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Shin Hye-Sun’s Fashion As Cho Sam-Dal In K-Drama ‘Welcome To Samdal-ri’ Episodes 1-4

Welcome To Samdal-ri Fashion - Shin Hye-Sun - Episodes 1-4

Shin Hye-Sun has been the subject of admiration in the rom-com K-drama ‘Welcome To Samdal-ri’ since its premiere on December 2. In her role as Cho Sam-Dal, she’s not just winning hearts with her exceptional acting skills but also taking viewers’ breath away with her diverse fashion statements. Each episode showcases her versatile style, ranging from elegantly classy to casual chic and beyond. 

Let’s dive into a roundup of her best fashion moments from episodes 1 to 4 of the series and draw some inspiration from her stunning wardrobe choices!

Shin Hye-Sun's Fashion in Korean Drama 'Welcome To Samdal-ri' Episodes 1-4

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Shin Hye-sun’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Welcome To Samdal-ri’ Episodes 1-4

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Look #1

Hye-Sun set the series in motion with a chic fashion statement, perfectly complemented by her Gucci Horsebit 1955 top handle bag.

Horsebit 1955 Top Handle Bag


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  1. Horsebit 1955 Top Handle Bag

Look #2

She radiated sleek and elegant vibes while wearing a fashionable peaked oversized jacket from AVA MOLLI.

Welcome To Samdal-ri Kdrama Fashion - Shin Hye-Sun - Episode 1-2

Peaked Oversized Double Jacket


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  1. Peaked Oversized Double Jacket

Look #3

Even in casual wear, Hye-sun didn’t lose a bit of her fashion edge, all thanks to her cute stripe sailor zip-up knit by LOW CLASSIC.

Stripe Sailor Zip-up Knit


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  1. Stripe Sailor Zip-up Knit

Look #4

She sported a casual chic ensemble that’s worth noting, featuring an ODDSTUDIO ‘Come and Join Us’ graphic overfit T-shirt, topped off with a Levi’s boyfriend trucker jacket.

Ex-boyfriend Trucker Jacket


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Graphic Overfit T-shirt


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  1. Ex-boyfriend Trucker Jacket
  2. Graphic Overfit T-shirt

Look #5

Without compromising style for comfort, the cute actress sported a stylish MAINBOOTH oversized half-duffle coat and finished off with a JOY GRYSON black Serendipity crossbody bag.

Welcome To Samdal-ri Kdrama Fashion - Shin Hye-Sun - Episode 3-1

Oversized Half Duffle Coat


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Serendipity Crossbody Bag


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  1. Oversized Half Duffle Coat
  2. Serendipity Crossbody Bag

Look #6

Hye-Sun continued her streak of cute, cozy fashion, this time wearing an oval half-zip-up with matching sweatpants from TYPESERVICE.

Welcome To Samdal-ri Kdrama Fashion - Shin Hye-Sun - Episode 3-2

Oval Half Zip-Up


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Unisex Oval Sweatpants


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  1. Oval Half Zip-Up
  2. Unisex Oval Sweatpants

Look #7

Her fashion game was spot-on as she paired a fashionable NIKE brown shell jacket with a chic Tout Y Est bag.

Shell Jackets


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Sac Dico


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  1. Shell Jackets
  2. Sac Dico

Look #8

The screen lit up with her cuteness as she wore a gorgeous Polo Ralph Lauren pony-striped cable-knit sweater.

Striped Cable Knitted Sweater


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  1. Striped Cable Knitted Sweater

Look #9

Striking blue was her color of choice for this scene, showcased in a TRUNK PROJECT logo cropped sweatshirt and matching waistband lounge pants.

Welcome To Samdal-ri Kdrama Fashion - Shin Hye-Sun - Episode 4-3

Logo Cropped Sweatshirt


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Double Waist Band Pants


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  1. Logo Cropped Sweatshirt
  2. Double Waist Band Pants

Look #10

She was the epitome of fashion when she donned a super stylish Catherine puffer vest from Nyhavn.

Catherine Puffer Vest


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  1. Catherine Puffer Vest

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