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Lee Sung-Kyung’s Fashion As Cha Eun-Jae In K-Drama ‘Dr. Romantic 2’ Episodes 1-2

Dr Romantic 2 Fashion - Lee Sung-kyung - Episodes 1-2

Lee Sung-Kyung‘s much-awaited return to the small screen made fans excited! In the pilot week of Dr. Romantic 2, Sung-Kyung showcased her acting and style to viewers once again.

Here are our fave looks from Lee Sung-Kyung’s new drama:

Lee Sung-Kyung's Fashion in Korean Drama Dr Romantic 2 Episodes 1-2

Lee Sung-Kyung’s Fashion in Episodes 1-2 of K-drama ‘Dr. Romantic 2’

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Look #1

Sung-Kyung looked cozy in her fuzzy touch crewneck sweater from Lookast.

Dr. Romantic 2 Kdrama Fashion - Lee Sung-kyung - Episode 1-1

Beige Fuzzy Touch Crewneck Sweater


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Look #2

Under her coat, Sung-Kyung wore a double cuff shirt in light blue from Human Gallery.

Dr. Romantic 2 Kdrama Fashion - Lee Sung-kyung - Episode 1-2

Double Cuff Shirt


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