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TWICE Sprinkled A Little Bit Of Everything Fashionable In The Music Video For 'Set Me Free'

The best part of the MV was the immaculate and diverse outfits showcased by the girls.

TWICE Set Me Free MV Fashion

TWICE are back with another chartbuster of a record. Accompanying the release of their mini-album ‘Ready To Be’ is the instantly catchy title track ‘Set Me Free’. The song has TWICE‘s signature chorus and point choreography which is hard to miss in the scenic music video.

But the best part of it was the immaculate and diverse fashion showcased by the girls. It had a little bit of everything, ranging from chic urban wear to elegant suits to splendid gowns.

A Fashion Breakdown On TWICE's Set Me Free MV

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TWICE’s ‘Set Me Free’ MV Fashion

Dahyun’s Look #1

First off, we have Dahyun in a white double arch white bustier mini dress from Dion Lee paired with a cropped faux fur jacket for a luxurious look.

Faux-fur Sleeved Bolero Jacket


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Double Arch Bustier Minidress


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  1. Faux-fur Sleeved Bolero Jacket
  2. Double Arch Bustier Minidress

Dahyun’s Look #2

Her next look features a runway-worthy combination of a camel-toned detailed blazer from ROKH and a light blue asymmetric slip dress from Materiel.

Multi-Buttonhole Detailed Blazer


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Asymmetric Slip Dress


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  1. Multi-Buttonhole Detailed Blazer
  2. Asymmetric Slip Dress

Dahyun’s Look #3

We can conclude that white is a great color on Dahyun with this cut-out tailored jacket from Coperni.

Cut-out Tailored Jacket


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  1. Cut-out Tailored Jacket

Jeongyeon’s Look #1

Jeongyeon stole this chorus scene in a desert damask corset from Marine Serre styled over a white crochet blouse.

Desert Damask Corset


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  1. Desert Damask Corset

Jeongyeon’s Look #2

She made an intimidating stance in an oversized blazer and matching navy wrap jeans from OTTOLINGER.

Navy Wrap Jeans


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  1. Navy Wrap Jeans

Jeongyeon’s Look #3

In another stylish look, Jeongyeon wore a double-breasted black blazer from Saint Laurent.

Double-breasted Blazer


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  1. Double-breasted Blazer

Tzuyu’s Look #1

Tzuyu‘s biker-inspired outfit consists of a grey and orange leather jacket from Diesel, a beige monogram spaghetti tank top from MISBHV, and a cargo-pocket mini skirt from Dion Lee.



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Monogram Spaghetti Tank Top


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Cargo-pocket Mini Skirt


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  1. L-Saskia
  2. Monogram Spaghetti Tank Top
  3. Cargo-pocket Mini Skirt

Tzuyu’s Look #2

The raglan racer jersey top seen on her is from Rhude.

Raglan Racer Jersey Top


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  1. Raglan Racer Jersey Top

Tzuyu’s Look #3

Wearing a black interlock cropped blazer from Dion Lee with lace-up slim trousers of the same brand, Tzuyu looks simply breathtaking.

Interlock Cropped Blazer


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Lace-up Slim Trousers


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  1. Interlock Cropped Blazer
  2. Lace-up Slim Trousers

Tzuyu’s Look #4

This cut-out mini dress from The Attico suits Tzuyu perfectly.

Greta Cut-out Mini Dress


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  1. Greta Cut-out Mini Dress

Jihyo’s Look #1

For fashionable streetwear, Jihyo‘s jacquard mock neck sweater from GIVENCHY and jet black logo-buckle leather belt from Diesel should be the first pick.

4g Jacquard Mockneck Sweater


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Cut-out Top


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Logo-buckle Leather Belt


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  1. 4g Jacquard Mockneck Sweater
  2. Cut-out Top
  3. Logo-buckle Leather Belt

Jihyo’s Look #2

Jihyo looked out of this world in a flame-print mini dress from Palm Angels.

Flame-print Minidress


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  1. Flame-print Minidress

Jihyo’s Look #3

As for her next look, she wore a grey reversed tank top skirt from GIVENCHY with pleated trousers from HYEIN SEO and black carter loafers from Alexander Wang.

Reversed Tank Top Skirt


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Gray Pleated Trousers


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Black Carter Loafers


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  1. Reversed Tank Top Skirt
  2. Gray Pleated Trousers
  3. Black Carter Loafers

Jihyo’s Look #4

Jihyo twinned with some of the members in a double-breasted blazer and guipure lace wide-leg trousers, both from Saint Laurent.

Double-breasted Blazer


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Guipure Lace Wide-leg Trousers


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  1. Double-breasted Blazer
  2. Guipure Lace Wide-leg Trousers

Mina’s Look #1

Mina embodied the hip-hop chic look by styling an Off-White ribbed logo-print vest with khaki-washed denim cargo pants from HYEIN SEO, complete with a logo-buckle belt from Diesel.

Ribbed Logo-print Vest


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Denim Cargo Pants


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Logo-buckle Belt


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  1. Ribbed Logo-print Vest
  2. Denim Cargo Pants
  3. Logo-buckle Belt

Mina’s Look #2

Her denim-print mini dress outfit from Miaou would not be the same without Fendi‘s jacquard sculptural-heel tall boots.

Denim-print Minidress


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Sculptural-Heel Tall Boots


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  1. Denim-print Minidress
  2. Sculptural-Heel Tall Boots

Mina’s Look #3

Mina put together yet another incredible denim outfit from a leather biker jacket, a cropped denim vest, and a triangle bra, all from Diesel. The mini skirt from Coperni and matching denim sleeve cowboy boots from R13 elevated the look to another level.

Zipped Leather Biker Jacket


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Cropped Denim Vest


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Triangle Bra


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Mini Skirt


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Denim Sleeve Cowboy Boots


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  1. Zipped Leather Biker Jacket
  2. Cropped Denim Vest
  3. Triangle Bra
  4. Mini Skirt
  5. Denim Sleeve Cowboy Boots

Mina’s Look #4

Mina was the image of sophistication in a business casual outfit made of a white belted wrap blazer and trousers from Fendi.

Belted Peplum Wrap Blazer


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  1. Belted Peplum Wrap Blazer
  2. Trousers

Nayeon’s Look #1

Nayeon wore a white puffer jacket vest from Diesel and leather knee-high boots from GIVENCHY to complete her first outfit.

W-peyton Puffer Jacket


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Shark Lock Knee-high Boots


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  1. W-peyton Puffer Jacket
  2. Shark Lock Knee-high Boots

Nayeon’s Look #2

She then changed into an all-black ensemble from Coperni in the form of a belted cropped jacket and high-waist straight-leg trousers.

Belted Cropped Jacket


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High-waisted Wrap Mini Skirt


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  1. Belted Cropped Jacket
  2. High-waisted Wrap Mini Skirt

Nayeon’s Look #3

Two-tone Corduroy Jumpsuit


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  1. Two-tone Corduroy Jumpsuit

Chaeyoung’s Look #1

Not many can pull off this eccentric outfit as well as Chaeyoung does. She looked amazing in a grey metal logo pleated half pants from Youser with the waistband of Celine‘s boxers visible. Her logo platform sneakers from R13 tied the whole look together.

Pleated Half Pants


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Logo Platform Sneakers


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  1. Pleated Half Pants
  2. Boxers
  3. Logo Platform Sneakers

Chaeyoung’s Look #2

She then changed into an off-shoulder single-breasted blazer with chain detail and high-waist straight-leg trousers, both from Coperni.

Chain-detail Blazer


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High-waist Straight-leg Trousers


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  1. Chain-detail Blazer
  2. High-waist Straight-leg Trousers

Momo’s Look #1

Momo‘s first look is a cute and girly one with a cropped jacket, a mini skirt, and knee-high boots. However, her pink monogram denim butterfly top from Namilia stood out from the white canvas.

Denim Butterfly Top


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  1. Denim Butterfly Top

Momo’s Look #2

Her next look – with its charcoal-toned pieces such as the asymmetric leg warmer in charcoal from aesynctx and beige knitted single hand-hook sleeve from RUI – is the exact opposite.

Single Hand-hook Sleeve


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Asymmetric Leg Warmer


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  1. Single Hand-hook Sleeve
  2. Asymmetric Leg Warmer

Sana’s Look

As always, Sana made a stunning appearance in a vintage grey cargo halter neck top from Jaded London complete with a pink mini skirt and fuzzy sleeves to complement the outfit.

Cargo Halter Neck Top


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  1. Cargo Halter Neck Top

Whose outfits do you like best?

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