (Kim Myung-Min, Kim Bum, Ryu Hye-Young)

If you’re a fan of the K-drama ‘Hyena’ and are currently obsessed over ‘Vincenzo’, ‘Law School’ is something that should land on your watch list next month!

The plot revolves around law students and a professor from a very prestigious law school, where they found themselves working on a tough case. This stars Kim Myung-Min as the professor and Kim Bum and Ryu Hye-Young as two of the best students in the class.

‘Law School’ will air every Wednesday and Thursday on JTBC, taking the slot of ‘Sisyphus: The Myth’.


Sell Your Haunted House (Jang Na-Ra, Jung Yong-Hwa)

  • Release Date: April 14, 2021
  • Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday, 21:30
  • Network: KBS2
  • Cast: Jang Na-Ra, Jung Yong-Hwa
Sell Your Haunted House (Jang Na-Ra, Jung Yong-Hwa)

Oh we have to admit, creepy horror K-dramas are hard to resist! This Korean drama stars Jang Na-Ra who plays the exorcist Hong Ji-Ah. Hong Ji-Ah banishes evil spirits in real estate and sells them. She lost her mother 21 years ago, and as she tries to learn more about the secret behind her mother’s death. She then meets Oh In-Bum (played by Jung Yong-Hwa) who is a swindler.

‘Sell Your Haunted House’ will air on KBS2 every Wednesday and Thursday night, replacing ‘Hello, Me!’.

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Undercover (Ji Jin-Hee, Kim Hyun-Joo)

  • Release Date: April 23, 2021
  • Runtime: Friday & Saturday, 23:00
  • Network: JTBC
  • Cast: Ji Jin-Hee, Kim Hyun-Joo
Undercover (Ji Jin-Hee, Kim Hyun-Joo)

We know we’re up to some thrill and action when we talk about K-dramas with plots revolving around politics and espionage.

In ‘Undercover’, Ji Jin-Hee plays the role of Han Jung-Hyun, an NIS agent. As he works on a top-secret mission, he meets Choi Yeon-Soo (played by Kim Hyun-Joo) and eventually married her. As Yeon-Soo works as a civil rights lawyer, an opportunity arose for her to take the position of the Corruption Investigation Unit. This is where Han Jung-Hyun’s true identity becomes in grave danger of being revealed.

‘Undercover’ will air on JTBC every Friday and Saturday, taking the slot of ‘Beyond Evil’.


Dark Hole (Kim Ok-Bin, Lee Joon-Hyuk)

  • Release Date: April 24, 2021
  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday, 22:30
  • Network: OCN
  • Cast: Kim Ok-Bin, Lee Joon-Hyuk
Dark Hole (Kim Ok-Bin, Lee Joon-Hyuk)

‘Dark Hole’, which stars Kim Ok-Bin and Lee Joon-Hyuk, is another horror-thriller on the list.

The plot delves into a mysterious place called Muji City, wherein people get in contact with a mysterious black smoke that turns them into monsters. Lee Hwa-Sun (played by Kim Ok-Bin) is a detective who travels to Muji City in hopes of finding the one who killed her husband. However, she faces the dilemma of trying to save the residents from the city’s dark mystery. She then meets Yoo Tae-Han (Lee Joon-Hyuk), a long-time resident of Muji City, and together, they try to save the city from its madness.

‘Dark Hole’ will air on OCN every Saturday and Sunday, taking the slot of ‘Times’.


What do you think of these upcoming K-dramas? Which one sounds most interesting to you?

Which K-Drama are you most excited about?

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