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Lee Ji-Ah’s Fashion As Shim Soo-Ryeon In K-Drama ‘Penthouse 3’ Episodes 5-8

Penthouse 3 Fashion - Lee Ji-Ah - Episodes 5-8

Say hello to elegance and beauty as Lee Ji-Ah showcases her amazing wardrobe in the latest episode of ‘Penthouse 3’! Each episode of the show keeps viewers craving for more and Lee Ji-Ah’s character Shim Soo-Ryeon always delivers.

Channel your inner lady boss and make sure to dress to the nines a-la Lee Ji-Ah in ‘Penthouse 3’ episodes 5 to 8!

Lee Ji-Ah's Fashion in Korean Drama Penthouse 3 Episodes 5-8

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Lee Ji-Ah’s Fashion in K-drama ‘Penthouse 3’ Episodes 5-8

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Look #1

She looked classy in her matching Valentino long-sleeved belted shirt and wide-leg trousers. For her shoes, she got this pair of crystal-embellished pumps from Gianvito Rossi.

Long-sleeve Belted-waist Shirt


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Tailored Wide-leg Trousers


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Crystal-embellished Strap Pumps


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  1. Long-sleeve Belted-waist Shirt
  2. Tailored Wide-leg Trousers
  3. Crystal-embellished Strap Pumps

Look #2

For this outfit, you can spot Ji-Ah wearing a ruffle detail cropped shirt from MSGM.

Ruffle Detail Cropped Shirt


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  1. Ruffle Detail Cropped Shirt

Look #3

Ji-Ah got a pleated collar blouse and a chain-details A-line mini skirt from Louis Vuitton and styled them with the Point clutch bag from Bottega Veneta. She added her queenly touch with a pair of Bing mesh-panel pumps from Jimmy Choo and the Tiffany T diamond hoop earrings by Tiffany & Co.

Pleated Collar Blouse


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Chain Detail A Line Mini Skirt


Buy from here
Small Point Clutch Bag


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Bing Mesh-panel 100mm Pumps


Buy from here
Diamond Hoop Earrings


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  1. Pleated Collar Blouse
  2. Chain Detail A Line Mini Skirt
  3. Small Point Clutch Bag
  4. Bing Mesh-panel 100mm Pumps
  5. Diamond Hoop Earrings

Look #4

Her outfit gets a touch of shine thanks to her Louis Vuitton Volt upside-down earrings.

LV Volt Upside Down Earrings


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  1. LV Volt Upside Down Earrings

Look #5

This modern chic fit features Zadig & Voltaire‘s Christy lace-trim silk camisole and a pair of Dior J’Adior slingback pumps.

Lace-trim Silk Camisole Top


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J'adior Slingback Pump


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  1. Lace-trim Silk Camisole Top
  2. J'adior Slingback Pump

Look #6

In this scene, Ji-Ah got a pair of Rose des Vents earrings by Dior for a glamorous finish.

Rose Des Vents Earrings


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  1. Rose Des Vents Earrings

Look #7

This Ameria cross-over neckline woven dress from Sandro gives a summer feel to her outfit.

Cross-over Neckline Mini Dress


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  1. Cross-over Neckline Mini Dress

Look #8

For a mix of casual and dressed-up attire, she got the Heaven by Marc Jacobs ‘Angry For Love’ T-shirt. She styled her shirt with three pieces of jewelry from Tiffany & Co. To complete the fit, she wore the Leomi 105mm ankle-tie sandals by Gianvito Rossi.

Angry For Love T-Shirt


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Leomi 105mm Ankle Tie Sandals


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Graduated Link Necklace


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Link Pendant


Buy from here
Extra Large Smile Pendant


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  1. Angry For Love T-Shirt
  2. Leomi 105mm Ankle Tie Sandals
  3. Graduated Link Necklace
  4. Link Pendant
  5. Extra Large Smile Pendant

Look #9

In this scene, Ji-Ah can be seen with the Supervee leather top handle bag from Valentino Garavani.

Supervee Top Handle Bag


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  1. Supervee Top Handle Bag

Look #10

This lady-boss outfit consists of Akris‘ belted double face wool dress worn with these Babylon high-heel sandals from Gianvito Rossi. To complete the outfit, she wore Tiffany & Co’s Link earrings and carried the Oboe bag from Tod’s.

Belted Long Sleeve Dress


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Link Earrings


Buy from here
Oboe Bag Micro


Buy from here
Babylon High-heel Sandals


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  1. Belted Long Sleeve Dress
  2. Link Earrings
  3. Oboe Bag Micro
  4. Babylon High-heel Sandals

Look #11

To break down this look, Ji-Ah got IRO‘s Sirma blazer and Lafa shorts which she styled with a pair of S-verse boots from Schutz. For her bag. she carried Alexander McQueen‘s Skull lock shoulder bag and topped the look with the Tomy D-Frame shades from Gentle Monster.

Sirma Blazer


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Lafa Short


Buy from here
Tomy D-frame Sunglasses


Buy from here
Small Skull Lock Shoulder Bag


Buy from here


Buy from here
  1. Sirma Blazer
  2. Lafa Short
  3. Tomy D-frame Sunglasses
  4. Small Skull Lock Shoulder Bag
  5. S-VERSE

Look #12

Ji-Ah keeps this look casual yet stylish as she kicked it off with her Caspian jumpsuit from IRO and her medium Dior Bobby bag. Her accessories are all from Fred.

Caspian Relaxed V Neck Jumpsuit


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Medium Dior Bobby Bag


Buy from here
Force 10 Necklace


Buy from here
Pretty Woman Necklace


Buy from here
Force 10 Bracelet


Buy from here
  1. Caspian Relaxed V Neck Jumpsuit
  2. Medium Dior Bobby Bag
  3. Force 10 Necklace
  4. Pretty Woman Necklace
  5. Force 10 Bracelet

Look #13

The side pieces to this outfit are amazing starting with the Egg Bag and ACC chunky chain from Samoondoh. For her shoes, she slipped on these Glaxia sandals from Gianvitto Rossi.

Penthouse 3 Kdrama Fashion - Lee Ji-Ah - Episode 8-1

Egg Bag S


Buy from here
Chunky Aluminum Chain


Buy from here
Glaxia Sandals


Buy from here
  1. Egg Bag S
  2. Chunky Aluminum Chain
  3. Glaxia Sandals

Look #14

Check out her Tiffany & Co pieces like the True necklace and extra-large Smile pendant that added a classy touch to the overall look.

Extra Large Smile Pendant


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True Necklace in 18k Gold


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  1. Extra Large Smile Pendant
  2. True Necklace in 18k Gold

Look #15

To rock this look,get this ruffled-neck gabardine shirt by Plan C.

Ruffled Neck Gabardine Shirt


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  1. Ruffled Neck Gabardine Shirt

Look #16

This full-on chic outfit can be recreated by wearing No. 21‘s double-layer shirt with the Ania Dream Maker shirt from Golden Goose, the Unbalance slit skirt from En Or, and a pair of ankle-wrap thong sandals from Gianvito Rossi.

Double-layer Shirt


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Dream Maker Crew-neck T-shirt


Buy from here
Unbalance Slit Denim Skirt


Buy from here
Ankle-Wrap Thong Sandals


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  1. Double-layer Shirt
  2. Dream Maker Crew-neck T-shirt
  3. Unbalance Slit Denim Skirt
  4. Ankle-Wrap Thong Sandals

Link Pendant


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T1 Diamond Necklace


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Pavé Diamond Hinged Bangle


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Wire Bracelet


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  1. Link Pendant
  2. T1 Diamond Necklace
  3. Pavé Diamond Hinged Bangle
  4. Wire Bracelet

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