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HyunA Confidently Flaunted Her Sassy Fashion Choices In The 'Nabillera' Music Video

HyunA Nabillera MV Fashion

After a year and a half hiatus, HyunA has returned to the scene with another certifiable bop. ‘Nabillera’, the title track from her eighth extended play of the same name, is a catchy song with a playful and bright music video. As expected, HyunA delivered on the fashion front as well with her sassy outfits.

Check out the pieces she wore in the song’s music video below.

A Fashion Breakdown On HyunA's Nabillera MV

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HyunA’s ‘Nabillera’ MV Fashion

Look #1

First and foremost, HyunA put on an oversized walking hat from Celine that tied her beachy outfit together.

Cotton Walking Hat


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  1. Cotton Walking Hat

Look #2

HyunA nailed the bubbly look in a blue mini skirt from Andrej Gronau and Sugar Thrillz floral satin platforms.

HyunA Nabillera MV Kpop Fashion - Look 2
HyunA Nabillera MV Kpop Fashion - Look 2

Pink Polyester T-Shirt


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Blue Mini Skirt


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Floral Satin Platforms


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Bow & Engraved Heart Necklace


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  1. Pink Polyester T-Shirt
  2. Blue Mini Skirt
  3. Floral Satin Platforms
  4. Bow & Engraved Heart Necklace

Look #3

Here, she had on a white T-shirt paired with shorts, both of which are from GCDS. Her ‘Call Me’ earrings from Saint Laurent added a flair of playfulness to the overall look.

HyunA Nabillera MV Kpop Fashion - Look 3
HyunA Nabillera MV Kpop Fashion - Look 3



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Shorts & Bermuda


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Call Me Earrings


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  1. T-shirt
  2. Shorts & Bermuda
  3. Call Me Earrings

Look #4

Wearing Tom Ford‘s signature jersey-modal bandeau top and logo-waistband briefs, HyunA looked fine as hell. She completed the outfit with a stunning black jacket from GCDS.

HyunA Nabillera MV Kpop Fashion - Look 4



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Jersey-modal Bandeau Top


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Logo-waistband Briefs


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  1. Jacket
  2. Jersey-modal Bandeau Top
  3. Logo-waistband Briefs

Look #5

Sporting a similar look as before, HyunA wore a greca-pattern scoop-back swimsuit from Versace and feather-trim mini shorts from AREA with Moschino‘s chain-link logo belt.

HyunA Nabillera MV Kpop Fashion - Look 5

Scoop-back Swimsuit


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Feather-trim Mini Shorts


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Chain-link Logo Belt


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  1. Scoop-back Swimsuit
  2. Feather-trim Mini Shorts
  3. Chain-link Logo Belt

Look #6

This iconic black viscose cardigan seen on HyunA is from Versace.

Black Viscose Cardigan


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  1. Black Viscose Cardigan

Look #7

In yet another sleek Versace ensemble, HyunA wore a black latex bustier top and a green latex skirt for a show-stopping look.

HyunA Nabillera MV Kpop Fashion - Look 7

Latex Bustier Top


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Green Latex Skirt


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  1. Latex Bustier Top
  2. Green Latex Skirt

Look #8

HyunA opted for a houndstooth-print corset top and short shorts from Moschino to present this colorful attire. For footwear, she slipped into the incredibly pretty Dr. Martens floral mashup boots.

HyunA Nabillera MV Kpop Fashion - Look 8

Houndstooth-print Corset Top


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Houndstooth-print Short Shorts


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1460 Floral Mashup Boot


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  1. Houndstooth-print Corset Top
  2. Houndstooth-print Short Shorts
  3. 1460 Floral Mashup Boot

Look #9

In the final look, HyunA wore a printed tulle top from Jean Paul Gaultier.

Printed Tulle Top


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  1. Printed Tulle Top

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