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NMIXX Celebrates The Holiday Season In Preppy Fashion In The 'Funky Glitter Christmas' Music Video

NMIXX Funky Glitter Christmas MV Fashion

It’s the holiday season and NMIXX has officially kickstarted the celebrations. The girl group released a standalone ‘INTERMIXXION single’ titled ‘Funky Glitter Christmas’ on November 23. The Christmas-themed track and music video is full of energy, sparkles, and funk. A major component of that is the girls’ outfits, which feature a mix of festive colors and preppy aesthetics.  

Check out the merry details below!

A Fashion Breakdown On NMIXX's Funky Glitter Christmas MV

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NMIXX’s ‘Funky Glitter Christmas’ MV Fashion

Jinni’s Look #1

Jinni delivers the first verse in a deconstructed jumper from Maison Margiela and Alexander McQueen logo print slip-on boots.

Deconstructed Jumper


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Logo Print Slip-On Boots


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  1. Deconstructed Jumper
  2. Logo Print Slip-On Boots

Jinni’s Look #2

Her next outfit is a whimsical mini dress from Cult Gaia. Its muted green tone and layered feathers make it an apt choice for a Christmas night out.

Zariah Mini Dress


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  1. Zariah Mini Dress

Jiwoo’s Look #1

Jiwoo wore a guddle sleeveless frayed knitted vest from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy to match her colorful plaid skirt. She then chose the platform high-top sneakers from R13 to complete the look.

NMIXX Funky Glitter Christmas MV Kpop Fashion - Jiwoo - Look 1-2

Sleeveless Frayed Knitted Vest


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Platform High-top Sneakers


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  1. Sleeveless Frayed Knitted Vest
  2. Platform High-top Sneakers

Jiwoo’s Look #2

We then see her in a simple tee and bold green embellished metallic denim mini dress from AREA.

Embellished Metallic Denim Minidress


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  1. Embellished Metallic Denim Minidress

Sullyoon’s Look #1

Sullyoon‘s memorable tartan-checked outfit – in the form of a cropped double-breasted blazer and a Paris Rara skirt – is from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy. She also has on a cute pair of R13 logo platform sneakers.

NMIXX Funky Glitter Christmas MV Kpop Fashion - Sullyoon - Look 1

Cropped Double-breasted Blazer


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Paris Rara Skirt


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Logo Platform Sneakers


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  1. Cropped Double-breasted Blazer
  2. Paris Rara Skirt
  3. Logo Platform Sneakers

Sullyoon’s Look #2

Here, she wore a velvet ribbed-knit top in blue from PINKO.

Velvet Ribbed Knit Top


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  1. Velvet Ribbed Knit Top

Kyujin’s Look #1

Kyujin‘s pattern-print cropped fleece hoodie from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy is quite the mood. And it works even better when paired with a preppy plaid skirt and multi-buckle high-top sneakers from R13.

Pattern-print Cropped Hoodie


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Multi-buckle High-top Sneakers


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  1. Pattern-print Cropped Hoodie
  2. Multi-buckle High-top Sneakers

Kyujin’s Look #2

In another look, she wore a sequined cutout miniskirt from LOEWE.

NMIXX Funky Glitter Christmas MV Kpop Fashion - Kyujin - Look 2

Sequined Cutout Miniskirt


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  1. Sequined Cutout Miniskirt

Lily’s Look #1

Lily wore a multicolor vintage plaid dress from Oscar de la Renta over a voluminous white shirt and a black tie. With black studded Kurt sneakers from R13 to tie the whole outfit together, the result is purely stunning.

Vintage Plaid Dress


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Black Studded Kurt Sneakers


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  1. Vintage Plaid Dress
  2. Black Studded Kurt Sneakers

Lily’s Look #2

Lily’s next look is a combination of a crystal-embellished floral-detail T-shirt from AREA, turquoise corduroy velvet trousers from Isabel Marant, and a GCDS beanie hat with ears.

NMIXX Funky Glitter Christmas MV Kpop Fashion - Lily - Look 2

Crystal-embellished T-shirt


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Milorsy Corduroy Velvet Trousers


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Beanie Hat With Ears


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  1. Crystal-embellished T-shirt
  2. Milorsy Corduroy Velvet Trousers
  3. Beanie Hat With Ears

Bae’s Look #1

Following the same aesthetic, Bae wore a color-block wool-blend jumper from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy and logo-patch hi-top sneakers from R13.

Colour-block Wool-blend Jumper


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Side Logo-patch High-top Sneakers


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  1. Colour-block Wool-blend Jumper
  2. Side Logo-patch High-top Sneakers

Bae’s Look #2

We then see her in a blue metallic midi dress from ROTATE.

Metallic Midi Dress


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  1. Metallic Midi Dress

Haewon’s Look #1

Haewon‘s off-shoulder knitted top is also by Charles Jeffrey Loverboy and her platform high-top sneakers are from R13.

Off-shoulder Knitted Top


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Platform High-top Sneakers


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  1. Off-shoulder Knitted Top
  2. Platform High-top Sneakers

Haewon’s Look #2

For the final outfit, Haewon paired a translucent sequin cardigan from 16Arlington with a fur-trimmed mini skirt from P.A.R.O.S.H.

Keid Cardigan


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Fur-trimmed Mini Skirt


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  1. Keid Cardigan
  2. Fur-trimmed Mini Skirt

Whose outfits do you like best?

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