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The Glamorous Contestants And Hosts of ‘Single’s Inferno 3’ Leave Not A Single Dull Fashion Moment In The Show

Single's Inferno 3 Fashion - Episodes 1-5

Netflix’s hit dating show ‘Single’s Inferno’ triumphantly returned with its highly anticipated 3rd season, promising another captivating experience with new twists and turns. One notable element is the addition of Kim Jin-Young (Dex) of season 2 fame to the panel of hosts that features Lee Da-Hee, Hong Jin-Kyung, Kyuhyun, and Hanhae.

The show has everything from beautiful visuals to dramatic moments to wonderful summery fashion. With 5 hosts and 12 contestants, there is not a single dull fashion beat in sight. So naturally, we have compiled the outfits showcased in the first five episodes of the show. Be sure not to miss out on any below.

A Fashion Breakdown On The Korean TV Show Single's Inferno 3

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‘Single’s Inferno 3’ Fashion Episodes 1-5

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Lee Da-Hee’s Look #1

For her first appearance on the show, it is no surprise that Lee Da-Hee looked amazing in a butterflies and ladybugs polka dot-print black dress by Versace x Dua Lipa. Her crystal butterfly chain necklace of the same collection matched the playful theme.

Polka Dot-print Dress


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Crystal Butterflies Chain Necklace


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  1. Polka Dot-print Dress
  2. Crystal Butterflies Chain Necklace

Lee Da-Hee’s Look #2

She then wore a shirring boat neck top in black from SETSETSET for a sleek and elegant outfit.

Shirring Boat Neck Top


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  1. Shirring Boat Neck Top

Lee Da-Hee’s Look #3

Da-Hee’s navy multi ensemble from EENK features a U-neck mini vest and side slit straight pants, creating an effortlessly refined look.

Wena U-Neck Mini Vest


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Welda Side Slit Straight Pants


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  1. Wena U-Neck Mini Vest
  2. Welda Side Slit Straight Pants

Kyuhyun’s Look

Kyuhyun doled out insightful commentary in a beige cardigan from AMI PARIS paired with a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans.

Beige Ami de Cœur Cardigan


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  1. Beige Ami de Cœur Cardigan

Kim Jin-Young’s Look #1

Kim Jin-Young is not only hilarious with his one-liners but also stylish in a light pink compass-patch cotton-hemp jacket from Stone Island.

Compass-patch Jacket


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  1. Compass-patch Jacket

Kim Jin-Young’s Look #2

Here, he cut a laid-back yet dashing figure in Ferragamo‘s grey drawstring wool hooded jacket and straight-leg tailored trousers.

Drawstring Wool Hooded Jacket


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Straight-leg Tailored Trousers


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  1. Drawstring Wool Hooded Jacket
  2. Straight-leg Tailored Trousers

Choi Hye-Seon’s Look #1

Now onto the contestants, Choi Hye-Seon made a memorable first impression in an ecru embroidered midi dress from Jacquemus that brought out her best features.

Embroidered Midi Dress


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  1. Embroidered Midi Dress

Choi Hye-Seon’s Look #2

This floral-print cut-out chiffon minidress from ISABEL MARANT perfectly complemented her bubbly personality.

Floral-print Cut-out Minidress


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  1. Floral-print Cut-out Minidress

Choi Hye-Seon’s Look #3

For the iconic paradise pool date, she changed into a blue solid criss-cross halter underwire bikini set from CIDER.

Bikini Set


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  1. Bikini Set

Choi Hye-Seon’s Look #4

Hye-Seon’s sky blue denim tube top dress from KIMHEKIM has quite the trendy appeal that she balanced with a timeless one-row imitation pearl choker from Vivienne Westwood. Moreover, her off-white oversized quilted crossbody bag from COS is such a cute addition to the outfit.

Emma Denim Tube Top Dress


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One Row Imitation Pearl Choker


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Oversized Quilted Crossbody


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  1. Emma Denim Tube Top Dress
  2. One Row Imitation Pearl Choker
  3. Oversized Quilted Crossbody

Choi Hye-Seon’s Look #5

She delivered another chic look in a red halter neckline knit maxi dress from CIDER.

Halter Neckline Knit Maxi Dress


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  1. Halter Neckline Knit Maxi Dress

Choi Hye-Seon’s Look #6

Hye-Seon styled a light bandeau-cut tankini top from Blackbough Swim with frayed blue denim shorts for an ultimate beach outfit.

Elya Tankini Top


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  1. Elya Tankini Top

Choi Hye-Seon’s Look #7

She continued to impress her with her diverse fits as she stunned in a flower pattern frill mini dress from NOT YOUR ROSE.

Frill Mini Dress


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  1. Frill Mini Dress

Choi Hye-Seon’s Look #8

Hye-Seon’s black ribbed mini dress from FASHIONNOVA seems very comfortable and versatile. It looked particularly great when she paired it with a green cardigan.

Leylah Ribbed Mini Dress


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  1. Leylah Ribbed Mini Dress

Choi Min-Woo’s Look #1

Choi Min-Woo pulled off a modelesque appearance in a basil green island short-sleeved shirt from ALLSAINTS.

Timor Short Sleeve Shirt


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  1. Timor Short Sleeve Shirt

Choi Min-Woo’s Look #2

He looked just as striking in a blue oversized anorak hoodie by Mark Gonzalez.

Oversized Hoodie Anorak


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  1. Oversized Hoodie Anorak

An Min-Young’s Look

An Min-Young introduced herself in an orange cut-out tailored mini dress from Maje that combined the sophistication of a blazer with the flattering silhouette of a mini dress.

Cut-out Tailored Minidress


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  1. Cut-out Tailored Minidress

Lee Gwan-Hee’s Look #1

Lee Gwan-Hee made his way into the inferno in an indigo blue clover shadow leather patch denim shirt from IOEDLE paired with black trousers. It is a simple and confident look.

Leather Patch Denim Shirt


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  1. Leather Patch Denim Shirt

Lee Gwan-Hee’s Look #2

He then wore a black oversized logo sweatshirt from ZEGNA, as seen here.

Oversized Logo Sweatshirt


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  1. Oversized Logo Sweatshirt

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #1

Kim Gyu-Ri exuded a quiet feminine charm in a rose pink floral-appliqué ruffled halterneck minidress from Blumarine.

Ruffled Halterneck Minidress


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  1. Ruffled Halterneck Minidress

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #2

Pink is her color as she was equally appealing in a matte ice pink top and skort, both from KAHARA, with super pretty rose and bird lace details.

Rose All Over Top


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Reiga 303 Pink


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  1. Rose All Over Top
  2. Reiga 303 Pink

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #3

She sported a black logo-plaque ribbed-knit cropped top from Diesel for a modish look.

Logo-plaque Cropped Top


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  1. Logo-plaque Cropped Top

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #4

Gyu-Ri tied a rose and grey Dior Oblique Diortwin square scarf around her white tube top, elevating her outfit to the next level with this creative and stylish choice.

Square Scarf


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  1. Square Scarf

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #5

She then rocked a washed denim paneled tube top from AFTERHOURS with a pair of matching denim pants.

Denim Panelled Tube Top


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  1. Denim Panelled Tube Top

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #6

In another look, she flaunted a figure-hugging black cut-out crepe-draped strapless mini dress from Off-White.

Draped Strapless Mini Dress


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  1. Draped Strapless Mini Dress

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #7

Gyu-Ri’s green ruffled long flowy dress from Sincethen has a summery, refreshing vibe which is an ideal attire on an outdoor sunny day.

Ruffled Long Dress


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  1. Ruffled Long Dress

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #8

For the beach challenge, she wore a coral sky shirring bikini top and high briefs, all from DAZE DAYZ.

CR Sky Shirring Bikini Top


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CR Sky High Brief


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  1. CR Sky Shirring Bikini Top
  2. CR Sky High Brief

Kim Gyu-Ri’s Look #9

Gyu-Ri put together a preppy style from CIDER, which is a mix of vintage and modern, with the help of a sky blue double-breasted tweed collared crop top and a coordinating mini pleated skirt.

Tweed Collared Crop Top


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Plaid Tweed Mini Pleated Skirt


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  1. Tweed Collared Crop Top
  2. Plaid Tweed Mini Pleated Skirt

Yun Ha-Bin’s Look

In a classic combination of red and black, Yun Ha-Bin drew us in with his red embroidered V-neck sweatshirt from ACNE STUDIOS.

Embroidered V Neck


Buy from here
  1. Embroidered V Neck

Yun Ha-Jeong’s Look #1

Yun Ha-Jeong made an elegant entrance to the show in a light turquoise lace-trimmed slip dress from H&M.

Lace-trimmed Slip Dress


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  1. Lace-trimmed Slip Dress

Yun Ha-Jeong’s Look #2

She looked utterly radiant in a biscotti A-line midi dress from STAUD. Its muted beige shade suited her coloring.

Wells Dress


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  1. Wells Dress

Park Min-Kyu’s Look

Park Min-Kyu stood out in a green logo-embroidered striped shirt from ETRO that accentuated his broad frame.

Logo-embroidered Striped Shirt


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  1. Logo-embroidered Striped Shirt

Yu Si-Eun’s Look #1

Yu Si-Eun turned heads in a white halterneck Bohima dress by LoveShackFancy x REVOLVE with a cutout design and dainty lace trim.

Bohima Dress


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  1. Bohima Dress

Yu Si-Eun’s Look #2

For an adorable ensemble, she wore a buttery shade V-neck gathered woven midi dress from MAJE with crystal-embellished mules from MANOLO BLAHNIK.

Gathered Woven Midi Dress


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Fibionabi PVC mules


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  1. Gathered Woven Midi Dress
  2. Fibionabi PVC mules

Yu Si-Eun’s Look #3

Si-Eun’s black lace midi dress from SANDRO is a piece of art with its exquisite floral lace and textured trim. It goes without saying that she gracefully owned the look.

Emeline Lace Midi Dress


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  1. Emeline Lace Midi Dress

So Won-Ik’s Look

No one carries off pink like So Won-Ik on the show. This pink crochet open-collar short-sleeved knit shirt from THE KNIT COMPANY is Exhibit A of that statement.

Crochet Open Collar Half Knit


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  1. Crochet Open Collar Half Knit

Cho Min-Ji’s Look #1

Cho Min-Ji came mid-way through the show to shake things up and she did not disappoint. She also delivered in terms of style with a sequin-embellished monogram mini dress from Philipp Plein for one of her first looks.

Monogram Mini Dress


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  1. Monogram Mini Dress

Cho Min-Ji’s Look #2

She opted for a casual look with an ivory graphic color point t-shirt from PLAC.

Graphic Color Point T-shirt


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  1. Graphic Color Point T-shirt

Cho Min-Ji’s Look #3

Min-Ji’s cream-shade sequin-embellished knitted minidress from Self-Portrait is certainly an unforgettable look that was made even better with the addition of DIOR TRIBALES’ antique gold-finish metal with white resin pearls earrings.

Sequin-embellished Knitted Minidress


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Dior Tribales Earrings


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  1. Sequin-embellished Knitted Minidress
  2. Dior Tribales Earrings

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