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Here Are Some More Stylish Showdowns And Fashion Highlights From ‘Single’s Inferno 3’

Single's Inferno 3 Fashion - Episodes 6-8

We are back with another round of fashion highlights from the 3rd season of ‘Single’s Inferno’ and suffice it to say, there are a lot of memorable outfits from the hit reality show. Be it in the inferno or paradise, the interesting contestants flaunted a range of stylistic options that had us wanting more. The panel of hosts also dished out entertaining commentary in polished ensembles.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into exploring the outfits below.

A Fashion Breakdown On The Korean TV Show Single's Inferno 3

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‘Single’s Inferno 3’ Fashion Episodes 6-8

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Lee Da-Hee’s Look #1

Lee Da-Hee looked radiant in a cherry-themed ensemble by Dolce & Gabbana. She donned a cherry-print midi dress and amped up the appearance with a gold-tone logo cherry embellished necklace and matching earrings.

Cherry-print Midi Dress


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Embellished Cherry Logo Necklace


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Logo Cherry Embellished Earrings


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  1. Cherry-print Midi Dress
  2. Embellished Cherry Logo Necklace
  3. Logo Cherry Embellished Earrings

Lee Da-Hee’s Look #2

In the following episode, she modeled a Barbie-esque pink look with the help of a hot pink rib knit silk crop sweater and a Majolica print cotton maxi skirt, all from Dolce & Gabbana. She further accessorized with the same brand’s gold-tone logo choker necklace and clip-on drop earrings.

Rib Knit Silk Crop Sweater


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Majolica Print Cotton Maxi Skirt


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Logo Choker Necklace


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Gold Clip-On Logo Earrings


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  1. Rib Knit Silk Crop Sweater
  2. Majolica Print Cotton Maxi Skirt
  3. Logo Choker Necklace
  4. Gold Clip-On Logo Earrings

Kim Jin-Young’s Look

Kim Jin-Young rocked a double denim look, featuring a light blue tunnel lining denim jacket with a white irregular logo embroidery long sleeve T-shirt, both from 51PERCENT.

Tunnel Lining Denim Jacket


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Irregular Logo Embroidery Longsleeve


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Tunnel Lining Trouser


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  1. Tunnel Lining Denim Jacket
  2. Irregular Logo Embroidery Longsleeve
  3. Tunnel Lining Trouser

Kyuhyun’s Look

Kyunhyun seemed comfortable in a cute knit jumper sweater from Sandro, its yellow canvas speckled with shades of pink and green.

Knit Jumper Sweater


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  1. Knit Jumper Sweater

Cho Min-Ji’s Look #1

Cho Min-Ji got ready for one of the physical challenges in a black and white training light-support bra by Adidas.

Training Light-Support Bra


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  1. Training Light-Support Bra

Cho Min-Ji’s Look #2

She then wore a rose tweed mini dress from Sincethen that has quite the rugged chic appeal with its frayed edges.

Rose Tweed Mini Dress


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  1. Rose Tweed Mini Dress

Cho Min-Ji’s Look #3

The black off-shoulder smock top from ALLSAINTS Min-Ji’s wearing here is perfect for achieving an effortlessly fresh and stylish look.

Lara Initium Top


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  1. Lara Initium Top

Cho Min-Ji’s Look #4

She looked amazing in an ALLSAINTS strapless denim dress with an elegant princess seam and peplum detail.

Andy Strapless Denim Dress


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  1. Andy Strapless Denim Dress

Cho Min-Ji’s Look #5

Her distinguished light purple string frill one-piece dress is from SWIMCITY WORLDWIDE.

String Frill One Piece


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  1. String Frill One Piece

Cho Min-Ji’s Look #6

Min-Ji changed into a casual look, pairing an Adidas Originals three-stripe button crop top in black with lilac cargo joggers.

Three Stripe Crop Top


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  1. Three Stripe Crop Top

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #1

Kim Gyu-Ri opted for a pink V-neck cardigan by MARDI MERCREDI with a blue embroidered flower design to lounge on the island.

Raccoon Blended Cardigan V Neck


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  1. Raccoon Blended Cardigan V Neck

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #2

This incredibly pretty China red embroidered corset from Crème Su‘s Chinoiserie Porcelain collection was the highlight of her dainty outfit. To complete the look, she clutched a black Lady Dior micro bag.

Chinoiserie Porcelain Embroidered Corset


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Lady Dior Micro Bag


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  1. Chinoiserie Porcelain Embroidered Corset
  2. Lady Dior Micro Bag

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #3

Gyu-Ri’s crescent moon-print black bikini from Marine Serre is a much-coveted look for a swim in the pool.

Crescent Moon-print Bikini


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  1. Crescent Moon-print Bikini

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #4

In the next outfit, she wore a sophisticated charcoal tube top with cool cutting details, matched with a pleated skirt, both from CITYBREEZE. She added a captivating touch with a black and silver Vivienne Westwood orb three-row choker to elevate the look.

Cutting Detail Tube Top


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Fold Pleats Skirt


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Messaline Orb Three-row Choker


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  1. Cutting Detail Tube Top
  2. Fold Pleats Skirt
  3. Messaline Orb Three-row Choker

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #5

Pink is definitely Gyu-Ri’s color as proven by this tweed bustier from OZLANA she wore on her date to Paradise.

Shell Born Tweed Bustier


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Faux Pearl Bas Relief Choker


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  1. Shell Born Tweed Bustier
  2. Faux Pearl Bas Relief Choker

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #6

She showcased another one of her enviable denim fits in the form of an indigo blue bow-detailing denim mini dress from Self-Portrait.

Bow-detailing Denim Mini Dress


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  1. Bow-detailing Denim Mini Dress

Lee Jin-Seok’s Look #1

Lee Jin-Seok pulled off a pastel pink grandad-collar striped cotton-poplin shirt from ISABEL MARANT with a confident flair.

Grandad-Collar Striped Shirt


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  1. Grandad-Collar Striped Shirt

Lee Jin-Seok’s Look #2

He was the embodiment of dashing in a twill master black shirt from Carhartt WIP that contrasted his earlier outfit.

Carhartt Wip Master Shirt


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  1. Carhartt Wip Master Shirt

Lee Gwan-Hee’s Look #1

Lee Gwan-Hee‘s mint green Jacquemus embroidered logo T-shirt is a simple yet refreshing look.

Raphia Embroidered Logo T-shirt


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  1. Raphia Embroidered Logo T-shirt

Lee Gwan-Hee’s Look #2

He put on a playful green smile daisy logo t-shirt from TRIPSHION in this scene.

Smile Daisy Logo T-shirt


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  1. Smile Daisy Logo T-shirt

Lee Gwan-Hee’s Look #3

Gwan-Hee traded his green shirt from the inferno for a red smile daisy logo T-shirt, also from TRIPSHION, for his paradise date.

Smile Daisy Logo T-shirt


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  1. Smile Daisy Logo T-shirt

Choi Hye-Seon’s Look #1

Choi Hye-Seon sported a Manhattan black denim crop top from PARSLEY in this memorable challenge.

Denim Crop Top


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  1. Denim Crop Top

Choi Hye-Seon’s Look #2

For a cute beachy look, she stepped out in a black solid halter tank top from CIDER.

Solid Halter Tank Top


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  1. Solid Halter Tank Top

Choi Hye-Seon’s Look #3

Hye-Seon in a green cross-back cami dress from Chicwish is a sight to behold.

Cross Back Cami Dress


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  1. Cross Back Cami Dress

Choi Hye-Seon’s Look #4

She put on a quirky white layered halter neck top from TARGETTO.

Layered Halter Neck Sleeveless


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  1. Layered Halter Neck Sleeveless

Yu Si-Eun’s Look

Yu Si-Eun dazzled in a striking yellow ruffle neck linen midi dress by & Other Stories styled with Bulgari‘s Divas’ Dream rose-gold, diamond-pearl earrings.

Ruffle Neck Linen Midi Dress


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Divas' Dream Earrings


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  1. Ruffle Neck Linen Midi Dress
  2. Divas' Dream Earrings

Yun Ha-Jeong’s Look

Yun Ha-Jeong‘s straw yellow ribbed-knit halterneck top from SANDRO is chic and versatile.

Ribbed-knit Halterneck Top


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  1. Ribbed-knit Halterneck Top

Park Min-Kyu’s Look #1

Park Min-Kyu stole the scene in his beige olive oil mesh vest from IOEDLE.

Olive Oil Mesh Vest


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  1. Olive Oil Mesh Vest

Park Min-Kyu’s Look #2

He also wore a light green and white stripe-pattern short-sleeve polo shirt with a black collar from Sunnei.

Stripe-pattern Polo Shirt


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  1. Stripe-pattern Polo Shirt

So Won-Ik’s Look

In the final look for today, we have So Won-Ik in a red and beige striped mesh eyelet collared cardigan from IOEDLE.

Striped Mesh Eyelet Cardigan


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  1. Striped Mesh Eyelet Cardigan

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