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(G)I-DLE Shows Personal Style Through Their Outfits On Weekly Idol

(G)I-DLE's Outfits at Weekly Idol studio on April 27, 2020

On stage, the ladies from (G)I-DLE rock chic and runway-ready outfits. But when given the chance to showcase their personal styles, the members did not disappoint. Here are the pieces they wore for Weekly Idol last April 27!

(G)I-DLE’s Outfits at the Weekly Idol Studio on April 27, 2020

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This flower knitted cardigan from Moschino lent a girly vibe to her street-wear look featuring her denim shorts.

Flower Knitted Cardigan


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Minnie paired this logo signature shirt from Moschino with high-waisted shorts and black sneakers.

Logo Signature T-Shirt


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Meanwhile, Soojin highlighted her blue hair with a light-colored rose-frill cardigan from Letter From Moon which she wore with jeans.

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Yuqi played with pink for her look featuring this Kenzo denim jacket and matching pants over the Navid cotton shirt from Acne Studios.

Denim Jacket


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Lips-print stole Soyeon’s look thanks to this Ikat bomber jacket from Kenzo. She also styled it with this black ville cross body bag from Balenciaga.

Ikat Buttoned Bomber Jacket


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Black Ville Leather Cross Body Bag


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