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Super Rookie Girl Group AESPA Makes Strong Debut With Bold Outfits In ‘Black Mamba’ MV

AESPA Black Mamba MV Fashion

SM Entertainment debuts their newest girl group, AESPA, with the fresh track called ‘Black Mamba‘. Aside from being one of SM’s newest artists, AESPA made headlines prior to debut with the news of the members having AI versions of themselves. Fans anticipate this fresh concept and even consider it as double the content! With their debut music video premiered on November 17, many viewers witnessed the start of their promising careers!

Check out what the members wore for ‘Black Mamba‘!

A Fashion Breakdown On AESPA’s Black Mamba MV

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AESPA’s ‘Black Mamba’ MV Fashion

Giselle’s Look #1

For her first look, Giselle wore this one-shoulder bodysuit by Gucci with a printed skirt.

AESPA Black Mamba MV Kpop Fashion - Giselle - Look 1

One-shoulder Printed Stretch Bodysuit


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  1. One-shoulder Printed Stretch Bodysuit

Giselle’s Look #2

She also wore a soft-hued pair of Sugar Thrillz cargo pants from Dolls Kill to match her loud-colored top.

Cargo Pants


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  1. Cargo Pants

Giselle’s Look #3

For this look, she paired her AREA satin bow skirt with a purple cropped top.

Satin Bow Mini Skirt


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  1. Satin Bow Mini Skirt

Giselle’s Look #4

This outfit features a blue top layered under the Club Exx hologram bustier.

Opulent Empress Hologram Bustier


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  1. Opulent Empress Hologram Bustier

Giselle’s Look #5

Green Nova Crop Top


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  1. Green Nova Crop Top

Karina’s Look #1

Karina looked great in this ensemble consisting of the Club Exx rhinestone top and the Dolls Kill Violet Never Leave Ya corset top which were both worn with the My Vision Of Love miniskirt.

AESPA Black Mamba MV Kpop Fashion - Karina - Look 1

Corset Top


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Mini Skirt


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Rhinestone Bra Top


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  1. Corset Top
  2. Mini Skirt
  3. Rhinestone Bra Top

Karina’s Look #2

Catch Karina dancing in this Didu gathered biker top paired with the baroque-print skater skirt from Versace.

Gathered Biker Top


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Baroque-print Skater Skirt


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  1. Gathered Biker Top
  2. Baroque-print Skater Skirt

Karina’s Look #3

She also rocked animal print with this zebra-inspired cocktail dress from In The Mood For Love.

Zebra Print Cocktail Dress


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  1. Zebra Print Cocktail Dress

Karina’s Look #4

She added this leather belt from Alexander McQueen to complete her goth goddess look.

AESPA Black Mamba MV Kpop Fashion - Karina - Look 4

Leather Belt


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  1. Leather Belt

Winter’s Look #1

Winter kept her outfit bold and lively with the tie-neck Paris-print dress from Balenciaga which she styled with the STASIA ring from Alinka.

AESPA Black Mamba MV Kpop Fashion - Winter - Look 1

Tie-neck Paris-print Dress


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STASIA Single Star Ring


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  1. Tie-neck Paris-print Dress
  2. STASIA Single Star Ring

Winter’s Look #2

She looked great in this bright outfit featuring the GG-embroidered sheer tulle bodysuit worn with this cardigan from Ashley Williams. On her skirt, she wore this Chrome Shining Star Chain Belt from Dolls Kill.

Yellow & Pink Wool Cardigan


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GG Embroidered Bodysuit


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Star Chain Belt


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  1. Yellow & Pink Wool Cardigan
  2. GG Embroidered Bodysuit
  3. Star Chain Belt

Winter’s Look #3

Her cropped top is style with this Tripp NYC Festival Tie Dye shorts and Sugar Thrillz Kandi Utopia fishnet dress (worn cropped).

AESPA Black Mamba MV Kpop Fashion - Winter - Look 3

Fishnet Dress


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Lace Up Shorts


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  1. Fishnet Dress
  2. Lace Up Shorts

Winter’s Look #4

Catch this Y.R.U. x Dolls Kill Ballet Bae satin platforms worn by Winter in this scene!

AESPA Black Mamba MV Kpop Fashion - Winter - Look 4

Ballet Bae Satin Platforms


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  1. Ballet Bae Satin Platforms

Ningning’s Look #1

Ningning can be seen rocking this strapless romper from Dolls Kill.

Sweet Fix Crop Tee


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Claws Out Strapless Romper


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  1. Sweet Fix Crop Tee
  2. Claws Out Strapless Romper

Ningning’s Look#2

Cop this electrifying fit by wearing this neon turtleneck from Helmut Lang under a bustier. Then for the bottoms, wear these jeans from KYE and this pair of Club Exx platform boots. She also added this flame-sculpted earrings from Ambush.

Neon Turtleneck Sweater


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Back Star Embroidery Denim Trousers


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Platform Boots


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Flame Sculpted Earring


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  1. Neon Turtleneck Sweater
  2. Back Star Embroidery Denim Trousers
  3. Platform Boots
  4. Flame Sculpted Earring

Ninging’s Look #3

She added a bold touch to her outfit with these logo-print briefs from Palm Angels peeking above her pants.

Logo Print Briefs


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  1. Logo Print Briefs

Ninging’s Look #4

For the bold and colorful theme, she joined the style party with this graphic-print mesh top from Marques’Almeida.

Graphic-print Mesh Top


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  1. Graphic-print Mesh Top

Whose outfits do you like best?

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