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Here Are The Fashion Moments Captured In The Korean Dating Show ‘Single’s Inferno’

Single's Inferno Fashion

Introducing South Korea’s very own ‘Love Island’, ‘Single’s Inferno’ sees nine gorgeous people on an exotic island in search of the love of their lives. Released on Netflix on December 18, 2021, the reality dating show is presented by notable celebrity faces such as Lee Da-Hee, Cho Kyu-Hyun, Hong Jin-Kyung, and Jung Han-Hae. The eight-episode series not only takes us around on the journey of love but is also packed with intense drama that is worth watching.

But as always, we are here to focus on the fashionable moments captured in the show whether it was displayed by the interesting contestants or the equally charming presenters. So, get ready for the long ride of delightful outfits coming your way.

A Fashion Breakdown On The Korean TV Show Single's Inferno

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‘Single’s Inferno’ Fashion

Lee Da-Hee’s Look #1

As one of the presenters of the show, the beautiful Lee Da-Hee impressed us with her cornflower blue mélange ribbed-knit fitted dress from GANNI in the very first episode.

Ribbed-knit Fitted Dress


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  1. Ribbed-knit Fitted Dress

Lee Da-Hee’s Look #2

The next look of Da-Hee features ultra-modern monogram print leggings and a sparkly pair of TB baguette crystal stud earrings, both from BURBERRY.

Monogram Print Leggings


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TB Baguette Crystal Stud Earrings


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  1. Monogram Print Leggings
  2. TB Baguette Crystal Stud Earrings

Lee Da-Hee’s Look #3

In episode 5, the stunning model is dressed in GIVENCHY from head to toe.

Guipure-lace Jacket


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Guipure Lace Mini Dress


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Over-the-knee Boots


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  1. Guipure-lace Jacket
  2. Guipure Lace Mini Dress
  3. Over-the-knee Boots

Shin Ji-Yeon’s Look #1

The sweet and pretty contestant, Shin Ji-Yeon, made a simple yet adorable entrance in a floral white short dress from H&M, embodying the ultimate summer vibe.

Lyocell-blend Dress


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  1. Lyocell-blend Dress

Shin Ji-Yeon’s Look #2

In this scene, Ji-Yeon’s mint green frill-trim cotton-poplin midi dress is from SELF-PORTRAIT.

Frill-trim Midi Dress


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  1. Frill-trim Midi Dress

Shin Ji-Yeon’s Look #3

Out on the sunny beach, Ji-Yeon looks captivating in a red crop cinch cami from HOLLISTER and a matching skirt.

Crop Cinch Cami


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  1. Crop Cinch Cami

Shin Ji-Yeon’s Look #4

Since Ji-Yeon stole our hearts in this super pretty outfit, we just had to find out where it came from, and it turns out to be the moon flower dress by LETTER FROM MOON. Also, keep your eyes out for the Dionysus GG Supreme mini bag from Gucci that she paired with the dress.

To The Moon Flower Dress


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Dionysus GG Supreme Mini Bag


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  1. To The Moon Flower Dress
  2. Dionysus GG Supreme Mini Bag

Shin Ji-Yeon’s Look #5

Keep scrolling to have a full glimpse of the linen ruffle mini dress in red from & Other Stories that Ji-Yeon balanced with a cream-colored cardigan.

Linen Ruffle Mini Dress


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  1. Linen Ruffle Mini Dress

Shin Ji-Yeon’s Look #6

Steal this look of Ji-Yeon by combining a ruffle-trip smocked top from Maje with cute denim shorts.

Lilota Ruffle-trip Smocked Top


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  1. Lilota Ruffle-trip Smocked Top

Shin Ji-Yeon’s Look #7

Ji-Yeon’s snuggly grey heart patch cardigan from Commes Des Garcons is a must-have in our wardrobe.

Grey Heart Patch Cardigan


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  1. Grey Heart Patch Cardigan

Shin Ji-Yeon’s Look #8

For this look, Ji-Yeon paints a striking picture in an off-shoulder asymmetric shirtdress by Alexander Wang.

Off-shoulder Asymmetric Shirtdress


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  1. Off-shoulder Asymmetric Shirtdress

Shin Ji-Yeon’s Look #9

Ji-Yeon’s graceful sense of style is undeniable as she stuns in yet another dress from Maje.

Mixed-Material Midi Dress


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  1. Mixed-Material Midi Dress

Shin Ji-Yeon’s Look #10

Here is the sparkling long-sleeved cardigan from Maje that Ji-Yeon has on in this scene.

Sparkling Long-sleeved Cardigan


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  1. Sparkling Long-sleeved Cardigan

Song Ji-A’s Look #1

The glamourous Song Ji-A made heads turn as she stepped out in an iconic Balmain double-breasted tweed sleeveless dress.

Tweed Sleeveless Dress


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  1. Tweed Sleeveless Dress

Song Ji-A’s Look #2

Ji-A shows off her slim figure in a baby pink sleeveless mini dress from Isabel Marant that seems straight out of a fashion magazine. Moreover, the chandelier flower pearl choker necklace from NA TA NA added another touch of luxury to the overall look.

Sleeveless Mini Dress


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Pearl Choker Necklace


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  1. Sleeveless Mini Dress
  2. Pearl Choker Necklace

Song Ji-A’s Look #3

There is no doubt that Ji-A continues to impress us with her uber-chic fashion choices as she amazes in a cradle pink Gingham polo pullover and knit mini skirt by Alexander Wang. She complimented her outfit with a re-edition 2000 terry mini-bag from Prada.

Gingham Polo Pullover Top


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Gingham Knit Mini Skirt


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Re-Edition 2000 Terry Mini-bag


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  1. Gingham Polo Pullover Top
  2. Gingham Knit Mini Skirt
  3. Re-Edition 2000 Terry Mini-bag

Song Ji-A’s Look #4

Ji-A looked breathtakingly elegant in a breezy maxi dress from Fashion Nova. She accessorized the outfit with a pair of Primavera 20 earrings from OVT.

Cayman Islands Maxi Dress


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Primavera 20 Earring


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  1. Cayman Islands Maxi Dress
  2. Primavera 20 Earring

Song Ji-A’s Look #5

Here is another earring you can add to your collection. The one Ji-A has on in this scene is a pair of gold rush 02 drop earrings from OVT.

Gold Rush 02 Earrings


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  1. Gold Rush 02 Earrings

Kang So-Yeon’s Look

If you’re looking for some more beachy and summery outfits, look no further than Kang So-Yeon’s halter dress from DAZE DAYZ.

Limona Halter Dress


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  1. Limona Halter Dress

Choi Si-Hun’s Look #1

We must say that Choi Si-Hun’s oversized paisley shirt from INSTANTFUNK is the perfect blend of casual and trendy. And it’s no secret that he looks just as fine in it.

Oversized Paisley Shirt


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  1. Oversized Paisley Shirt

Choi Si-Hun’s Look #2

Si-Hun presents an easy-going and comfy outfit in the form of a color-blocked long sleeve polo shirt from INSTANTFUNK.

Color Block Polo Shirt


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  1. Color Block Polo Shirt

Seong Min-Ji’s Look #1

Seong Min-Ji makes a memorable impression in an attractive ruffle-trip smocked top and a matching floral ruffle midi skirt from Maje.

Lilota Ruffle-trip Smocked Top


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Jilota Floral Ruffle Midi Skirt


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  1. Lilota Ruffle-trip Smocked Top
  2. Jilota Floral Ruffle Midi Skirt

Seong Min-Ji’s Look #2

Sporting a laidback and casual look, Min-Ji looks just as loveable in a Beverly Hills cherry-print T-shirt from Gucci.

Beverly Hills Cherry-print T-shirt


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  1. Beverly Hills Cherry-print T-shirt

Moon Se-Hoon’s Look

For the final outfit today, we have Moon Se-Hoon in a yellow logo-patch zip-front jacket from Stone Island, looking every bit the definition of casual good looks.

Logo-patch Zip-front Jacket


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  1. Logo-patch Zip-front Jacket

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