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NCT U Showed Off Their Hip-Hop Inspired Urban Outfits In The Aptly Named ‘Baggy Jeans’ Music Video

NCT U Baggy Jeans MV Fashion

NCT finally reunited for a full-length album this year. The group released their 4th album ‘Golden Age’ with NCT U headlining the title track ‘Baggy Jeans’. Without a doubt, the song is a quintessential NCT track with its catchy hook, outlandish lyrics, and fluid choreography.

The energetic music video and the group’s urban hip-hop-inspired fashion are tailor-made to the song. Check out the outfits below.

A Fashion Breakdown On NCT U's Baggy Jeans MV

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NCT U’s ‘Baggy Jeans’ MV Fashion

Mark’s Look #1

Mark started the track in a gray Champion Edition toga T-shirt from RICK OWENS paired with dark gray faded-effect wide-leg trousers from Maison Mihara Yasuhiro. The monogram-print pilot hat from MISBHV further solidified the hip look.

Champion Edition Toga T-Shirt


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Faded-effect Wide-leg Trousers


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Monogram-print Pilot Hat


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  1. Champion Edition Toga T-Shirt
  2. Faded-effect Wide-leg Trousers
  3. Monogram-print Pilot Hat

Mark’s Look #2

He then sported a black and brown sheer silk organza vest from SC103 with wide-leg ecru cargo jeans from The Attico.

Black & Brown Sheer Vest


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Fern Wide-leg Cargo Jeans


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  1. Black & Brown Sheer Vest
  2. Fern Wide-leg Cargo Jeans

Mark’s Look #3

In this memorable and slightly bizarre scene from the video, Mark dressed up in an experimental ensemble of light blue wide-leg zip-detail jeans from Natasha Zinko styled with a garter stonewashed denim skirt from EGONlab and a pocket denim belt from The Attico.

Wide-leg Zip-detail Jeans


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Garter Stonewashed Denim Skirt


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Pocket Denim Belt


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  1. Wide-leg Zip-detail Jeans
  2. Garter Stonewashed Denim Skirt
  3. Pocket Denim Belt

Jaehyun’s Look #1

Jaehyun confidently rocked a pair of distressed layered shorts from Maison Mihara Yasuhiro with a black tank top.

Distressed Layered Shorts


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  1. Distressed Layered Shorts

Jaehyun’s Look #2

Next up, he changed into an indigo blue logo-strap ombre effect cropped jacket from Rick Owens and distressed loose-fit jeans from Balenciaga for a ruggedly stylish look.

NCT U Baggy Jeans MV Kpop Fashion - Jaehyun - Look 2

Logo-strap Cropped Jacket


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Distressed Lose-fit Jeans


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  1. Logo-strap Cropped Jacket
  2. Distressed Lose-fit Jeans

Taeyong’s Look #1

Taeyong popped up in a faded black embroidered logo tank top from Martine Rose and star-spangled graphite denim pants from WESKEN.

Embroidered-logo Tank Top


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The Star Spangled Denim Pants


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  1. Embroidered-logo Tank Top
  2. The Star Spangled Denim Pants

Taeyong’s Look #2

Here, he wore a multicolor all-over graphic print shirt with straight-leg baggy jeans and a bold leather belt, all from Diesel. We also spotted a peek of Balenciaga’s pyjama-style trousers.

NCT U Baggy Jeans MV Kpop Fashion - Taeyong - Look 2

All-over Graphic Print Shirt


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1996 D-sire 0emac Jeans


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Pyjama-style Trousers


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1DR Leather Belt


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  1. All-over Graphic Print Shirt
  2. 1996 D-sire 0emac Jeans
  3. Pyjama-style Trousers
  4. 1DR Leather Belt

Ten’s Look #1

Ten‘s first look is a casual combination of a white ribbed tank top from A BETTER MISTAKE and spider web print track pants from Palm Angels.

Exposed Ribbed Tank Top


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Distressed Wide-leg Jeans


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Spider Web Print Track Pants


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Pom-pom Beanie


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  1. Exposed Ribbed Tank Top
  2. Distressed Wide-leg Jeans
  3. Spider Web Print Track Pants
  4. Pom-pom Beanie

Ten’s Look #2

He then upped his game with this khaki snake diamond rib knit sweater from DION LEE.

Khaki Snake Diamond Sweater


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Green Julian Cargo Pants


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  1. Khaki Snake Diamond Sweater
  2. Green Julian Cargo Pants

Ten’s Look #3

Sleeveless Leather Top


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  1. Sleeveless Leather Top

Doyoung’s Look #1

Staying true to the baggy jeans theme, Doyoung styled his faded denims with a silver-tone buckle belt from Diesel and a graphic-print short-sleeve off-white T-shirt from Raf Simons.

NCT U Baggy Jeans MV Kpop Fashion - Doyoung - Look 1

Graphic-print T-shirt


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Tricy Belt


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Oval-D Buckle Belt


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  1. Graphic-print T-shirt
  2. Tricy Belt
  3. Oval-D Buckle Belt

Doyoung’s Look #2

Doyoung’s brown ombré-effect cargo trousers from Dion Lee are just the right outfit to wrap up the collection.

Ombré-effect Cargo Trousers


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  1. Ombré-effect Cargo Trousers

Whose outfits do you like best?

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