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Hyoyeon Tops The Fashion Lists In Her Recent ‘Second’ Music Video

Hyoyeon Second MV Fashion

SONEs and fans around the world are happy seeing Hyoyeon finally back in the airwaves as she comes back with her new song ‘Second’. The title might say otherwise but she’s one of the tops in the comebacks right now with her groovy rhythm and addicting choreography. Her fashion choices here sealed the deal and it’s safe to say that everyone wants to be like her in the video.

We won’t make you wait any longer, as we’re going to list her amazing outfits in the ‘Second’ MV right now.

A Fashion Breakdown On Hyoyeon’s Second MV

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Hyoyeon’s ‘Second’ MV Fashion

Look #1

She welcomed us in her first look, consisting of a multicolored stripe knit sleeveless top from AGR modified into a 2-piece set. She completed her look with some cool jewelry from Vivienne Westwood and Vintage Hollywood, and a pair of Diorcamp ankle boots in white from Dior.

Stripe Knit Sleeveless Top


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Diorcamp Ankle Boot


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Three Row Faux Pearls Choker


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Blue Daisy Wish Bracelet


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Cool Summer Beads Bracelet


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  1. Stripe Knit Sleeveless Top
  2. Diorcamp Ankle Boot
  3. Three Row Faux Pearls Choker
  4. Blue Daisy Wish Bracelet
  5. Cool Summer Beads Bracelet

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Look #2

She lounges by herself outdoors wearing a chic salmon-colored dress styled with a pair of crystal-embellished asymmetric earrings from Miu Miu. Her impeccable makeup and hair make us want to cop this look for our summer getaways.

Crystal-embellished Earrings


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  1. Crystal-embellished Earrings

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Look #3

She exudes the aura of a rich young socialite wearing this fitted ruched mini dress in white from Alexander Wang. She accessorized it with a logo bandana mask also from Alexander Wang.

Hyoyeon Second MV Kpop Fashion - Look 3

Fitted Ruched Mini Dress


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Logo Bandana Mask


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  1. Fitted Ruched Mini Dress
  2. Logo Bandana Mask

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Look #4

Her final look from the MV is gorgeous. She’s wearing a monogram ombre sporty cropped tank top from Louis Vuitton, a pair of mixed patchwork jeans from Jaded London, and completing the look with a pair of Peterson Original Sole low-top sneakers from Maison Mihara Yasuhiro.

Monogram Ombre Tank Top


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Mixed Patchwork Jeans


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Peterson Original Sole Sneakers


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  1. Monogram Ombre Tank Top
  2. Mixed Patchwork Jeans
  3. Peterson Original Sole Sneakers

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