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INNISFREE’S New Collection ‘Fig Edition’ for Fall 2019

INNISFREE is back this Fall with a new collection – ‘Fig Edition’, which is quickly selling out in Korea.

The INNISFREE Fig Edition collection includes a 9-color eyeshadow palette, 4 blushers, 4 eyeliners, and 4 matte lip colors. Let’s have a look!

Inspired by figs, the collection comes in all-red packaging.

INNISFREE Fig Mood Palette

The most eye-catching item from this collection is no other than this Fig Mood eyeshadow palette. With 9 warm-toned colors that come in matte, shimmer and glitter, this palette can help you easily create any makeup look for fall.

INNISFREE Fig Mood Palette

The combination of pinks and browns from this palette is very suitable for everyday wear as well.

INNISFREE Fig Mood Palette - Swatches

INNISFREE Fig Heart Blusher

This heart-shaped trend is still going strong in the K-beauty world. And, of course, INNISFREE has to be part of it. They brought out 4 blushers in this collection, and each of them has a tiny little glitter heart in the center. I mean, who could resist that?

INNISFREE Fig Heart Blusher

The INNISFREE Fig Heart Blusher has an airy light texture that adheres perfectly to the skin. They also give great color payoff to brighten up your complexion.

The heart-shaped glitters can be used alone as a highlighter or blended in with the blusher to add a glamorous glow to the cheeks.

INNISFREE Fig Heart Blusher - Swatches

There are 4 shades including:

  1. Fairy Fig
  2. Girl Fig
  3. Human Fig
  4. Goddess Fig

INNISFREE Fig Flat Liner

Everyone needs a brown eyeliner. Compared to black, brown liners give a softer and more natural look which goes well with fall makeup. Luckily, we have this Fig Flat Liner which comes in 4 different shades of brown with both matte and glitter texture.

INNISFREE Fig Flat Liner

This eyeliner has a gel formula that glides smoothly along the lash line. Its slim and flat shape allows you to have more control and easily create different eye shapes.

INNISFREE Fig Flat Liner - Swatches

It comes in 4 different colors, ranging from reddish-brown to dark brown:

  1. Fig Yum Yum
  2. Fig Pie
  3. Fig Pound
  4. Fig Bon Bon

INNISFREE Fig Mood Lip Bar

Last but not least are these beautiful Fig Mood Lip Bars that come in fig-inspired MLBB (My Lips But Better) shades.

INNISFREE Fig Mood Lip Bar

The lipstick has an airy velvet texture and gives a semi-matte finish.

INNISFREE Fig Mood Lip Bar - Swatches

There are 4 shades to choose from:

  1. Fig Red: rosy color
  2. Dried Fig: orange color
  3. Fig Mood: chili red
  4. Fig Jam: brick red

And if all of these still have not caught your heart yet, have a look at these beautiful makeup looks created from this collection.

INNISFREE Fig Edition Collection - Makeup Look 3
INNISFREE Fig Edition Collection - Makeup Look 2
INNISFREE Fig Edition Collection - Makeup Look 1

The Fig Edition collection is limited edition, so if you have your eyes on any of the items, try to get them ASAP!!!

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