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BTS Impresses Fans With Their Extraordinary Fashion Choices In ‘Permission To Dance’ Music Video

These boys don’t need a permission to rock any outfit.

BTS Permission To Dance MV Fashion

While their latest release ‘Butter’ still continues its reign at the number 1 spot of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, BTS is coming back yet again with another summer hit ‘Permission To Dance’. And as much as we are excited about the many clues hinting about their upcoming tour in the song’s MV, we can’t help but feel in awe with their fashion choices, too!

So, here we are, once again, breaking down all the outfits BTS wore in this wonderful music video one by one.

A Fashion Breakdown On BTS' Permission To Dance MV

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BTS’ ‘Permission To Dance’ MV Fashion

Suga’s Look

Since the release of the teaser, Suga has been the talk of the whole internet world as he looks ultra-dashing in the MV. For this look, he layered Eponym‘s limited shirt in ivory over a white T-shirt and styled it with a pair of distressed jeans from Val Kristopher.

Limited S/S Shirt


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Distressed-effect Slim Jeans


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  1. Limited S/S Shirt
  2. Distressed-effect Slim Jeans

RM’s Look #1

RM rocked the denim-on-denim look featuring a shirt from RRL (Ralph Lauren’s sub-brand). And to match the cowboy theme, he got a cowboy hat from Visvim and these Western motif pins also from RRL.

Denim Shirt


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Felt Cowboy Hat


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Buffalo Pin


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Crossed-Arrows Pin


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Winged-Shield Enameled Pin


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  1. Denim Shirt
  2. Felt Cowboy Hat
  3. Buffalo Pin
  4. Crossed-Arrows Pin
  5. Winged-Shield Enameled Pin

RM’s Look #2

Floral Embroidery Cupro Shirt


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Earth 2 Necklace


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Tie-dye Wide Leg Jeans


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  1. Floral Embroidery Cupro Shirt
  2. Earth 2 Necklace
  3. Tie-dye Wide Leg Jeans

Jungkook’s Look #1

Jungkook‘s new haircut coupled with this distressed denim outfit will definitely make your heart swoon. The jacket and slim-fit jeans he was wearing are from RRL.

Distressed Indigo Denim Jacket


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Distressed Selvedge Jean


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  1. Distressed Indigo Denim Jacket
  2. Distressed Selvedge Jean

Jungkook’s Look #2

Moon-buckle Wide Belt


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  1. Moon-buckle Wide Belt

Jimin’s Look #1

We love this unique pair of washed-painted jeans from Gallery Dept x Lanvin. And after Jimin was seen wearing them in this music video, we’re pretty sure they will be sold out soon. So get them while you still can!

Bolero Jacket


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Logo Wash Painted Denim Jeans


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Jimin’s Look #2

Taos Mens Tencel


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Braided Monogram Bracelet


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  1. Taos Mens Tencel
  2. Braided Monogram Bracelet

Jin’s Look #1

The white shirt blue jeans look is undeniably perfect on Jin, especially when he chose these ripped jeans from Val Kristopher.

Ripped Jeans


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  1. Ripped Jeans

Jin’s Look #2

Square-frame Sunglasses


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Paisley Print Buckle Belt


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Reidar Leather Pants


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  1. Square-frame Sunglasses
  2. Paisley Print Buckle Belt
  3. Reidar Leather Pants

J-Hope’s Look #1

Sleeveless Shirt


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Braided Leather Bracelet


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Western-style Flared Jeans


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  2. Braided Leather Bracelet
  3. Western-style Flared Jeans

J-Hope’s Look #2

Ripple Necklace


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V’s Look #1

Denim Shirt


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Denim Shirt


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Rockstud Rope Necklace


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Leather Concho Belt


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Logo ID Leather Bracelet


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V’s Look #2

Heart Pendant Necklace


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  1. Heart Pendant Necklace

Whose outfits do you like best?

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