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Park Min-Young's Fashion As Choi Sang-Eun In K-Drama 'Love In Contract' Episodes 9-10

Love In Contract Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episodes 9-10

Picking up where we left off ‘Love In Contract’ last time, we are here to dissect another range of outfits showcased by the immensely talented and forever fashionable Park Min-Young. There is little doubt that her impeccable style as Choi Sang-Eun continues to be one of the highlights of the drama.

So, don’t miss out on the stunning picks below.

Park Min-Young's Fashion in Korean Drama Love In Contract Episodes 9-10

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Park Min-Young’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Love In Contract’ Episodes 9-10

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Look #1

Min-Young’s effortlessly stylish look in episode 9 paired a pink monogram short dress from Givenchy with an ivory alpaca knit bolero from INSTANTFUNK. She opted for Jimmy Choo‘s glitter pumps and its micro tote bag to elevate the fairly simple outfit without overwhelming it. Also, these lovely daisy earrings from Damiani added the right amount of glamor to the overall appearance.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 9-1
Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 9-1

Alpaca-blend Knit Bolero


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Short Dress


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Margherita Earrings


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Micro Bon Bon Tote Bag


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Saeda 100mm Glitter Pumps


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  1. Alpaca-blend Knit Bolero
  2. Short Dress
  3. Margherita Earrings
  4. Micro Bon Bon Tote Bag
  5. Saeda 100mm Glitter Pumps

Look #2

In a rare off-duty look from episode 10, she relaxed in a cozy gold cardigan from NOPROMISE.

Pearl V Cardigan


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  1. Pearl V Cardigan

Look #3

For this delicately feminine outfit, Min-Young wore a silk and linen blend crop top and a matching ruffle skirt, both from ALLSAINTS, complete with a one-stud crossbody bag from Valentino.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 10-2
Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 10-2

Ria Soleil Crop Top


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Ria Soleil Skirt


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One Stud Crossbody Bag


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  1. Ria Soleil Crop Top
  2. Ria Soleil Skirt
  3. One Stud Crossbody Bag

Look #4

Depending on your mood, this fitted rug top from Vivienne Westwood would suit both indoor and outdoor styles. Here, Min-Young wore it at home for a comfortable stay.  

  1. Rug Top

Look #5

This outfit of Min-Young’s combines a postcard shirt mini dress from Zimmermann with a heart necklace from ellepeut and its matching earrings, mesh sunglasses from Gentle Monster, and white heeled sandals from MAISON MARGIELA. She then added a blue silk scarf from SAINT LUXURE to strengthen the sophisticated mood of the outfit.

Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 10-4
Love In Contract Kdrama Fashion - Park Min-Young - Episode 10-4

Postcard Shirt Mini Dress


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Pesh Sunglasses


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New Heart Necklace


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New Heart Earring


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Dan Burr Scarf Blue


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White Tabi Heeled Sandals


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  1. Postcard Shirt Mini Dress
  2. Pesh Sunglasses
  3. New Heart Necklace
  4. New Heart Earring
  5. Dan Burr Scarf Blue
  6. White Tabi Heeled Sandals

Look #6

Min-Young’s final attire for today is a chic one where she dressed in BAU by Bride And You‘s pink sleeveless dress and pointed collar short tweed cape. Also, the crystal-embellished headband from Jennifer Behr complimented her hairstyle.

Pointed Collar Short Tweed Cape


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Sleeveless A-Line Dress


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Crystal-embellished Headband


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  1. Pointed Collar Short Tweed Cape
  2. Sleeveless A-Line Dress
  3. Crystal-embellished Headband

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