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Lee Min-Ki’s Fashion As Han Bi-Soo In K-Drama ‘Oh My Ladylord’ Episodes 1-4

Oh My Ladylord Fashion - Lee Min-Ki - Episodes 1-4

The more episodes we watch of ‘Oh My Ladylord’ the more we love this great series! From the drama to the romance to the featured fashion, we literally love everything! 

And today, we’ll cover some of the looks pulled off by the lead actor, Lee Min-Ki, in the first four episodes, so buckle up, and join us! 

Lee Min-Ki's Fashion in Korean Drama Oh My Ladylord Episodes 1-4

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Lee Min-Ki’s Fashion in Episodes 1-4 of K-drama ‘Oh My Ladylord ’

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Look #1

As if he didn’t look stylish enough, Min-Ki added these super cool basic denim pants from LAB101 to his outfit.

Tom Basic Carpenter Denim


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Look #2

It’s never easy to pull off the oversized look and still look super stylish, but with the help of INSTANTFUNK’s gray belted wool jacket, Min-Ki nailed it!

Oh My Ladylord Kdrama Fashion - Lee Min-Ki - Episode 1-2

Double Breasted Belted Jacket


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Look #3

Handsome guys are always irresistible in black, and Min-Ki in this black overfit shirt from Current is no exception! 

Overfit Shirts Men JA


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Look #4

Who wouldn’t try this stylish hoodie from Kompakt Record Bar, especially after the handsome Min-Ki wore it in episode 2?

Yes! Hoodie


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Look #5

We bet everyone loved Min-Ki’s look in this scene; he wore a cool gradient knit cardigan from CHIN DOWN.

Gradient Knit Cardigan


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Look #6

Min-Ki’s oversized logo hoodie from D.PRIQUE left us all hooked!

Oversized Logo Hoodie


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Look #7

And last but not least, this look of Min-Ki’s features a very cute roundneck checkered knit from CHIN DOWN.

Regular Roundneck Knit Checkered


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