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Yoona’s Fashion As Cheon Sa-Rang In K-Drama ‘King The Land’ Episodes 11-12

King The Land Fashion - Yoona - Episodes 11-12

As the series approaches its finale, we won’t just miss the new episodes of the well-produced romcom ‘King The Land’, but also the amazing outfits showcased by the cute female lead, Yoona. Her impeccable fashion sense is on full display in the latest episodes 11 and 12, offering a delightful array of eye-catching ensembles that surely left viewers hooked.

Keep reading for a closer look at what she brought to the table!

Yoona's Fashion in Korean Drama 'King The Land' Episodes 11-12

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Yoona’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘King The Land’ Episodes 11-12

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Look #1

To start with the fanciest looks, Yoona flawlessly pulled off a stunning night-out ensemble featuring a black gown from Alex Perry.

King The Land Kdrama Fashion - Yoona - Episode 11-1

Cassidy Column Gown


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  1. Cassidy Column Gown

Look #2

Don’t be jealous of her cute casual look – you can easily achieve it by getting a pink classic short wool jacket and a pair of blue slim bootcut denim pants from MUDIDI.

King The Land Kdrama Fashion - Yoona - Episode 11-2

Classic Short Wool Jacket


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Slim Bootcut Denim Pants


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  1. Classic Short Wool Jacket
  2. Slim Bootcut Denim Pants

Look #3

Yoona’s fashion choices were on point in this scene, featuring Victoria Beckham‘s orange belted cable knit sweater and a high-waist pleated skirt, perfectly paired with ROGER VIVIER‘s Belle Vivier Trompette patent-leather pumps.

King The Land Kdrama Fashion - Yoona - Episode 11-3

Belted Cable Knit Sweater


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High-waist Pleated Skirt


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Belle Vivier Trompette Pumps


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  1. Belted Cable Knit Sweater
  2. High-waist Pleated Skirt
  3. Belle Vivier Trompette Pumps

Look #4

The cute actress nailed the most adorable look ever which consisted of a cotton shaggy cable pullover and shorts, both from A.T.CORNER

King The Land Kdrama Fashion - Yoona - Episode 11-4

Cotton Shaggy Cable Pullover


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Cotton Shaggy Cable Shorts


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  1. Cotton Shaggy Cable Pullover
  2. Cotton Shaggy Cable Shorts

Look #5

Yoona exuded elegance and charm in her ensemble, wearing a stylish white top by Havano layered with a button-up cashmere cardigan by Miu Miu, and adding a touch of sophistication with a chic medium Iside tote by Valextra.

King The Land Kdrama Fashion - Yoona - Episode 12-1

Button-up Cashmere Cardigan


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Medium Iside Tote


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  1. Button-up Cashmere Cardigan
  2. NO.5 TOP
  3. Medium Iside Tote

Look #6

She looked super feminine and delicate in episode 12, all thanks to the cardigan co-ord set from ADAUL

Cardigan Co-ord Set


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  1. Cardigan Co-ord Set

Look #7

Striking the perfect balance between comfort and style is never an easy feat, but Yoona effortlessly achieved it by pairing a navy hoodie and sweatpants from MUDIDI.

Raspberry Hoddy


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Raspberry Jogger Pants


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  1. Raspberry Hoddy
  2. Raspberry Jogger Pants

Look #8

She pulled off an angelic look by donning a fashionable trench coat from Hanavo and carrying a mini bag from FOLNUA.



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Mini Tri Bag


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  1. NO.12 OUTER
  2. Mini Tri Bag

Look #9

Exuding a clean, sleek, and stylish vibe, Yoona looked stunning in an Isabel Marant Etoile checkered cropped jacket, which she paired with a chick Prada Femme brushed-leather shoulder bag.

King The Land Kdrama Fashion - Yoona - Episode 12-5

Check-pattern Cropped Jacket


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Femme Shoulder Bag


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  1. Check-pattern Cropped Jacket
  2. Femme Shoulder Bag

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