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Korean Makeup Inspirations From Korean Celebrities – April 2020

Korean Makeup Inspiration From Korean Celebs - April 2020

For the month of April, most of us have been on home quarantine and that meant more time for us to sift through the internet to see what beauty trends are the K-Celebs currently sporting! We found looks all of us can be inspired with – from their social media posts, their K-Dramas, and public appearances. Here are some gorgeous Korean makeup inspirations from K-celebs we found this month of April.

Korean Makeup Inspiration From Korean Celebrities - April 2020

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Han So-Hee in the 2nd Episode of “The World of Married”

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If you’re currently watching JTBC’s super hit drama “The World of Married”, Han So-Hee’s character as Lee Da-Kyung may bring your blood to a boil. But we have to admit that she just looks so perfectly stunning in the drama! Her looks in the drama have always been soft and muted.

For episode 2, she went for naturally bitten lips and pinched cheeks with the iconic Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain. This brought attention to her radiant complexion even more.

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Moon Ga-Young in “Find Me in Your Memory”

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Another hit K-Drama that’s currently airing is “Find Me in Your Memory” which stars Moon Ga-Young. Her looks in most episodes portray a very feminine and vibrant character.

In one episode, she donned neutral fall tones for her makeup look. Her eyeshadow color is a nice mix of Bobbi Brown’s eyeshadow in Toast and Antique Rose. And to pair the warmth of the hues on her lids and cheeks, she went for a few dabs of Mandarin O from MAC Powder Lipstick.

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Ki Eun-Se’s Makeup on Instagram

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Peachy corals will never ever go out of style and Ki Eun-Se just proved it once again in one of her makeup looks on Instagram.

It’s apparent that she played with some peach and beige tones for her cheeks. This clay-like swirl can be achieved using the mixture of 3CE’s Velvet Liquid Blusher in the 2 shades So Alive and Like That as the base and then the Mood Recipe Face Blush in Nude Peach as a topper.

For the lips, she was wearing a soft peach shade created by mixing VDL Expert Slim Lip Color Matte #203 Make it Right and #602 Initiative.

Kim So-Hye’s Makeup at the Press Conference of “How to Buy a Friend”

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Kim So-Hye is looking very fresh and pretty during the press conference of her drama “How to Buy a Friend”. We can’t help but notice her very simple, yet beautiful beige brown makeup look.

For her eyelids and lower lash line, she used a peachy brown color such as MAC’s Soft Brown Eyeshadow.

For her lips, she went for a semi-matte finish with a slightly deep brown coral shade. This can be achieved by mixing Bobbi Brown’s Crushed Liquid Lipstick in the shade Mango Mood and YSL’s Tatouage Couture Velvet in #204 and #216.

Song Ji-Eun’s Makeup on Instagram 

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Song Ji-Eun’s very radiant look truly blessed our feeds on Instagram with her selfie post a few weeks ago. The beauty of this look is in its simplicity and use of classic colors.

She went for the traditional matte brown eyeshadow for her eyes and made her semi-glossy lips as the key point of her look. She used a nice muted shade like Stila’s Shine Fever Lip Vinyl in the color Horsepower.

Which among these K-celeb looks do you stan the most?

Let us know which among these are you going to try out.

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