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NCT Ten’s Fashion In The ‘Paint Me Naked’ Music Video Did Not Disappoint

NCT Ten Paint Me Naked MV Fashion

NCT’s Thai prince Ten just surprised his fans with a new solo single called ‘Paint Me Naked’! NCTzens all around the world are rejoicing to see Ten in his element, delivering a memorable performance and a catchy tune. Of course, who can forget the stunning wardrobe choices he showed us throughout the music video? Surely, he’s fully clothed with such amazing outfits.

Here are some of the looks he rocked in the MV:

A Fashion Breakdown On NCT Ten’s Paint Me Naked MV

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NCT Ten’s ‘Paint Me Naked’ MV

Look #1

Ten showed us he’s the newest cool kid on the block by wearing Gucci’s green 25-print cotton jersey T-shirt. He accessorized it with a black Bermuda bucket hat from Kangol as well as these cool bracelets from Vintage Hollywood. He topped it off with a pair of metallic star leather sneakers from Saint Laurent.

25-print Cotton-jersey T-shirt


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Bermuda Bucket Hat


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Metallic-star Leather Sneakers


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Strawberry Blossom Bracelet


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Greeny Garden Bracelets


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  1. 25-print Cotton-jersey T-shirt
  2. Bermuda Bucket Hat
  3. Metallic-star Leather Sneakers
  4. Strawberry Blossom Bracelet
  5. Greeny Garden Bracelets

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Look #2

He transformed into a young royalty with the help of the leopard pattern jacquard jacket and shorts from Gucci, an embroidered logo cotton T-shirt from Carhartt WIP, and a pair of white Fendi socks. His orange Rhude embroidered logo cap and the Mad Shark Bapesta sneakers from A BATHING APE completed his new money, rich boy look.

Leopard-pattern Jacquard Jacket


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Embroidered-logo Cotton T-Shirt


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Leopard Jacquard Shorts


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Embroidered-logo Cap


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Mad Shark Bapesta Trainers


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  1. Leopard-pattern Jacquard Jacket
  2. Embroidered-logo Cotton T-Shirt
  3. Leopard Jacquard Shorts
  4. Embroidered-logo Cap
  5. Mad Shark Bapesta Trainers
  6. Socks

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Look #3

His 70s denim jacket and matching distorted denim pants from Louis Vuitton made him look like a crazy rich Asian in this iconic scene.

NCT Ten Paint Me Naked MV Kpop Fashion - Look 3

70s Denim Jacket


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Distorted Damier Denim Pants


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  1. 70s Denim Jacket
  2. Distorted Damier Denim Pants

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Look #4

Twinkle Little Star Post Earring


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Mini Clover Post Earring


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  1. Twinkle Little Star Post Earring
  2. Mini Clover Post Earring

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Look #5

He successfully pulled off another rich kid look with a blue leather jacket from DIAFVINE, matched with a blue beret from Kangol, and a pair of hoop earrings from Vintage Hollywood.



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Bamboo Jax Beret


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Color Chubby Hoop Earring


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  1. DV. LOT539 “CROW 1” -BLUE
  2. Bamboo Jax Beret
  3. Color Chubby Hoop Earring

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