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Kim So-Yeon’s Fashion As Cheon Seo-Jin In K-Drama ‘Penthouse 2’ Episodes 7-8

Penthouse 2 Fashion - Kim So-Yeon - Episodes 7-8

We’re back with the queen from ‘Penthouse 2’ again! It’s not a coincidence that Kim So-Yeon stands out among the whole cast. She’s a talented actress with a fancy fashion sense that everyone loves.

That’s why we’re going to cover her stunning outfits in episodes 7 and 8, so let’s have a look!

Kim So-Yeon's Fashion in Korean Drama Penthouse 2 Episodes 7-8

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Kim So-Yeon’s Fashion in Episodes 7-8 of K-drama ‘Penthouse 2’

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Look #1

We can’t recall a single look of So-Yeon’s that didn’t include a dazzling pair of earrings to glam up her outfit. This time, she went for hyeres-lor’s Noailles double circle silver earrings. 

Noailles Double Circle Earrings


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Look #2

It’s safe to say that all-black looks are So-Yeon’s signature look. In this scene, her choice was a double-breasted crepe midi dress from MAX MARA.

Double-breasted Midi Dress


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Look #3

The best thing to do to an all-black outfit is to top it off with beautiful, white jewelry, just like So-Yeon did with her earrings from DIOR and pearl necklace from Vintage Hollywood.

Penthouse 2 Kdrama Fashion - Kim So-Yeon - Episode 7-3

Dior Tribales Earrings


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Braid Pearl Bold Necklace


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Look #4

She embraced her love for black again, this time with avouavou’s black wool coat and MCM’s black shoulder bag.

Angora Wool Slimline Coat
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Mena Large Quilted Bag


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Look #5

We’ve got to say, this lace detail knitted top and pencil skirt by Nº21 suits So-Yeon so well!

Penthouse 2 Kdrama Fashion - Kim So-Yeon - Episode 8-2

Lace Detail Knitted Top


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Elasticated Waistband Pencil Skirt


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Look #6

This phenomenal violet drape volume dress from CAHIERS made So-Yeon look like a million dollars!

Drape Volume Dress


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Look #7

We can’t help but love her earrings choices. To add a little extra glam to this outfit, she opted for a pair of Noailles silver link earrings from hyeres-lor.

Noailles Silver Link Earrings


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Read more about the fashion in Korean drama ‘Penthouse 2’ here.

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