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Han Ji-Hyun’s Fashion As Joo Seok-Kyung In K-Drama ‘Penthouse 3’ Episodes 7-14

Penthouse 3 Fashion - Han Ji-Hyun - Episodes 7-14

A lot of viewers have been on the lookout for the outfits that Han Ji-Hyun wore as Joo Seok-Kyung in ‘Penthouse 3’! She looked amazing in her scenes as usual. We got the lowdown on the pieces she wore for the drama from episodes 7 to 14!

Keep on reading and take cues from Han Ji-Hyun‘s outfits for ‘Penthouse 3’!

Han Ji-Hyun's Fashion in Korean Drama Penthouse 3 Episodes 7-14

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Han Ji-Hyun’s Fashion in K-drama ‘Penthouse 3’ Episodes 7-14

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Look #1

She styled her tweed jacket from On&On with these bold chain earrings from leeENoir.

Half Sleeve Tweed Jacket


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Bold Chain Earring


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  1. Half Sleeve Tweed Jacket
  2. Bold Chain Earring

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Look #2

Looking for two-tone inspo? Check out Ji-Hyun’s shirred blouse from ONNE!

Shirred Two-Tone Blouse


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  1. Shirred Two-Tone Blouse

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Look #3

This outfit features Elisabetta Franchi‘s shirt and flared jeans. She added a fun touch with her mini Patricia crossbody bag from MCM and a pair of Idyllic sandals from Suecomma Bonnie.

Shirt With Ruffles


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Button Detail Flared-Leg Jeans


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Mini Patricia Crossbody Bag


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Idyllic Sandal


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  1. Shirt With Ruffles
  2. Button Detail Flared-Leg Jeans
  3. Mini Patricia Crossbody Bag
  4. Idyllic Sandal

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Look #4

For this look, she can be spotted wearing this Kate collar knit top from Full of Grace paired with this halterneck jumpsuit from Midnight Circus.

Kate Collar Knit


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Halterneck Jumpsuit


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  1. Kate Collar Knit
  2. Halterneck Jumpsuit

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Look #5

For a casual take, she got this logo-print shirt from Dsquared2 to complete her outfit.

Penthouse 3 Kdrama Fashion - Han Ji-Hyun - Episode 14-1

Logo Print T-shirt


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Look #6

Ji-Hyun layered her rib-knit bustier with this collarless jacket and belted denim pants which are all from On&On. She made sure to keep it classy with this mini Alexa satchel from Mulberry and these Arom sneakers from Suecomma Bonnie.

Colorless Jacket


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Rib Knit Bustier


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Two Tuck Belted Denim Pants


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Mini Alexa Leather Satchel


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Arom Sneakers


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  1. Colorless Jacket
  2. Rib Knit Bustier
  3. Two Tuck Belted Denim Pants
  4. Mini Alexa Leather Satchel
  5. Arom Sneakers

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