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TXT Pulls Off Dark Aesthetic Outfits In The Music Video For ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’

TXT Good Boy Gone Bad MV Fashion

TXT released their 4th EP ‘minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’ with its title track ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’. The group diverted from their usual concept this time and decided to step into a darker aesthetic for the music video of the song. And we must say, the members perfectly delivered the tone with their bold fashion.

Here are the outfits showcased by TXT in the music video for this track.

A Fashion Breakdown On TXT's Good Boy Gone Bad MV

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TXT’s ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ MV Fashion

Beomgyu’s Look #1

For the first look, Beomgyu wore a lace-up fastening blouse from Saint Laurent and a pair of square-toe ankle boots from Balenciaga.

Lace-up Fastening Blouse


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Trooper Square-toe Ankle Boots


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  1. Lace-up Fastening Blouse
  2. Trooper Square-toe Ankle Boots

Beomgyu’s Look #2

Beomgyu’s all-black style in a Saint Laurent’s teddy 80s zip bomber jacket is captivating.

Teddy 80s Zip Bomber Jacket


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  1. Teddy 80s Zip Bomber Jacket

Taehyun’s Look #1

Taehyun is seen in a stunning red zip-up velvet jacket from Saint Laurent. He also wore tooth-pendant earrings from Simone Rocha to complement his look.

TXT Good Boy Gone Bad MV Kpop Fashion - Taehyun - Look 1

Zip-up Velvet Jacket


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Tooth-pendant Earrings


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  1. Zip-up Velvet Jacket
  2. Tooth-pendant Earrings

Huening Kai’s Look #1

Huening Kai in this victorian grilled blouse from Saint Laurent is a look we will remember for days.

Victorian Frilled Blouse


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  1. Victorian Frilled Blouse

Huening Kai’s Look #2

This black leather jacket sported by Huening Kai is from Saint Laurent as well.

Black Leather Jacket


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  1. Black Leather Jacket

Soobin’s Look #1

For this outfit, Soobin wore a logo detailed mesh tank top from Courrèges.

TXT Good Boy Gone Bad MV Kpop Fashion - Soobin - Look 1

Logo Detailed Mesh Tank Top


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  1. Logo Detailed Mesh Tank Top

Soobin’s Look #2

Soobin’s second look features a leopard jacquard silk shirt paired with a single-breasted blazer, both from Saint Laurent.

Single-breasted Blazer


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Leopard Jacquard Silk Shirt


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  2. Leopard Jacquard Silk Shirt

Yeonjun’s Look #1

Yeonjun‘s outfit here consists of a stylish printed mesh top from EGONLAB, a pair of black creeper turbo cyclops boots from RICK OWENS, and a key-charm earring from Courrèges.

Desenchanted Printed Mesh Top


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Creeper Turbo Cyclops Boots


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Key-charm Earring


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  2. Creeper Turbo Cyclops Boots
  3. Key-charm Earring

Yeonjun’s Look #2

For the final look today, we see Yeonjun in a Saint Laurent ensemble composed of a silk jacquard striped shirt and black lambskin skinny trousers.

Silk Jacquard Striped Shirt


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Black Lambskin Skinny Trousers


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  1. Silk Jacquard Striped Shirt
  2. Black Lambskin Skinny Trousers

Whose outfits do you like best?

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