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Kim So-Hyun’s Fashion As Mok Sol-Hee In K-Drama ‘My Lovely Liar’ Episodes 9-12

My Lovely Liar Fashion - Kim So-Hyun - Episodes 9-12

The ‘My Lovely Liar’ devoted fans are not just in it for the exciting fantasy elements that have kept us on the edge of our seats throughout the series; they’re also fascinated by the exceptional fashion choices of Kim So-Hyun, the actress portraying the protagonist, Mok Sol-Hee.

Today, we’re delving into the stunning fashion statements brought to life by the lovely actress in the latest episodes, from 9 to 12. So, let’s get right into it!

Kim So-Hyun's Fashion in Korean Drama 'My Lovely Liar' Episodes 9-12

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Kim So-Hyun’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘My Lovely Liar’ Episodes 9-12

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Look #1

Starting off strong, So-Hyun flaunted these fabulous lace-up skirt pants from Zero Planet, adding a perfect touch to her cute look.

My Lovely Liar Kdrama Fashion - Kim So-Hyun - Episodes 10-1

Nelly Lace-Up Skirt Pants


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  1. Nelly Lace-Up Skirt Pants

Look #2

That particular scene showcased her exceptional beauty as she graced the screen in a stunning dress from LANG&LU.

Blair Dress


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  1. Blair Dress

Look #3

So-Hyun rocked a flawless casual chic ensemble suitable for any occasion, consisting of a cute black dress by MoMen paired with a stylish bag from OSOI.

Macaron Mini One-piece


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Belted Brocle_Small


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  2. Belted Brocle_Small

Look #4

All it took for the stunning actress to achieve an effortlessly stylish look was to slip into the fashionable cropped jacket from On&On.

My Lovely Liar Kdrama Fashion - Kim So-Hyun - Episodes 11-1

Summer Cropped Jacket


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  1. Summer Cropped Jacket

Look #5

Wearing the collar detail pocket blouse from On&On, she looked stunningly beautiful in its simple yet stylish design.

Collar Detail Pocket Blouse


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Look #6

Her cuteness hit new heights as she rocked the crochet knit vest from Plastic Island.

Crochet Knit Vest


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  1. Crochet Knit Vest

Look #7

Speaking of adorable looks, take a look at So-Hyun wearing an incredibly cute navy football jersey from GIRLSKATEBOARDS!

My Lovely Liar Kdrama Fashion - Kim So-Hyun - Episodes 11-4

Football Jersey


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Look #8

Among all her stunning outfits, this one stood out as exceptionally angelic, with the standout piece being a gorgeous volume blouse from DUNST.

Camisole Volume Blouse


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Look #9

In a bold fashion statement, the actress donned a Self Love T-shirt from sienne, perfectly complemented by cargo string mini overalls from HETHERMENT.

Self Love T-shirt


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Cargo String Mini Overall


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