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The Cast Of 'Single's Inferno 2' Showcased Some Of The Best Beachwear Fashion Seen On Television

Single's Inferno 2 Fashion

The second season of the hit reality dating show ‘Single’s Inferno’ dropped on December 13, 2022. Presenters Lee Da-Hee, Hong Jin-Kyung, Kyuhyun, and Hanhae made regular appearances on the show, reprising their roles from season 1.

While the 12 contestants were charming and entertaining to watch, the highlight of the season was the incredible fashion pieces worn by them. Here is a list of the range of beachy outfits showcased in the ten episodes of the season. Don’t miss out on the fashionable bits!

A Fashion Breakdown On The Korean TV Show Single's Inferno 2

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‘Single’s Inferno 2’ Fashion

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Lee Da-Hee’s Look #1

Lee Da-Hee opened the season in a royal blue Versace knitted midi dress with a pair of Medusa-plaque safety-pin earrings, also from Versace, to go with the look.

La Greca Knitted Midi Dress


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Safety-pin Earrings


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  1. La Greca Knitted Midi Dress
  2. Safety-pin Earrings

Lee Da-Hee’s Look #2

She then looked stunning in a graphic-print square-neck midi dress from Dolce & Gabbana. The accessories from the same brand completed the outfit.

Graphic-print Midi Dress


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Oversize Logo Clip-on Earrings


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Rhinestone-embellished Bracelet


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Quadruple Embellished Ring


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  1. Graphic-print Midi Dress
  2. Oversize Logo Clip-on Earrings
  3. Rhinestone-embellished Bracelet
  4. Quadruple Embellished Ring

Lee Da-Hee’s Look #3

Here, she wore a zebra-print long-sleeve dress with a logo charm necklace and crystal-embellished earrings, all from Dolce & Gabbana.

Zebra-print Long-sleeve Dress


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DG Charm Necklace


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DG Crystal-embellished Earrings


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  1. Zebra-print Long-sleeve Dress
  2. DG Charm Necklace
  3. DG Crystal-embellished Earrings

Lee Da-Hee’s Look #4

In signature Valentino pink, Da-Hee pulled off this wavy sequined oversized mini dress without much effort. She elevated the look with these chic V-logo crystal-embellished gold-tone earrings from Valentino.

Wavy Sequined Oversized Minidress


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Crystal-Embellished Earrings


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  1. Wavy Sequined Oversized Minidress
  2. Crystal-Embellished Earrings

Lee Da-Hee’s Look #5

Da-Hee then changed into a flower tube top sleeveless midi dress from DINT for the following episode. Moreover, Valentino’s V-logo hair clip and crystal-embellished gold-tone earrings made the outfit even better.

Flower Sleeveless Midi Dress


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Crystal-Embellished Earrings


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Garavani VLOGO Hair Clip


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  1. Flower Sleeveless Midi Dress
  2. Crystal-Embellished Earrings
  3. Garavani VLOGO Hair Clip

Lee Nadine’s Look #1

Break-out contestant Lee Nadine‘s first look was in a green logo-charm open cardigan from Jacquemus worn over a white tube top.

Logo-charm Open Cardigan


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  1. Logo-charm Open Cardigan

Lee Nadine’s Look #2

Next up, Nadine’s top and skirt with fringe hem detail seen in this episode are from 124office.

Ginie Top


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Ginie Skirt


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  1. Ginie Top
  2. Ginie Skirt

Lee Nadine’s Look #3

She then wore a pink shirring tube top from ODD ONE OUT for a cute beachy look.

Shirring Tube Top


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  1. Shirring Tube Top

Lee Nadine’s Look #4

In another fresh outfit, Nadine styled a paisley print tie-back blouse from CIDER with beige formal pants.

Paisley Print Tie Back Blouse


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  1. Paisley Print Tie Back Blouse

Lee Nadine’s Look #5

Nadine’s trendy off-white blouse from RECTO is a look to covet for a summery day out.

Off-White Malecon Blouse


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  1. Off-White Malecon Blouse

Lee Nadine’s Look #6

She cut a stunning figure in a black ruched-detailed long dress from Cinq A Sept, complete with a small crossbody bag from Saint Laurent with beaded peacock detail.

Lee Nadine’s Look #7

This denim corset top from H&M looks simple and chic on Nadine.

Denim Corset Top


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  1. Denim Corset Top

Lee Nadine’s Look #8

We then see her in a blue solid cowl neck mini dress from CIDER which is just the perfect outfit for a date night out.

Solid Cowl Neck Mini Dress


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  1. Solid Cowl Neck Mini Dress

Lee Nadine’s Look #9

Nadine then paired a multicolor beach getaway halter top, also from CIDER, with a black mini skirt.

Beach Getaway Halter Top


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  1. Beach Getaway Halter Top

Lee Nadine’s Look #10

She opted for a white ruched one-shoulder midi-dress from CINQ À SEPT for a serene and elegant look in one of the later episodes.

Ruched One-Shoulder Dress


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  1. Ruched One-Shoulder Dress

Lee Nadine’s Look #11

Strappy Cut-Out Midi Dress


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  1. Strappy Cut-Out Midi Dress

Shin Seul-Ki’s Look #1

Shin Seul-Ki‘s white taffeta bow mini dress from Self-Portrait is one of our favorite looks from the show.

Taffeta Bow Mini Dress


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  1. Taffeta Bow Mini Dress

Shin Seul-Ki’s Look #2

She went on to look utterly captivating in a Self-Portrait red midi dress in textured lace.

Shin Seul-Ki’s Look #3

Blue is a good color on Seul-Ki as proven by this French Riveria printed lace romper from Fashion Nova.

Printed Lace Romper


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  1. Printed Lace Romper

Shin Seul-Ki’s Look #4

This beautiful white crocheted lace-paneled cotton-blend mini dress worn by Seul-Ki is from CHARO RUIZ.

Crocheted Lace-paneled Dress


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  1. Crocheted Lace-paneled Dress

Shin Seul-Ki’s Look #5

Seul-Ki’s stylish outfit here is composed of a beige ribbed polo shirt and a mini skirt, both from MAJE. She also carried a mini leather bucket bag from Gucci to complete the look.

Ribbed Short Sleeve Sweater


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Ribbed-knit Mini Skirt


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GG Marmont Mini Bucket Bag


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  1. Ribbed Short Sleeve Sweater
  2. Ribbed-knit Mini Skirt
  3. GG Marmont Mini Bucket Bag

Shin Seul-Ki’s Look #6

Her white swan bikini bra and high-waisted brief are all from Angel Swimwear.

Swan Bikini Bra


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Swan Bikini High-waisted Brief


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  1. Swan Bikini Bra
  2. Swan Bikini High-waisted Brief

Shin Seul-Ki’s Look #7

Seul-Ki turned heads in a floral smocked off-the-shoulder dress from H&M.

Off-the-shoulder Dress


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  1. Off-the-shoulder Dress

Shin Seul-Ki’s Look #8

Wearing a pink cable-knit short-sleeve cotton jumper from Polo Ralph Lauren with a denim skirt, Seul-Ki assembled a classic outfit combination.

Cable-knit Short-sleeve Jumper


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  1. Cable-knit Short-sleeve Jumper

Shin Seul-Ki’s Look #9

This fluffy cropped knitted cardigan from Self-Portrait is another cute item from her wardrobe.

Fluffy Cropped Knitted Cardigan


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  1. Fluffy Cropped Knitted Cardigan

Shin Seul-Ki’s Look #10

Her laid-back cotton-blend sweatshirt is from Isabel Marant Étoile.

Moby Cotton-blend Sweatshirt


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  1. Moby Cotton-blend Sweatshirt

Shin Seul-Ki’s Look #11

Here, she wore a strawberry tweed dress from seooocookie and had this stylish small lady Dior bag on her arm.

Strawberry Tweed Dress


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Small Lady Dior Bag


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  1. Strawberry Tweed Dress
  2. Small Lady Dior Bag

Shin Seul-Ki’s Look #12

She looked out of this world in a beautiful floral-print mini dress from ZIMMERMANN.

Floral-print Mini Dress


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  1. Floral-print Mini Dress

Choi Seo-Eun’s Look #1

Choi Seo-Eun made a memorable impression walking down the path in a white falling off-shoulder ruched dress from Alexander Wang.

Falling Off-shoulder Dress


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  1. Falling Off-shoulder Dress

Choi Seo-Eun’s Look #2

She wore a yellow and black color block dress from FAYEWOO in this scene.

Color Block Dress


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  1. Color Block Dress

Choi Seo-Eun’s Look #3

Seo-Eun paired a black intarsia-logo cardigan from Nº21 with a red top for a look that is both comfortable and striking.

Intarsia-logo Cardigan


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  1. Intarsia-logo Cardigan

Choi Seo-Eun’s Look #4

Here, she wore a blue chain-cropped bolero cardigan from LIPHOP.

Chain Cropped Bolero


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  1. Chain Cropped Bolero

Choi Seo-Eun’s Look #5

This sultry outfit of Seo-Eun features a light blue backless satin dress from QUERY and a gray jacquard Montaigne bag from Dior.

Query Backless Satin Dress


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30 Montaigne Bag


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  1. Query Backless Satin Dress
  2. 30 Montaigne Bag

Choi Seo-Eun’s Look #6

Seo-Eun’s lime green knit mini one-piece from INSTANTFUNK makes up for a distinctive outfit. She carried a super mini Gucci bag in pastel green to match the dress.

Color Mix Knit Mini One Piece


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Dionysus Super Mini Bag


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  1. Color Mix Knit Mini One Piece
  2. Dionysus Super Mini Bag

Choi Seo-Eun’s Look #7

As to where this yet another green ribbed-knit buckle-strap dress came from, Seo-Eun got it from Andersson Bell.

Ribbed-knit Buckle-strap Dress


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  1. Ribbed-knit Buckle-strap Dress

Choi Seo-Eun’s Look #8

She put together a lightweight white dress from Zara with matching white Dr. Martens sandals.

Stretch Linen Blend Dress


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Nartilla White Sandal


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  1. Stretch Linen Blend Dress
  2. Nartilla White Sandal

Choi Seo-Eun’s Look #9

This medium-fit hoodie from Balenciaga is the ultimate comfort clothing for a relaxed stay at home.

Medium Fit Hoodie


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  1. Medium Fit Hoodie

Choi Seo-Eun’s Look #10

Seo-Eun also wore a peach off-the-shoulder mesh-paneled ruffled knitted midi dress from ALEXANDER MCQUEEN.

Off-the-shoulder Ruffled Dress


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  1. Off-the-shoulder Ruffled Dress

Choi Seo-Eun’s Look #11

Lee So-E’s Look #1

The adorable Lee So-E made her entrance wearing a light blue lace mini dress from Self-Portrait.

Geo Guipure Lace Mini Dress


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  1. Geo Guipure Lace Mini Dress

Lee So-E’s Look #2

For a casually pretty look, she wore a sky-blue cardigan from CIDER with a white denim mini skirt.

Lee So-E’s Look #3

This ivory lace-trim mini dress from SANDRO is another great outfit of So-E that is worth emulating.

Alaya Lace-trim Minidress


Buy from here
  1. Alaya Lace-trim Minidress

Park Se-Jeong’s Look #1

For today’s final look, we have Park Se-Jeong in a gold tweed halter-neck top from SOFT SEOUL.

Kises Tweed Halter-neck Top


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  1. Kises Tweed Halter-neck Top

Park Se-Jeong’s Look #2

White Handkerchief Camisole


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Serendipity Crossbody Bag


Buy from here
  1. White Handkerchief Camisole
  2. Serendipity Crossbody Bag

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