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Son Ye-Jin’s Fashion As Yoon Se-ri In K-Drama ‘Crash Landing On You’ Episodes 9-10

Crash Landing On You Fashion - Son Ye-Jin - Episodes 9-10

As Crash Landing On You continue to chart ratings, more fans are eager to watch how the stars play out the story. Even more viewers are looking forward to actress Son Ye-Jin‘s outfits in each episode.

Below are the latest outfits from the actress:

Son Ye-Jin's Fashion in Korean Drama Crash Landing On You Episodes 9-10

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Son Ye-Jin’s Fashion in Episodes 9-10 of K-drama ‘Crash Landing On You’

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Look #1

Ye-Jin shared a glimpse of her CEO style and wore a black silk and wool-blend blazer from Valentino.

Silk And Wool-blend Blazer


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Look #2

In a flashback to Switzerland, Ye-Jin can be seen rocking a belted Studio Tomboy trench coat accentuated with a red bag.

Belted Trench Coat


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Look #3

She also paired her white corporate look with a black Longchamp medium Roseau leather tote.

Medium Roseau Leather Tote


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Look #4

See Son Ye-Jin play with texture with her Balmain pieces consisting of a boucle tank top and fringed mini skirt under a tweed coat.

Tweed Coat


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Boucle Tank Top


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Mini Skirt With Fringes


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  2. Boucle Tank Top
  3. Mini Skirt With Fringes

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Look #5

For her next look, she kept cozy and topped her denim jeans with the Lilia double-face cashmere coat from Max Mara.

Lilia Double-face Cashmere Coat


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Look #6

In an outdoor scene, she donned a black Merideth down park from Nobis.

Merideth Down Parka


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